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Below you will find press releases from member companies.  If you would like a press release from your company to appear here, please email it to Lauren Taggart at ltaggart@digitalsignagefederation.org.
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  • 02 Oct 2015 4:59 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Broad Portfolio of Professional Touchscreen Platforms Integrated with Leading Provider of Digital Signage Software

    MILPITAS, Calif. and CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Elo, a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, today announced that 11Giraffes, a leading digital signage software provider, has certified Elo's I-Series touchscreen displays for use with its digital signage software platform. Elo hardware combined with 11Giraffes software enables retailers and restaurants to create video content, build playlists, and schedule playback times locally, regionally or globally across an entire brand portfolio or franchisee network. The result is an engaging brand experience that is easy to use, scalable and affordable. The solution is available today through 11Giraffes's reseller network.


    "11Giraffes and Elo are committed to enabling our reseller channel partners with digital signage solutions that are simple-to-learn, scale from small business to enterprise applications, and have a proven track record of reliability," said Craig Witsoe, Elo's CEO. "Our shared understanding of the interactive signage space, combined with 11Giraffe's content-creation ability is the perfect solution for retailers and hospitality providers looking to simplify digital signage deployment, operation and maintenance."


    "The Elo interactive digital signage portfolio was easy to integrate with our Android™ signage software. The result is a reliable, consistent and widely available touchscreen platform we can offer to our resellers", said Jim Marascio, 11Giraffes Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations. "Elo I-Series hardware combined with 11Giraffes software provides an affordable, easy-to-use digital canvas that connects mobile, social, online, in-store, and in-house brand experiences." 


    Elo interactive hardware delivers professional-grade all-in-one touchscreen displays with integrated Google Android or Microsoft® Windows® operating systems designed specifically for commercial environments. EloView cloud-based software enables simple device management, operating time scheduling, remote monitoring, unattended updates, and usage analytics. 11Giraffes software provides quick-to-learn web-based media content management including integrated content creation tools, RSS & social media feeds, online media storage, access to licensed professional video, high resolution graphics, in-store and on-hold music, and messaging capabilities. 11Giraffes is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) with managed securely via a web browser from anywhere in the world. There's no need to purchase or maintain servers, storage or backups.


    About Elo

    Elo Touch Solutions is a global leader in touchscreen solutions including interactive touchscreen displays from 10 to 70 inches. The inventor of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries with products designed in California and built to last with a 3 year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. Learn more about Elo's interactive displays at EloInteractive.com and Elo's corporate website at EloTouch.com


    About 11Giraffes

    11Giraffes provides innovative, scalable, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage and in-store audio solutions to companies worldwide from its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company's software and hardware products are distributed through an international network of value added resellers who place its products in a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, QSR/restaurant, automotive, financial, medical and dental offices, country clubs, and convenience stores. 11Giraffes is committed to creating products that extend brands and connects directly to customers. Learn more at 11giraffes.com

  • 28 Sep 2015 4:55 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Pigeon Forge, TN Fee Hedrick Entertainment Group specializes in providing a great customer experience with its many comedy shows. No detail is too small, so when the group recently chose Tanked to install a beautiful aquarium, it turned to Videotel to provide a streaming media player to complete the effect.

    According to Fee Hedrick's technical director, Marshall Whaley, the company was previously using a computer with a GOM player for playback of the impressive tank's fire display. "I had to pretty up the fire effect for my boss," said Whaley. "After a little help from Videotel, I was able to get the right unit and the right format."

    People often think of digital signage as an informational display with rolling text or interactive solutions as a kiosk where customers manipulate a computer display. As Fee Hedrick's technical team learned, digital signage and interactive solutions have a multitude of applications in the field.

    For the realistic fire display, Videotel's VP71 Industrial Digital Media Player fit the entertainment company's requirements for a high-quality display coupled with consistent reliability. The VP71 is more than a digital signage player. It offers the ability to seamlessly loop video around the clock from a USB port or an SD card. The player has a proven lifespan of more than four years. It's truly a hands-off, worry-free video player. Even in the event of a power outage, the VP71 will resume playback automatically when power returns to the player, without any manual interaction.

    Impressed with what you see? Videotel has a digital signage solution for any challenge you are facing. Our top-of-the-line products will give you the highest quality displays coupled with the peace of mind that your content will play on whether you are there or not. For more information on any of our high-quality industrial digital media players or interactive technology, visit the Videotel Inc. website at http://www.videoteldigital.com or call us at (800) 878-4056.

    About Videotel Inc.

    Videotel is an award-winning manufacturer of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping DVD players, and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, California, Videotel's 35 years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions has propelled it to industry leader status.

