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Insight Media University Overview

  • 02 Jun 2011
  • 12:00 PM
  • Webinar

Insight Media and Brawn Consulting are pleased to announce the June 2nd launch of Insight Media University (IMU) and the IMU website located at www.IMUniversity.info.  Insight Media University is the first independent All-In-One education resource for the AV, IT, Digital Signage, Consumer Electronics and Display Industries!   

Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media and Alan Brawn, principal of Brawn Consulting, will narrate  the tour of the IMU website during our special launch webinar!

Date:                 Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time:                12:00 Noon Eastern; 9:00 AM Pacific  

Webinar registration link:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/687370449


Special Offer:  Webinar attendees will receive 20%* off their first IMU course.  Look for the discount code at the end of the webinar. 


This webinar will cover the goals and objectives of IMU, how it will work, the course library, certification and testing information, along with ways we can support trade associations, manufacturers and distributors.

IMU will offer timely and relevant content covering a broad range of topics.  Content will be continuously developed over time, and will expand to include:

  • Professional and consumer AV and IT based products
  • All display and component technologies
  • Display metrology and measurement
  • Sales training
  • AV business management
  • Content creation
  • Content production, broadcast and distribution
  • Digital signage

IMU’s goal is to offer high quality education and training, taught by recognized experts in the industry.  We will also describe how product manufacturers and distributors can accomplish their training needs by teaming up with IMU to offer unbiased technology, market and business training along with product-specific training. IMU will offer:


  • Individual 1- to 2-hour fundamental to advanced on-line courses
  • Industry recognized certification programs that combine a number of courses with testing of comprehension and retention
  • Continuing education credits with various organizations
  • Manufacturer micro-sites to support on-line training needs
  • Customized courses and certificate programs to fit an organization’s specific needs
  • Live training at special events, trade shows and company offices

Webinar registration link: 



Insight Media University

Dian Mecca

(203) 831-8464



20% Discount available to webinar attendees ONLY.

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