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Below you will find press releases from member companies.  If you would like a press release from your company to appear here, please email it to Deanna Hammer at dhammer@digitalsignagefederation.org
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  • 26 Jul 2016 10:38 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    Brea, CA – July 2016… Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to introduce the Neutron MT312-104 Control Card for use with the company’s MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. Designed primarily for use with touchscreen control panels in today’s meeting rooms and presentation facilities, the new MT312-104 Control Card offers a wealth of ports for controlling a wide range of AV equipment.

    The Neutron MT312-104 Control Card provides control of both serial and IR devices. Additionally, there are two relays and two sensor inputs. The relays can be used to control external equipment such as screens. The sensor inputs are used to trigger events based on voltage levels supplied by motion sensors, heat sensors, light sensors, RF sensors, etc. The sensor connector also provides two voltages—+12VDC and +24VDC—for powering external sensors.

    The Neutron MT312-104 Control Card is capable of supplying information third party controllers over Ethernet port. Setup is quick and intuitive. By simply connecting to the MultiTasker enclosure’s IP address, one can easily check the status of the relays (open or closed), the input status of the sensor inputs (high or low) based on trigger level, or request RS‑232 data from devices connected to the RS‑232 ports.

    Adding to its versatility, the MT312-104 Control Card can store IR codes in its internal memory for direct control of external IR devices. Alternatively, an IR room receiver such as the Altinex AC301‑103 can be used to pass‑through IR signals from remote controls to devices connected to one or both of the controller’s IR outputs.

    Multiple control cards can be used within single MT302-201 enclosure to enable unlimited expandability and control of AV system with unlimited capacity.

    Jack Gershfeld, President of Altinex, commented on the company’s Neutron MT312-104 Control Card, “For years, our popular Neutron controllers have served an integral role in board rooms, lecture halls, and other types of presentation spaces. Now, we bring this capability to our recently introduced MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. Our Neutron card—along with the various other cards that fit the MultiTasker—bring a wide range of control capabilities to the contemporary AV meeting and presentation space. I believe AV integrators will find much to like, not only with our Neutron card, but with our MultiTasker and its wealth of functionality.”

    About Altinex
    Founded in 1993, Altinex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®. The company offers a line of switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, furniture connectivity products, and control solutions. Altinex is a USA-based ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation that conducts R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California. For additional information, visit the company online at www.altinex.com or contact them directly at 1.800.ALTINEX or 714.990.2300.

  • 26 Jul 2016 10:32 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    Kramer has launched the VM-UHD Series 4K Distribution Amplifier for HDMI signals. The UHD Series is comprised of 3 models, the VM-2UHD, VM-3UHD & VM-4UHD that take one HDMI input, equalizes and reclocks the signal and distributes it to 2, 3 & 4 identical outputs respectively. These DAs distribute signals having resolutions up to 4K@60 UHD (4:2:0), WUXGA and 1080p.
    •    Max. Data Rate  - 10.2Gbps
    •    Resolution Support  - Up to 4K@60 UHD
    •    HDMI Support  - Deep Color, x.v.Color™, Lip Sync, HDMI Uncompressed Audio Channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS−HD, CEC
    •    Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking™ Technology
    •    An intelligent EDID handling and processing algorithm that ensures Plug and Play operation for HDMI systems
    •    Default EDID  - For fast and efficient connection of the unit
    •    3D Pass-Through
    •    HDCP Compliance
    •    Boardrooms and meeting rooms
    •    Presentation and multimedia applications
    •    Home theater
    •    Rental and staging
    Typical Application for 4K Signal Distribution with VM-4UHD

  • 21 Jul 2016 2:18 PM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    (New York, New York) MTA New York City Transit was quick to recognize the popularity of the new electronic gaming sensation Pokemon Go.  Officials also spared no time in identifying the potential hazards of trying to catch the creatures in surroundings where there is a four and half foot drop to the tracks. 

    In response, the agency has created a new safety campaign for its On The Go Travel Station kiosk network, reminding customers to stay safe by remaining behind the yellow line when trying to catch the animated creatures. The digital screen campaign consists of a brief animation warning customers to stay safe as they play the game that seems to have taken the country and the world by storm.  The messaging uses the iconic red and green “Bubble People” figures used in the popular ‘Courtesy Counts’ campaign combined with language from the agency’s ongoing platform safety campaign.  Of course, the red figure turns green once he does the safe thing by stepping behind the yellow line.

