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*Running for a second 2-year term.


  • Ryan Cahoy
  • Rise Vision
  • Managing Director
  • Ryan started in the digital signage industry in 1996 at Daktronics where he created and implemented a marketing strategy to bring indoor LED ticker and wallboard displays to the brokerage, financial, and banking markets. In 2000 he transitioned from hardware to software, joining Rise Vision to head up sales and marketing efforts.

    Ryan is now managing director of Rise Vision and he has been involved in all facets of the business for the last last 15 years. His primary role is business development but that has taken on many forms including software strategy, hardware selection, web development, content design, and all other areas that touch taking new concepts to market. The evolution of technology has allowed him to work with many great partners, integrators, and distributors to help create display solutions for a wide range of market applications.

    For the past three years, Ryan has volunteered with DSF in a multiple of ways: First as the A&O Education Sub-Committee Chair, co-Vice Chair of the Advocacy & Outreach committee, and currently as co-Chair of the Education Committee. Ryan has presented and moderated many of the A&O webinar series, Industry Roundtables, and editor of theMarket Vertical Guides which looks to educate end users. If elected to the DSF board, Ryan would like to help further shape the education programs to provide even greater value to the digital signage industry as a whole.

  • Paul Fleuranges
  • MTA/NYC Transit
  • Vice President, Corporate Communications
  • Paul Fleuranges currently directs NYC Transit’s corporate communications and has oversight of Marketing & Service Information, Customer Service & Travel Information and Customer Relations. He also oversees operations of the New York Transit Museum. Since 2010, Fleuranges has headed up the development and deployment of the agency’s ad‑ On the Go Travel Station network of digital interactive kiosks. In addition, he spearheaded the development of the FYI Network – an internal digital screen network that messages to employees at more than 40 administrative, bus and subway facilities. Fleuranges is a member of the DSE Advisory Board, and a Board Member of the Digital Signage Federation, where he co‑ the Education Committee.

  • Sandi Stambaugh
  • SYNNEX Corporation
  • Vice President of Product Management
  • As Vice President of Product Management at SYNNEX, Sandi is responsible for creating, developing and executing strategies and programs to enable the channel to effectively deliver visual solutions. She leads a team responsible for vendor management, business development, solutions design, and enablement strategies. In her 13 years at SYNNEX, Sandi has held various roles that have given her experience and insight into the needs and the capabilities of SYNNEX’s vendors and integrator customers.

    Sandi played a key role in developing the digital signage solutions practice at SYNNEX and has proven, through the strong results of those efforts, that the channel can play an active role in not only driving scale and operational efficiencies but in successfully identifying, developing and delivering complex digital signage and other technology solutions. Additionally, Sandi has been instrumental in building out vertically-focused digital signage solutions to help customers solve business problems.

    Sandi and her team are actively involved with several industry associations such as InfoComm, NSCA, PSNI, NSCA, ASIS, SIA, RSPA, and PSA. She was named one of NSCA’s “Movers and Shakers” in 2011 has been recognized on CRN’s 2014 and 2015 Women of the Channel list.

    As a member of the Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors, Sandi hopes to bring a voice to not only distribution’s role, but the channel’s role, in the advancement of digital signage and technology solutions.

  • Sheldon Silverman
  • SmartBomb Media Group
  • CEO
  • In addition to developing in-store experience platforms and mobile marketing initiatives, Sheldon Silverman has spent the last 33 years as an advocate of integrated marketing strategies that combine brand awareness with actionable platforms. He has not only founded and led successful marketing firms and agencies, but also helped launch technology companies that extended the channels with which consumers and brands communicate. Sheldon has worked with companies such as Discover, SallieMae, QVC, JiffyLube, Sears, ShopNBC, Citi, Guthy Renker, Farmers Insurance, T-Mobile, Eddie Bauer and others to enhance brand equity while creating integrated marketing campaigns.

    Some of Sheldon’s awards include the 2014 United Nations Leadership Award for Driving Social Change Through Media, the Global SpeechTek Award for Best Voice Application & multiple CADM Tempo Awards. Over the past 21 years, Sheldon has worked closely with the venture, PE & investment communities to both raise capital and develop new start-ups.

    Sheldon is the Founder & Chairman of ad agency Liquid Marketing and the Founder and CEO of SmartBomb Media Group, the largest multicultural DOOH Network in North America. Sheldon was on the Inaugural Leadership Committee for the UN Media for Social Impact Summit as well as advising the White House on Multicultural Outreach during the Obama Presidency. Sheldon is on the Board of Trustees of the Automotive Aftermarket Foundation & the Board of Directors for the Digital Signage Federation. Sheldon is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as Screen Media Europe, the DSA Symposium, DSE and the FISCA Conference as well as author of numerous articles on marketing, branding and Digital-Out-Of-Home and Place Based Media. As part of his work with the DSF, Sheldon Silverman created the DSF Global DOOH Council, launched in 2017 at the DSE Conference, and recruited its council members. The aim of the council is to foster educating brands and agencies on the power of DOOH, create standards for the industry and drive the adoption of integrated API’s that will allow media agencies and brands simplify the process of buying DOOH and its integration into the other communication touchpoints that’s brands utilize.

    “I hope to be able to continue to represent the industry, in the U.S and abroad, as an active Board Member of the DSF. I know I have met a lot of you over the years at the DSE, DSF Events and industry meetings, and have truly enjoyed being a part of this dynamic and fast-growing industry for the last decade. With the work we are doing via the DSF Global DOOH Council, it is my sincerest belief that the industry will grow at an even quicker pace by fostering a true partnership paradigm to all of us within the DOOH and Marketing Eco-System.”

