Digital Signage Projects and Case Studies

Our members create incredible work that solve complex problems. The following case studies were submitted by our membership. Click through these projects to see some examples of ways that members innovated solutions for their customers' projects! All members are invited to submit their project for inclusion.

55 Water Street NYC lobby installation with custom content powered by Signagelive

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DCBolt Productions assisted in the design, implementation, software and content development of the video system for 55 Water’s LED lobby wall installation in New York City. DCBolt continues to develop custom content that allows this canvas to evolve through vibrant illusions, ambient branding, eye candy and infotainment. The installation is visible at 55 Water Street in NYC and the lobby is open to the public for viewing 24/7.

Key project requirements

DCBolt built a custom windows-based media server to handle the approx 8K pixel space, and is using Signagelive CMS to manage 5x scheduled layouts. With over 50x assets of custom content, that range from ambient branding to perspective illusions.

DCBolt designed a multi-windowed infotainment layout for the high-traffic hours of the morning, afternoon and evening rush periods which display a variety of content feeds, including live stock tickers, transit, weather, news, sports and social media.

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Mvix Powers Video Wall and Networked Signs at Loudoun County Parks & Rec

Sterling, VA. February 22, 2018 – Mvix has been selected by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation & Community Services (PRCS) to power its digital signage network across 11 locations for visitor and staff communications.

The Loudoun County PRCS mission is to provide outstanding recreational and leisure opportunities, outcome-focused community services and stewardship of the county’s natural resources. All of this is to promote the quality of life for Loudoun’s 380,000 residents, the third-most populous county in Virginia.

Their 10 community centers offer a combined 300,000 square feet of space which include baseball fields, aquatic centers, bike trails, classrooms and performance art spaces.

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BrightSign Powers Digital Signage in Latin America’s Largest Department Store

El Palacio de Hierro is an upscale chain of department stores in Mexico, with its flagship store located in Polanco, Mexico City. Known as “Al Palacio de los Palacios” (“the palace of all palaces”), this particular location is comprised of more than half a million square feet of retail space, earning it the distinction of the largest department store in Latin America.

El Palacio de Hierro recently completed a $300M renovation which included extensive updates to the entire department store. The crowning component of this project was to be a large, overhead stained-glass structure, mounted high above the shoppers below. But due to time and budget constraints, creative and technical consultants at Basha designed a 60-inch LED sphere and full-ceiling LED display installed atop the store’s 66-foot-high main concourse. This budget-friendly stained-glass alternative has become the most striking component of the entire installation.

“Al Palacio de los Palacios is arguably the most amazing department store in the world, so we wanted to create a masterpiece worthy of its prominent location in El Palacio de Hierro’s flagship store,” said Jacobo Jafif, CEO of Basha. “Foregoing traditional stained glass in favor of LED components not only enabled us to keep the project on budget, but the store now has a beautiful, dynamic centerpiece that can be visually altered to reflect whatever mood El Palacio de Hierro intends to create.”

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Mvix Digital Signage Enhances Communication at YMCA of the Rockies

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Sterling, VA. January 25, 2018 – The YMCA of the Rockies, a non-profit network of conference centers serving more than 300,000 visitors annually, selected Mvix to power their digital signage network spanning two campuses.

The YMCA aims to put Christian Principles into practice through programs, staff and facilities in an environment that builds healthy spirit, mind and body. They accomplish this by hosting conferences and retreats of religious, educational and recreational nature, as well as family retreats, traditional summer camps for children and leadership courses for their staff.

The Challenge

In order to empower guests at their conference centers, the YMCA of the Rockies needed an engaging communication network that would inform visitors about the activities and programs available to them.

Previously, the Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch conference centers that make up YMCA of the Rockies used USB drives with PowerPoint presentations for communication. This system had limits:

  • displays were difficult to update and looked unprofessional
  • the USB drives limited the type of content displayed, e.g., no branded YouTube channels or automated event listings

Keeping these challenges in mind, the YMCA of the Rockies needed a solution that could easily and remotely distribute multimedia content to their lodges and activity buildings at both conference centers. The system also needed to support multi-user access to enable collaboration between the YMCA staff.

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BrightSign and Red Dot Digital Media Overhaul Pala Casino’s Video Network

Pala Casino Resort and Spa set out to revamp the way it distributes video content throughout its facility. The casino’s legacy PC-based video multicast solution was limited to 480p content, and a rash of reliability issues was brought about by overheating PCs, dust-clogged fans and pesky Windows errors. Pala Casino chose Red Dot Digital Media to spearhead a massive overhaul of its video network.