    The text reads:  “Hey Pokemon Go players, we know you want to catch ‘em all, but stay behind the yellow line when in the subway.   The text inside the frame adds:  In 2015, there were 172 incidents involving customers who came into contact with trains; 50 people died.”

    The On The Go campaign began running July 14th. New York City Transit had previously issued a similar warning through Twitter and Facebook social media posts that generated more than 400,000 views in less than a week.  They both urged customers to be mindful of their surroundings when playing the game in the subway to and keep well back from the edge of the platform.  “We want our customers to have fun but we also want to remind them to play smart and play safe,” said Paul J. Fleuranges, Vice President of Corporate Communications for NYC

    Transit.  “For customers our key takeaway is please stay behind the yellow line at the platform edge when you gotta catch’em,”added Fleuranges, who oversees the On The Go program at NYC Transit.

    The MTA OTGN currently consists of 200 units at 39 subway stations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens; by the end of the 4Qtr 2016, there will be 380 kiosks in 73 subway stations.  Customers can view the real-time service status of subways, buses, and railroads; get travel directions with Trip Planner; access elevator/escalator status; and scan MTA, neighborhood and station maps. In addition, NYC Transit uses the OTGN to push Service Alert & Emergency messaging to the entire kiosk network, a select group of kiosks or an individual unit during a service event or emergency situation, posting granular service alternatives at affected locations.

    To view a video about the On The Go program at NYC Transit, click here.

  • 21 Jul 2016 8:38 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    Read the article by Mark Boidman, Managing Director at Peter J. Solomon Company, a private M&A investment banking firm. Mark is on the Board of Digital Signage Federation.

  • 14 Jul 2016 12:01 PM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)
    The VP-734 delivers a seamless 4K-UHD presentation experience with glitch-free ultra-smooth switching technology, auto-switching and auto-scanning. This powerful scaler/switcher includes a user-friendly downloadable app for text overlay and power-saving features for environment friendly installations.
    •    Auto-switching and auto-scanning with glitch-free ultra-smooth FTB™ (fade-thru-black) switching technology
    •    Digital/analog signal support: 4 HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort input and two universal analog inputs
    •    Output Resolution − Up to 4K UHD
    •    Selectable Audio Delay
    •    7 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs
    •    Stereo Speaker Output
    •    Embed/De-embed Audio
    •    Built−in Video Proc−Amp
    •    Advanced EDID Management.
    •    Efficient power saving (green) features
    •    Control Options − IR RS−232, Ethernet with Web browser
    •    Presentation applications
    •    Projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, hotels and churches, production studios, rental and staging
    •    Any application where high quality conversion and switching of multiple and different video signals to graphical data signals is required for projection purposes
    4K-UHD Scaler/Switcher




  • 14 Jul 2016 10:43 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    Channel Pro Magazine features DSF Member, Hussain Ali from Houston Dynamic Displays about how the latest signage technologies helps to gain and hold the attention of today's distracted consumer. To read the article visit http://digital.channelprosmb.com/publication/?i=305722&ver=html5&p=1.

  • 12 Jul 2016 10:46 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    SignStix®, the multiple-award winning digital engagement platform, has recently announced the launch of its Windows module, providing a whole new opportunity for organisations looking to improve the way they communicate and engage with staff.

    Following the development of the Windows module, and the exciting new features brought with it, the platform has enjoyed substantial growth in the corporate communications industry. One of the new features includes the delivery of digital media content onto Desktop PCs, allowing organisations to remotely control the content displayed on idle PC screens. The content would effectively act as a screensaver whenever a member of staff leaves their screen idle.

    “We’re already quoting thousands of licenses for the Windows version in the UK alone, primarily for the corporate desktop market,” said Nick Fearnley, Founder and CEO of SignStix®

    “It’s a whole new way of engaging, informing and motivating staff.”

    With full support from both Windows and Android, SignStix® now offers organisations with the ability to deliver corporate messaging across multiple locations, to dozens of digital touchpoints including Desktop PCs, POS hardware, video walls, tablets, kiosks and smartphones. By offering multiple playback mechanisms, SignStix® clients benefit from a platform that goes far beyond traditional digital signage software, providing endless opportunities for digital engagement within the workplace.