  • 15 Sep 2015 4:51 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Lake Elsinore, CA You need special equipment to be special. That’s why Audio Video Specialists sought out Videotel when they discovered the need for reliable equipment to keep up with their business needs and those of their clients. With some of their clients needing eight to 12 hours of constant looping content seven days a week, a reliable system is needed to meet their looping content demands. As the business can't continue replacing DVD players, Audio Video Specialists relies on Videotel's HD2600 DVD player to keep clients happy.

    The Videotel HD2600 DVD player is an industrial-grade DVD player strictly designed for auto looping playback. With the ability to automatically power on, play, and repeat, the content can seamlessly play without interaction, even in the event of a power loss. In addition to this, the offering of high-definition quality for signage solutions puts the Videotel HD2600 DVD player in high demand for many businesses, no matter how large or small they may be.

    Casey Elliott of Audio Video Specialists states, "Our client also has a proprietary DVD-burning format that many other DVD players won't read. We also integrate Videotel into new HDMI systems and older composite or component video systems, and Videotel has all the connections we need."

    With Videotel's HD2600 DVD player providing Audio Video Specialists the reliability and formatting its clients demand, the company no longer has to worry about replacing DVD players that are unable to keep up with its business. "When we call with a question or concern, there's always someone there to answer," states Casey in regard to customer service for his Videotel player.

    About Videotel Inc.

    Videotel Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping DVD players and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, California, Videotel has 34 years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions, which has propelled it to industry-leader status. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit http://www.videoteldigital.com.

  • 08 Sep 2015 11:02 AM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Delivers industry's first cost-competitive projected capacitive multi-touch solution for ultra responsive large format touch screens

    TAIPEI, Taiwan--Cima NanoTech, a developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive film solutions, announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with Foxconn, the world’s largest ICT technology provider and vertically integrated device manufacturer, to deliver the industry’s first cost-competitive, projected capacitive (pro-cap) solution for large format touch screens. Both companies will sell SANTE® ProTouch™ modules through Cima Touch, the company formed under this joint venture.

    “Having a full, in-house supply chain for large format projected capacitive touch solutions is an industry first, and ensures that we have full control over the quality and reliability of SANTE® ProTouch™ modules.”

    Foxconn’s expertise in the mass production of reliable, high-quality products, coupled with Cima NanoTech’s proprietary SANTE® self-assembling nanoparticle technology, delivers a cost-competitive solution for customers looking to shift from infrared (IR) touch technology to pro-cap multi-touch solutions and systems.

    “SANTE® ProTouch™ modules will be manufactured at our newly established, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,” said Jon Brodd, CEO of Cima NanoTech. “Having a full, in-house supply chain for large format projected capacitive touch solutions is an industry first, and ensures that we have full control over the quality and reliability of SANTE® ProTouch™ modules.”

    SANTE® ProTouch™ modules provide users with ultra fast response for an intuitive multi-user, multi-touch experience, making it an ideal solution for interactive digital signage, interactive kiosks, interactive tabletops and interactive whiteboards. The overall design and product appeal of the touch system is also enhanced with edge-to-edge cover lens and narrow bezel.

    “Cima NanoTech has a cutting-edge, disruptive technology which puts them at the forefront of high performance innovations.” said Kevin Chen, Director of Foxconn Technology Group. “Our partnership with Cima NanoTech enables us to break new ground and address the rapidly growing large format touch market.”

    SANTE® ProTouch™ modules are available in sizes ranging from 40” to 85”. The non-moiré characteristic of SANTE® self-assembling nanoparticle technology makes it compatible with all LCD display models in the market; the highly customizable nature of SANTE® ProTouch™ modules also provides manufacturers and system integrators with the freedom to design features such as cover lens thickness, glass type and bezel width.

    About Cima NanoTech

    Cima NanoTech develops and manufactures high performance, next-generation transparent conductive film solutions based on its proprietary SANTE® self-assembling nanoparticle technology. This unique technology is rapidly being commercialized with key partners to enable new products for a multitude of markets and applications, including ultra responsive large format touch screens, transparent antennas, EMI shielding, OLED lighting, transparent heating and more. Cima Touch is a subsidiary of Cima NanoTech, formed through a joint venture with Foxconn, that focuses on selling, marketing and supporting solutions for large format projected capacitive touch screens with screen sizes from 40” to over 100”. For more information, visit www.cimananotech.com.