Red Dot – a longstanding partner of BrightSign and an advocate of purpose-built video distribution networks – set out to design a custom network comprised of 75 end-points, driven by a constellation of BrightSign media players.

The first phase of the project placed a pair of BrightSign’s media players – an XD1132 and a 4K1142 – in Pala Casino’s DPU room. Sourcing content from an existing bank of servers, BrightSign’s players select and distribute content from an array of 17 custom-designed video channels. The BrightSign 4K1142 pulls content from a selection of cable boxes and other sources, and outputs the content over HDMI to the XD1132, which in turn distributes to players at the end-point displays.

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McCarran International Airport Outfits Shuttle Buses with “Infotainment” Marketing Capabilities

The Rent-A-Car Center at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is an off-site facility most commonly accessed by travelers via a large network of free, airport-owned shuttle buses. Each year, more than 7 million people board the buses en-route to their rental cars, or as they return to the airport on their homeward journeys.

Seeking a more effective way to connect with this captive audience for the 10-12 minutes it takes to shuttle between the airport and Rent-A-Car Center, McCarran officials turned to its media partner and agency of record, Lamar Airport Advertising. Working together, Lamar and Social Butterfly World (SBW) developed a plan to outfit the airport’s fleet of 45 busses with a new digital signage “infotainment” network referred to as AVA – Audio Visual Ambassador™.

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BrightSign Helps Vegas EXP Deliver Interactive Shopping Experiences on the Las Vegas Strip

Vegas EXP is a new 3,200-square-foot retail store located in the Grand Bazaar Shops on the Las Vegas Strip. The store’s self-contained mini-mart sells liquor, wine, beer, tobacco products and snacks, whereas the rest of the store offers a wide assortment of Las Vegas collectibles and apparel. And while Vegas EXP sells much of the merchandise you’d expect to see in a retail establishment on the Strip, what sets the store apart is how it sells to customers.

Vegas EXP is the latest endeavor of longtime Las Vegas retail operator M&K Enterprises. The store represents a new breed of retail establishments abandoning traditional retail methods in favor of digitally enhanced experiential shopping.

A total of 28 screens are located throughout the store, displaying featured products and other promotional content. Behind the scenes, 16 BrightSign HD1023 media players each push content to a pair of dedicated screens via HDMI splitters. This enables Vegas EXP to tailor content based on the screens’ locations to effectively target customers as they browse the store.

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Digital Signage Drives Live Communications at a Top Missouri School

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Sterling, VA. November 30, 2017 – New Life Christian School, a top parochial school in the St. Louis metro, has selected Mvix to power their campus digital signage network. The network empowers communication with students and parishioners by displaying important announcements, live sermons, event listings, and community photos.

The school started as a ministry of the New Life Pentecostal Church in 1974. Today, New Life Christian School serves over 200 students and continues to excel by leveraging an individualized approach to teaching. This is most apparent in their Ignitia Curriculum at the high school level. The curriculum gives students daily opportunities to explore their own interests outside of a few structured assignments.

This approach has seen NLCS students regularly placed amongst the top in Missouri. Graduates have been awarded scholarships to leading universities such as the University of Missouri and Washington University, and they continue on to serve in the ministry and other professional fields like medicine and finance.

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Models Own engage customers and enhance its retail presence by using Signagelive digital signage screens


Models Own is a cosmetics brand that was originally founded in 2008 by Ministry of Sound’s CEO and his brother. The company has historically promoted its product range via “Bottleshop” – style pop ups located on the premises of well-known high street brands, including Boots and Superdrug.

In 2014, Models Own received investment from a Saudi retail empire and has since expanded its core offering to include lip and eye products, as well as associated accessories. Models Own opened its first global flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, East London in late 2016, closely followed by a second store in Trinity Leeds, and is currently Europe’s fastest growing cosmetics brand.

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Case Study: Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency


  • Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency (UETHDA) needed to quickly share information with country residents.
  • The boards display real-time information about housing and UETHDA events in 8 community centers.
  • Project included Xhibit signage systems, content management software (CMS), content integrations and professional services.
  • UETHDA saw a marked increase in community engagement and employee satisfaction.


Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency (UETHDA), a social services organization serving 22,000
households in Tennessee, has implemented a digital signage network powered by Mvix in 8 counties.

The displays in the 8 Neighborhood Service Centers are empowering residents to build better communities by providing easy access to important information and community resources.

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