    The Windows module also enables integration with legacy systems to deliver internal announcements, reminders, special events and industry news quickly and easily to an organisation’s global workforce.

    In addition, SignStix® has worked with a number of enterprise-level organisations to power internal communications via video wall displays and department-specific screens, which have been found to significantly increase employee engagement and interaction.

    WhereScape, an international company that has global operations across the USA, UK, Singapore and New Zealand, commissioned SignStix® to power a video wall display in the reception of their New Zealand office. The large-format video wall is being used to deliver case study content in addition to a live Twitter feed, driving social engagement and interaction.

    About SignStix
    SignStix® is an award-winning cloud-based digital engagement platform, enabling organisations of any size to create, edit, manage and deploy digital content with ease. The solution is fully scalable and is used by commercial and corporate enterprises to drive customer engagement and enhance in-store experiences.

    For more information, please contact:
    Aneysha Wakelin
    Head of Marketing, SignStix
    0845 860 520

  • 29 Jun 2016 3:43 PM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    June 29, 2016 - Charlotte, NC and Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Philips Signage Solutions® and 11Giraffes® today announced that 11Giraffes leading digital signage software has certified support for Philips new line of SoC commercial displays, featuring an internal quad-core Android media player.  Android OS means smarter, faster and more intuitive displays.  Commercial clients will enjoy all the benefits of the state-of-the-art connectivity and content management possibilities.  While the remote management safeguards the lowest cost of ownership.
    "We're very pleased to be working with 11Giraffes digital signage portfolio. Their products were easy for us to integrate into our new Android D Series professional monitors. Also, any questions from our side were answered quickly, and in a professional way. We look forward to continuing our work with 11Giraffes," said Mike Brooks, Sr. Product Manager at Philips.
    "Philips Digital Signage displays powered by embedded Android media players provide the market with a strong all-in-one solution making digital signage installations more efficient.  Our proven and long-standing development on Android for both touch and non-touch digital signage applications made certifying the Philips integrated solution a no brainer," said Aaron Petrosky, Vice President of Corporate & Business Development at 11Giraffes. "11Giraffes digital signage software focuses on reseller support, and this partner addition further allows our resellers to provide an array of digital signage equipment options to their clients.  Philips provides our growing reseller ecosystem another advantage to enable the scalability of their networks across leading equipment providers and all major operating systems."
    11Giraffes digital signage software platform is sold worldwide through a network of sophisticated value-added resellers and ad networks. 11Giraffes was designed to be sold through channels and to enable sophisticated enterprises to utilize a digital signage web-based content management system to control their content and to allow for cost-effective solutions. To this end, 11Giraffes provides its service at a turnkey price and includes a vast library of digital signage content templates, thousands of licensed images and videos, and licensed RSS news, weather, sports, finance, health and other feeds. Limitless tools and features are all-inclusive in the software-as-a-service, as are, unlimited content storage/uploads in every file format. With 11Giraffes, clients do not need to buy countless add-on widgets and other costly upcharges that are common elsewhere in the digital signage industry.
    Petrosky adds, "11Giraffes software platform includes a cost-effective content management system, video walls tools and interactive solutions which seamlessly enable resellers to grow their digital signage services, revenues and profits."
    11Giraffes digital signage software platform provides end users with winning software solutions, and is partnered with leading industry equipment manufacturers and worldwide value-added resellers. Philips Displays is a leading digital signage display manufacturer that sells through a sophisticated worldwide distribution and reseller network.

    About Philips® Signage Solutions
    Philips Signage Solutions is a leading display manufacturer with a focus on bringing the most impactful signage solutions to the market. Making use of innovative technologies, broad ranges of professional displays are available, with the highest quality standards and operational excellence. Available for use in any vertical, there's a Philips signage solution for everyone.   


    About 11Giraffes®
    11Giraffes® is a leading turnkey digital signage software company that provides brands and enterprises maximum control over their content.  11Giraffes is a user-friendly, feature-rich, stable and effective turnkey or self-service web-based content management and control system. 11Giraffes is available as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service or an On-Premise solution.  11Giraffes is widely used by Retail (end caps and large/small displays), QSR, Franchises, C-Stores, Financial/Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Corporate Communications, Government, SMBs, Enterprises, Digital Ad Networks, and is the #1 Solution for Resellers.