    “Cima NanoTech” and “SANTE” are registered trademarks of Cima NanoTech, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    About Foxconn Technology Group

    Established in 1974 by Founder and CEO Terry Gou, Foxconn Technology Group, is the world’s largest information & communication technology ((ICT) provider and vertically integrated device manufacturer. Foxconn is also the global industry leader for design, development, manufacturing, assembly, logistics and after-sales services for global computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C) leaders. With its award-winning proprietary business model, eCMMS, the group is a trusted name for design and manufacturing services (including CEM, EMS, ODM and CMMS), and offers top multi-national companies the most comprehensive integrated and innovative design and manufacturing solutions. Foxconn has also been transforming itself into a significant e-commerce player and a cloud & IoT-based total solution and service provider for industry 4.0, e-car, clean energy and smart X (X: town, office, hospital, home, etc.). For more information, visit www.foxconn.com.


    Cima NanoTech

    Felicia Chia, +65-6570-2018

    Marketing Manager


    Fax: +65-6570-2038 

  • 03 Sep 2015 10:56 AM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    2015 marks an epic 35th year anniversary of Videotel in business

    This major milestone is a direct reflection of its innovation in commercial digital signage products and its simplistic creative genius in digital signage solutions. For 35 years, Videotel has been the leader in developing audio video products and next generation digital signage solutions.

    As a pioneer in the industry, Videotel has been the developer of many firsts. It was the first manufacturer in the digital signage arena to introduce a new interplay module to the industry. The IPM allowed the user to trigger specific video content with the touch of an LED button, use of a motion sensor and wave-to-play technology. Enhancing the interactive experience, the IPM was a major hit in many vertical markets, including retail, hospitality, healthcare.

    Videotel has been a shining exhibitor at many industry shows and expos. Rave Publications named its winners of the Digital Signage Champs at the Digital Signage Expo 2015, and Videotel was awarded best new interactive digital signage solution for its revolutionary product – Elevate. With it stylish design and unique technology, the Elevate solution stood out from the pack. Customers can display a product on top of the elevate box and once the product is lifted, content is triggered to the screen within the display. Multiple video files may be launched with each lift off the sensor.

    Videotel unveiled its VP70 XD industrial media player at the InfoComm Show. This industrial grade digital media player seamlessly loops files for a smooth, visual appealing viewing experience. It also features HDMI resolution, multi-function remote control, video cables, multiple transition options and a USB card. Impressed with its design and function, Triple E Recreational Vehicles selected it for its digital signage purposes and its annual trade show.

    Other Videotel flagship products include the HD2600 industrial and medical grade looping DVD player and the VP71 industrial grade interactive digital media player. The HD2600 is designed to automatically power on, auto loop, auto repeat and auto play without any manual interaction. It’s been proven to operate continuously 24/7 for 4+ years and is the most durable DVD player on the market. The VP71 interactive digital signage media player can become an interactive experience by adding LED push buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors or weight sensors. The VP71 be controlled by a computer with one-way communication with Videotel's TTL adapter.

    Since its onset, Videotel has brought cutting-edge digital signage products and solutions to the table. Without a doubt, there will be many more major anniversaries to celebrate. For more information, please visit http://www.videoteldigital.com.

  • 02 Sep 2015 10:50 AM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Markham, ON. Canada – Capital Networks Limited, a respected leader in the digital signage solutions industry, has announced the signing of a reseller partnership agreement with OPTiFi Inc., a leading provider of anonymized metrics solutions to the digital media market. Through this agreement, Capital Networks Limited will be the exclusive OPTiFi Inc. global media reseller.

    OPTiFi provides real time location data and media validation by reporting actual conversion for retail advertisers, strategists, advertising agencies, media planners and buyers of targeted location-based digital media across multiple channels.

    Established in 1991, Capital Networks has supplied and supported advanced multimedia systems into the cable television, broadcasting and digital signage industries. Capital Networks has sold Audience™ software into a variety of market segments including Education, Corporate, Municipal and Retail applications in more than 40 countries.

    “OPTiFi was originally developed to bring accountability via location analytics to out-of-home advertising without jeopardizing the privacy of truly anonymous visitor activity via their cell phones,” said Robert Morton, President of OPTiFi, Inc. “OPTiFi's core patents-pending with its uniquely anonymized arrays do not include any intrusion or push to a user.  OPTiFi sets a new industry standard in tokenizing mobile devices—an anonymized finger print that cannot be reverse engineered.   This simple, digital token is designed to protect a user's ID and MAC address.”

    "This exclusive reseller partnership with OPTiFi further positions Capital Networks as a leading provider of digital signage solutions for a wide variety of applications," said Jim Vair, VP Business Development at Capital Networks. "We see OPTiFi having huge implications in the retail digital signage space, and we’re very excited to be able to add OPTiFI to the stable of solutions available to all of our clients.”

