Digital Signage Projects and Case Studies

Our members create incredible work that solve complex problems. The following case studies were submitted by our membership. Click through these projects to see some examples of ways that members innovated solutions for their customers' projects! All members are invited to submit their project for inclusion.

Case Study: Westgate Resort & Casino Las Vegas deploys Signagelive to enhance customer engagement

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DCBolt Productions was selected as the preferred provider to design, install, commission, manage and create custom content for digital signage at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Over 150 digital signage displays were required, including custom LED screens, 4K video walls, HD displays, and projections which were individually controlled and managed by various teams. With Signagelive as the backbone, DCBolt presented a turnkey solution for the digital signage system, and delivered a wide range of content including wayfinding, restaurant menus, interactive social media display walls and custom eye candy that allows guests to connect with the Westgate brand.

The resort has been working with Orlando, FL-based solutions provider DCBolt Productions on a revamp of the set-up and content.The network includes promo and wayfinding displays in a variety of configurations, custom LED walls and a pair 2×5 video walls located in the elevator waiting lobbies.

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BrightSign-enabled Projection Mapping Brings Creative Performance Theater to Life at the Panther Room

In late-April 2017, key players from Blue Man Group, Queen of the Night and STOMP! assembled at a secret location to workshop a top-secret stage production. The two-week event was a test-run to showcase a unique stage performance to theater insiders, investors, family, friends and other VIP guests.

The show was set in Prohibition-era New Orleans. Dubbed the “Panther Room,” performance acts were spread out across two basement areas within the building. Traditional seating was dropped in favor of a less formal, more interactive layout that invited guests to immerse themselves in the experience.

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Case Study: Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry


  • JIBEI needed a digital signage network for student and visitor communication at their two campuses.
  • The signage screens display a mix of class listings, seminar agendas, JIBEI history and project stories.
  • Project included 29 digital signage systems, content management software, content integrations and professional services.
  • JIBEI recorded improved class enrollment & visitor satisfaction


The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry (JIBEI) upgraded their New York campuses with 29 digital signage systems. Powered by the Mvix platform, the digital signage network drives the student and visitor experience and adds visual appeal to the campuses.

Signage screens in the Long Island Education Center provide students with class listings, agendas for special programs and seminars, and dynamic menus in the cafeteria. Displays in the new Electrical Industry Center in Queens highlight notable projects such as the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. They also display important milestones in JIBEI’s history.


JIBEI was founded in 1943 to build and promote harmony within the electrical industry and to address labor-management issues for electrical workers and contractors in the state of New York.

Training and education are the primary goals and functions of JIBEI. Through the Joint Apprenticeship Training Program, apprentices receive an intensive, disciplined 5 ½-year training course that includes 8,000 hours of classroom and on-the-job training. This continuing education program provides electrical workers with safety and advanced technology courses to help them maintain their skills and keep them up-to-date on the latest industry advancements and code changes.

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Case Study: “Stolen Heart” Exhibition in Leo Baeck Institute, New York

BrightSign logoIn the following case study, DSF Member, BrightSign, LLC, describes an innovative and eloquent installation at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. The creative force behind the “Stolen Heart” exhibition, DSF Member C&G Partners, track the rise of Jewish business and property owners and their contributions to Berlin’s central district, Mitte, until the 1930s, after which state-sponsored Aryanization” resulted in the destruction and theft of Jewish-owned properties.


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Case Study: Simple video wall solution transforms hospital

Seocho Sebarun Hospital, located in Seoul, South Korea, opened its doors in June 2015. The hospital specializes in spine and joint pain for its patients. Technology is a crucial aspect of the hospital’s successful operation, as is keeping patients informed and educated.

The Seocho Hospital realized that video walls and digital signage were important ways to communicate with patients and ensure patients are receiving the best possible health care experience.

A 2 by 2 grid video wall is displayed in a waiting room of the Seocho Sebarun Hospital

A 2×2 grid video wall is displayed in a waiting room of the Seocho Sebarun Hospital

The Challenge

There are three other Sebarun Hospitals that have previously deployed video walls, with little success. The hospitals purchased expensive video wall platforms thinking they would also be both powerful and easy to use, but they only received complaints from users. The video walls turned out to be extremely complicated to manage and too costly to maintain.

The full details of Userful’s installation can be found here.



Case Study: Avesta Communities

Mvix: Solutions For the HD Planet

“Powered by the Mvix platform, Avesta’s 39 community locations throughout Texas and Florida feature employee communication displays that drive and optimize the employee experience.

The displays, which are remotely controlled, display performance metrics such as open maintenance tickets per community, average apartment tours per community, applications received per community, occupancy trends and more. The displays are also leveraged to promote togetherness and community despite the geographical distance by displaying and celebrating employee achievements, anniversaries and birthdays.

| Avesta Communitiesavesta-logo-new

Avesta is unique in that they take an employee-first approach. Since its founding in 2010, Avesta has acquired over 12,000 apartments throughout Texas and Florida, assembling a world-class team drawn from the best companies nationwide. Though the company primarily concentrates on the acquisition, redevelopment, ownership, and operation of apartment buildings, Avesta’s first responsibility is to build a sense of community among tenants. They strive to be the most resident-focused company in the world.”

To read about Mvix’s installation in the Avesta Communities,  view the complete case study here.


Case Study: Mall of Qatar Digital Advertising Development by Esprit Digital

The Middle East’s largest shopping centre digital installation programme goes live to critical acclaim from both stakeholders, advertisers and customers.

New DSF member, Esprit Digital, was selected to provide a full digital solution to Elan Media in the Mall of Qatar. This project was completed in partnership with local integrator AVT Audio Visual Technology in Doha.

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National September 11 Memorial & Museum

National September 11 Memorial & Museum
The National September 11 Memorial & Museum in lower Manhattan recently overhauled its digital signage. After reviewing other digital solutions, BrightSign was chosen to supply digital signage hardware, and Smart Digital Solutions was chosen to provide systems integration and support. The combination of BrightSign’s rock-solid hardware and same-day local support from Smart Digital proved to be the perfect solution.


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SDF Airport – Louisville, Kentucky: Synergy AVE

Originally posted 31 Jan 2012

Objective of the Project:

Synergy AVE was hired as consultants to Design a Digital Signage Network which would be utilized as an Ad Based revenue stream for Corey Airport Services and The Louisville Airport Commission.

Gary W. Hall, President, & Angel Ramos, Vice President of Synergy AVE moved forward with their vision of High Impact in Captive Audience areas. Both parties had previously worked on the design of The Palm Springs, CA, DOOH Network and took their knowledge of those key components and applied it to this new project.

The main objective was to build a DOOH network that advertisers could place different ads in different parts of the airport to reach their target audience.

A key point was to ensure they had happy advertisers who could see their actual data and determine their own ROI on each ad.

ONERUN: EyeLook Media Inc.

Originally posted 31 Jan 2012

Objective of Project:

In June of 2011, London Ont. based EyeLook Media Inc., a digital signage solutions company, took on the task of providing a digital signage system to present real-time updates, images, and elements of entertainment in relation to the annual fundraising event benefiting translational breast cancer research; which fundamentally puts valuable medical theories into practice, a progression deemed absolutely necessary in finding a cure for breast cancer.

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