  • Laura Cison
  • GFX International
  • Director of Business Development
  • Laura Cison is Dir. of Business Development at GFX International. Her focus is bringing innovation to in-store communications utilizing her company’s proprietary technology capturing data to drive communications and process improvements. Laura expertly guides customers through decor and messaging while maintaining brand consistency across multiple locations yet still allowing for localization and a positive customer experience. Currently specializing on fast casual, c-store and retail environments assisting in the convergence of traditional POP campaigns with Digital allowing for consistent broader marketing campaigns.

    Previously her role as Sales Director, North America at BroadSign, an ad tech company providing cloud based software to digital signage and out-of-home operators, Laura experienced various CMS needs from a variety of customers. She understands the pitfalls of decisions made in silos, not considering all the teams involved in developing, maintaining and creating the message for digital signage within a branded environment. Believing you can’t be everything to everyone, her strong relationships with partners over the years enables her to keep her customers needs a top priority.

    Working for both NEC and Tech Global, Laura has 16+ years of extensive background in the sales and manufacturing of displays, including custom touch, protective and sunlight readable. Laura focused on non “out of the box” solutions requiring specific electrical specifications and other certifications for highly sensitive environments.

    Previously, Laura worked in the Point of Sale Industry focusing on hardware and services for various retail and grocery chains. Working with retailers such as Petsmart, Borders, Starbucks, Bass Pro Shops, Kirklands and Tuesday Morning, developing programs to eliminate downtime, enabling customers to prevent loss of revenue.

    Overall, Laura believes in educating customers on products and services that can benefit the bottom line and create a competitive edge by enhancing the end customer’s experience.

  • Stephanie Gutnik
  • Broadsign
  • Director of Business Development
  • Stephanie Gutnik, Director of Business Development at BroadSign, oversees the company’s global strategic partner and agency relationships. She previously ran BroadSign’s Marketing department and was earlier employed at News Corp.

    An active member of the Digital Signage Federation Membership Committee since 2013, Stephanie also works with global digital signage and out-of-home associations such as the DPAA, OAAA, IAB, Ad Club of New York and SAWA.

    Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

  • Dave Haynes
  • Founding Editor
  • Dave Haynes has been directly involved in the digital signage and digital OOH industries since 1999. In that time, he has run digital signage networks, launched digital OOH networks, developed business for top vendors and consulted to some of the world’s biggest and best known brands, as well as mentored dozens of start-ups, often for free. His early working life was spent as a daily newspaper journalist – doing everything from interviewing a very tipsy Billy Joel as a music writer to investigative journalism that shut down a controverial youth drug treatment centre in Canada. He got into technology in the mid-90s, taking his newspaper online in 1995. Haynes is perhaps best known in the industry as the guy behind Sixteen:Nine, which since early 2006 has chronicled the growth and filtered the BS of the digital signage industry – first as a blog (closing in on 6,000 posts) and more recently as a companion podcast that in 18 months has already generated more than 200,000 downloads.

  • Frank Pisano
  • Milestone-AV
  • Sales Director
  • Frank Pisano is a Sales Director with over 15 years of experience in effectively leading, developing and directing sales teams while creating strategic relationships and cultivating new business development. Frank is responsible for the US Commercial Sales team at Milestone AV Technologies, Chief Product Division which consists of 18 sales professionals who call on three sales channels: Digital Signage, Pro AV and Office Furniture.

    Pisano helped to craft the idea of creating a new sales group for Chief, an industry leader in AV mounting solutions, focusing strictly on Digital Signage. The Technology Solutions Group was created to better serve customers with digital signage rollouts from start to finish and providing a deeper focus on the Digital Signage ecosystem. Since inception, this group has been the largest growth channel for Milestone AV.

    Pisano is very well known in the Pro AV dealer channel and has served on Infocomm steering committees. He has focused on his continuing education through Infocomm International’s AV Executive Masters Program and is a Certified Technology Specialist. Frank is also very active with NSCA Business & Leadership Conference, he regularly participates in AV Nation Podcasts and has written Digital Signage content for trade publications.

    Frank is interested in serving on the Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors to bring his passion on promoting Digital Signage to the commercial market. He is interested in both the Advocacy & Outreach committee and the Membership committee and feels his background and experience would help serve the current team members and add addition perspective to team.

  • Brad Parler
  • Blinds.com
  • Digital Communications Administrator
  • Brad Parler is the digital communications administrator at Blinds.com, the world’s largest online window covering store which was acquired by The Home Depot in 2014. As a broadcast design and technology veteran, Brad draws from decades of experience with one foot firmly planted in the world of video production and the other planted in the world of Internet Technology. Brad has achieved international industry attention with his innovative take on displaying important data in beautiful and easy-to-understand ways. He conceptualized, built and actively maintains the graphics and HD video-rich internal corporate communications network that includes 140 large format displays and two large video walls.

  • Dina Townsend
  • RMG Networks
  • Vice President, Retail Practice Leader
  • A 20+ year veteran delivering and designing technology solutions, Dina Townsend guides brands through the process of creating and enhancing the customer experience in retail environments. Using digital concepts, she helps clients innovate, strategize, and sell beyond their competition. Previously based in the Silicon Valley, Dina worked with companies at all stages from start up to public entities, sorting through clients’ complex processes and disparate applications to assemble efficient, mission-critical management and workflow solutions in large scale enterprise ecosystems.

    As a former columnist, Dina Townsend understands the importance of blending experience and expertise with expansive resources and a sense of humor, for effective and enduring outcomes. She believes retail, whether it is selling into the sector or selling to customers, is about exceptional storytelling. Dina operates on the principle that our collective goal is to lead our customers to a mutually beneficial conclusion that meets their needs, respects their proficiency, and cements their confidence that getting there was their own idea.