About DSF Credentialing

The DSF’s mission is to grow our industry through professional development.  Click on the menu items to in this section to learn more.

The DSF offers access to two types of industry credentials:  Micro-Credentials and Certification.  Micro-credential courses may be used for Certification continuing education requirements.

DSF Online Education Micro-credentials

The flagship DSF Online Education micro-credentials are a set of stacking credentials for individuals which are earned through taking short online courses and completing a short assessment.  12 of these will be available by August 2019.  Each member company receives one individual license for the program which offers all of the available courses.  After course completion the participant receives a certificate and a digital badge to use on their materials, signatures or social media.

Online Education Courses


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DSEG Certification

The DSF also offers benefits for individuals looking to expand their industry knowledge and standing through certification.  The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) offers courses on the basics elements of d

igital signage, content, networking, and sales.  DSF members receive two complimentary licenses upon signing up for membership.  These certifications have a re-certification component and must be maintained.  These are offered online or at the DSE.