    About Capital Networks Limited

    Capital Networks Limited is a privately held company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1991, Capital Networks is a respected leader in the supply and support of advanced multimedia systems to communications companies engaged in cable television, broadcasting, digital signage and place-based media. Capital Networks has sold Audience™ software into a variety of market segments including Education, Corporate, Municipal and Retail applications in more than 40 countries. Clients include: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), BBC, Peel Regional Police - Ontario, Plan Group, Cablevision – New York, Rogers Communications, Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, and many others.

    About OTiFi Inc.

    OPTiFi Inc is a privately held corporation with head office in Peterborough, Ontario, with clients in Canada, the U.S. & Jamaica. OPTiFi brings affordable, agile, real-time, customized analytics for actionable insights at both the Micro and Macro level.  OPTiFi’s open platforms are modular and integrate with proximity marketing campaigns, NFC, and both out-of-home (OOH) and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media.  Its unique algorithms allow qualified querying of the data across dynamic, geographical footprints by advertisers, retailers and brands for optimizing location-based advertising in response to on-the-go visitor traffic, as well as offering a superior methodology for determining ideal site locations for businesses, brands and marketing. 

  • 20 Aug 2015 11:01 AM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Manhattan Award Program Honors Achievement in Digital Signage

    NEW YORK -- YCD Multimedia has been selected for the 2015 Best of Manhattan Award in the Digital Signage Software category by the Manhattan Award Program.

    Each year, the Manhattan Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. These exceptional companies help make the Manhattan area a great place to live, work and play.

    Various sources of information are gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Manhattan Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Manhattan Award Program and data provided by third parties.

    YCD has called Manhattan home for over a decade, servicing customers from Times Square to Wall St with digital signage solutions that make a statement, gets brands recognized and engage audiences.

    “We are pleased YCD has been recognized in the digital signage software category. The entire YCD team is passionate about delivering the best possible solution and level of service to our customers both in Manhattan and around the globe.  We proudly accept the Manhattan Award and are honored to have been selected,” said Sam Losar CEO YCD Multimedia.

    About Manhattan Award Program

    The Manhattan Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Manhattan area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

    The Manhattan Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

    About YCD Multimedia

    YCD Multimedia is a leading global provider of advanced digital signage software solutions, serving the retail, telecom, banking, gaming, entertainment, hospitality, educational, transportation and corporate markets. Founded in 1999 (and having acquired C-nario, a leading digital signage company, in 2011), YCD provides businesses and organizations with a fully-scalable platform to attract and engage customers, while communicating their brand. YCD’s software offers unmatched capabilities in driving digital signage networks including high-impact video and mosaic walls in a native, pixel-perfect resolution. To date, the company has partnered with industry leading customers, including Fortune 500 corporations and some of the world’s most recognized brands. YCD operates worldwide with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel, as well as an international network of partners serving clients around the globe. For more information, visit www.ycdmultimedia.com

    PR Contacts:

    Lou Carulli

    Marketing Manager

    YCD Multimedia



  • 12 Aug 2015 3:45 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Markham, ON – Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) employed their Audience™ driven digital signage network to promote and carry out their first ever, live and guaranteed one million dollar prize draw.

    Executed across all 19 OLG Slots & Casinos the $1,000,000 Swipe-Stakes was promoted to Winner’s Circle Rewards (WCR) members across the network using a series of digital messages including a countdown to the live grand prize event held July 16.

    For the first time ever, the grand prize event and draw was conducted using the OLG digital screens at each venue where for one night each screen displayed a digital interactive show leading up to the grand prize draws. 88 qualifiers who were previously assigned a random number, watched the live show with their guests; waiting in anticipation to see if their number would pop up for the ultimate one million dollar prize.

    Grand prize winner Helen Vermeeren was one of 224,000 people who entered the June contest that gave eligible WCR members across Ontario a chance to win.

    “This was an incredibly complex undertaking,” said Michael Tutton, Manager, Digital Signage at OLG. “We needed to be able communicate 88 potential winners across 45 draws - that's almost 4,000 combinations! This required the production of over 400 videos to ensure each draw result was unique. Our team worked closely with Capital Networks to ensure the content was triggered and distributed, live across the province. Audience™ provided the ability to manage all the locations from one central point which allowed us to use digital signage to give away over a million dollars”.

    Since 2004, Capital Networks has provided Audience™ digital signage solutions and services to OLG’s digital signage network which consists of approximately 1,200 screens.

     About OLG
    OLG is a provincial agency responsible for province-wide lottery games and gaming facilities. Since 1975, OLG has provided nearly $40 billion to the Province and the people of Ontario. OLG’s annual payments to the Province have helped support health care; education, research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling; amateur sport through the Quest for Gold program; and local and provincial charities.

