Micro-credential Course Authors

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Name and Company   Biography Courses Image
Michael Arnett -STRATACACHE – Managing Director, Canada Michael has specialized in digital signage for over 15 years, predominantly in business development roles.  An appointed member of the DSF Education Committee, Michael is passionate about heightened customer experiences that exceed expectations.  Choosing a Partner
Ryan Cahoy – Managing Director, Rise Vision, Inc. Ryan has actively involved with digital signage and LED Tickers for 25 years leading sales and marketing teams focused on the K-12 and Higher education markets. He has co-led the DSF Education Committee for three years. Selecting the Right CMS
Laura Davis-Taylor– HighStreet Laura was literally born into retail. Wandering malls serving as the eyes of her blind, fashion-addicted mom, she cultivated a sixth sense for understanding what makes a great store experience. Twenty years later, she’s been a brand planner, internet maven, store design strategist, innovation instigator and she even ‘wrote the book’ on in-store digital media.  Fundamentals of Planning
Ed King– HighStreet Ed is on a lifelong journey of understanding human behavior, and what better canvas to hone his skill than customer experiences. A natural storyteller, Ed approaches each retail experience challenge like telling a story — start with an inviting physical environment, engage the shopper’s secret hidden desires and overcome the shopper’s challenge with an emotion-focused solution. Experience Design
Jim Nista – ALMO Content Design Jim Nista is a digital graphics and design pioneer with a long history working in marketing and advertising roles as Creative Director for a large range of clients. Designing Content
Wayne Rasor – Fast Signs International Wayne Rasor combines his passion for interior and exterior digital technology with 25+ years of experience in the traditional, electrical and digital signage industry. Content Management
Christie Rice – Intel Christie Rice is the Worldwide Global Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk Segment Director for Intel’s Internet of Things Group Media Players
Kelly Smith, Cadillac Fairview  Kelly Smith has over 14 years of experience within the digital signage industry working in roles from content production, system design & hardware specification, implementation, technical support, and project management. Software Features
Dina Townsend – YCD Multimedia A practiced professional in the digital signage industry, Dina has guided countless brands through the process of creating and enhancing the customer experience across complex environments. Her broad scope extends from helping clients ideate, innovate and strategize, to deploying solutions that deliver impactful and lasting impressions to their audiences. With a decades long technology career focused in enterprise software, Dina maintains a level of expertise in the evolving digital signage market that is well aligned with YCD’s success and vision. Selecting Cloud vs. Premise Based Software