  • 29 Jun 2016 8:15 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)

    Unified Brand, a leading provider of customized TV channels using digital signage technologies, announces it has joined industry advocacy group Digital Signage Federation (DSF) as a Tier 1 End User network in the newly announced membership structure.  DSF partners with its members to provide education, networking and advocacy to the digital signage industry and the diverse constituents of its ecosystem.
    “Unified Brand is excited to join the DSF as they have done a great job of including the digital signage End User community in its leadership and focus as we are ultimately the companies at the coalface of those viewing the digital signs” said Guy Tonti, President of Unified Brand.  “As a company with a vision to make every business have its own custom TV channel, working with the entire digital signage community through DSF is important to our continued growth so our medium becomes a more integral part of the overall communication and advertising world.”
    “We view Unified Brand’s use of digital signage as alternative to cable or over-the-air TV in bringing custom TV channels for inside business venues based on their viewer demographics and ever-changing intended messaging.  As we are seeing great leaps forward in the digital signage products and technologies we can leverage for our solutions, we find the best of these companies are involved in and leading the DSF,” added Tonti.
    Unified Brand builds custom TV channels for use within business locations as an alternative to cable and over-the-air channels.  From its main office in Phoenix, Arizona, it produces solutions that serve three (3) primary network segments:  (1) AutoVisionTV http://www.autovisiontv.com focuses on providing focused TV Channels within auto dealerships, (2) NetNeighborhoodTV http://www.netneighborhoodtv.com/ brings together businesses, advertisers, and customers in a specific geography to present their own messaging and a blend of entertainment content, and (3) EnterpriseTV http://www.unifiedbrand.com/enterprise-solutions/ provides customized TV channels in a business’s visitor and employee-only areas with messages and communication specifically developed and managed for the intended audience.

  • 29 Jun 2016 8:06 AM | Deanna Hammer (Administrator)
    LOS GATOS, CA – (June 28, 2016) – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage players, today announced a pair of successful retail installments. In both cases, unique applications of digital signage are being used on hundreds of connected screens to engage customers in new ways and ultimately drive revenue growth for these forward-thinking businesses embracing the latest digital signage technology. And while these businesses – Oil Can Henry’s and Cellular Sales – compete in entirely different markets, both are forging new ground in retail, harnessing digital signage to communicate with customers more effectively.

    “The sky is the limit when it comes to digital signage in retail, and these two businesses are examples of how a fresh approach to customer-facing digital signage can yield very positive results,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “A modest up-front investment in digital signage can pay dividends many times over, as is the case for both of these organizations.”

    Oil Can Henry’s
    Oil Can Henry’s is an Oregon-based provider of vehicle maintenance with more than 100 shops located throughout the Pacific Northwest. The company installed digital signage displays in maintenance bays at locations across all of its key markets. The displays are being used to sell additional services throughout the visit, resulting in an average service visit cost increase of 20%. Additionally, the screens are utilized during off-hours for employee training and other corporate communications.

    Cellular Sales
    Cellular Sales is the largest Verizon retailer in the United States with more than 560 stores in 28 states. The company replaced legacy printed signage that was costly and time-consuming to update. With digital signage now in place, Cellular Sales is well-positioned support Verizon corporate promotions instantly, whereas in the past the stores would not have been able to produce and ship materials in time to support the promotions. Additionally, the company strategically located more than 50 displays throughout its corporate headquarters. Deploying digital signage at corporate headquarters and in retail locations across the country has proven very successful for Cellular Sales, increasing employee engagement as well as retail sales.

    Powered by BrightSign Network
    In both instances, BrightSign Network enables timely content updates, made at the corporate level and instantly rolled out to the companies’ vast networks of individual locations. Retail organizations with expansive geographic footprints greatly benefit from the ability to manage content centrally to ensure consistency across their disparate networks of retail locations.

    For more information about BrightSign’s portfolio of digital signage solutions, visit www.brightsign.biz.

    About BrightSign
    BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign 4K players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit www.brightsign.biz. Follow BrightSign at http://twitter.com/brightsign and http://www.facebook.com/BrightSignLLC.

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