    About Capital Networks Limited
    Capital Networks Limited is a privately held company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1991, Capital Networks is a respected leader in the supply and support of advanced multimedia systems to communications companies engaged in cable television, broadcasting, digital signage and place-based media. Capital Networks has sold Audience™ software into a variety of market segments including Education, Corporate, Municipal and Retail applications in more than 40 countries. Clients include: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), BBC, Peel Regional Police - Ontario, Plan Group, Cablevision – New York, Rogers Communications, Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, and many others.

  • 12 Aug 2015 3:37 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    K-Touch 3.1 Enhances User Experience and Reduces Configuration Time with New Drag-and-Drop Room-Control Modules and more

    Kramer releases K-Touch 3.1 to further enhance the company’s award-winning Cloud-based solution for designing advanced, user-friendly room-control systems for lights, screens, sound, any AV equipment, HVAC, thermostats, and more.

    K-Touch 3.1 expands the platform’s ease of use and reduces configuration time with features such as sliders and new drag-and-drop programming modules for Apple TV, cameras, Vera™ Smarter Home Control products, Centralite Lighting, and Kramer’s FC-26 I/O connectivity product. K-Touch 3.1 also introduces Apple TV IP control, immersive full-screen mode and support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, further improving the integrator’s user experience.

    “I believe this new release sends a strong message to both our integrators and end-users: K-Touch is and will continue to be the most innovative, cost-effective and easiest-to-use room control solution on the market,” said Aviv Ron, VP Business Development & Strategy at Kramer.

    K-Touch is ideal for any AV environment, e.g., Corporate, Education, Entertainment, and Houses of Worship.

    With K-Touch, end-users can control any device in the room over Ethernet. The solution is scalable to over 100 devices, all controllable from any iOS or Android touch screen.

    Non-Ethernet-based devices with RS-232, GPIO, relays, or IR can be controlled over Ethernet using Kramer FC-series I/O connectivity products or third-party devices. Kramer RC-series button controllers can also be incorporated into any project to provide tactile operation. 

    The platform lets integrators provide remote Cloud-based support and updates to customers without having to be on-site. This offers significant cost savings and higher ROI.

    K-Touch is easy and quick to learn. Kramer offers a simple online training course that can be completed in just a few hours. An extensive support database is available online and includes tutorials, articles, videos, and sample project files with additional instructions on performing both simple and complex tasks.

    For more information, please contact:
    Clint Hoffman
    VP Marketing
    Kramer Electronics USA

  • 12 Aug 2015 3:03 PM | Lauren Taggart (Administrator)

    Keywest Technology expands the video processing capabilities of its MediaZone Pro digital signage system by adding an optional HD video capture card.

    LENEXA, Kan.  – MediaZone Pro®, Keywest Technology’s PC-based digital signage system, gets a high-definition input option that captures live video content from multiple sources. The input option processes both digital and analog video formats, enabling users to capture and insert live video feeds into a digital signage playlist from HDMI, DVI, VGA and YUV sources.

    Keywest Tech engineered the integration of the AVerMedia® full HD 1080P capture card into the MediaZone Pro platform for seamless use and no-hassle operation. According to the company, the option gives MediaZone Pro users the ability to stream live video directly into the digital signage playlist with absolutely stunning quality. The video input option also supports live stream switching between analog and digital inputs.

    Koytt Nichols, Director of R&D for Keywest Technology, commented that this option gives digital signage viewers what they want. He said, “Adding live media to a digital signage zone is one of the best ways to keep content fresh and interesting for viewers. This tactic [a.k.a. sticky content] gives viewers a reason to come back for more.”

    “The card can capture the video easily and requires minimal configuration. We are satisfied with the hardware combination and look forward to years of use,” said Lance Ha, Shell IT A/V Coordinator. Mr. Ha’s department manages a multi-channel IPTV distribution system that is used to provide staff local and world news channels combined with other pertinent employee information. “We use the input cards to capture cable television channels from our satellite tuners via the component to serial adapters, and we wrap the channels with zones of relevant information,” Ha added.

    The MediaZone Pro video input option was released in the 3rd quarter of 2015, and it’s available from authorized AV system and architectural integrators throughout North America. Interested parties and resellers are encouraged to visit the MediaZone Pro website for more information: http://www.mediazonepro.com/   

    About Keywest Technology
    Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit www.KeywestTechnology.com.

    MediaZone Pro is a registered trademark of Keywest Technology, Inc.
    AVerMedia is a registered trademark of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

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