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Why DOOH Global Council makes sense for the DSF right now

Last week, the Digital Signage Federation announced the establishment of the Digital Signage Federation Global Digital Out-of-Home Council, an affiliate organization created specifically to support companies at the intersection of DOOH and the digital signage industry.

The primary objectives of the DSF Global DOOH Council are to provide a resource for DSF members and build their capacity to support DOOH advertising companies, agencies and brands.

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IHS Digital Signage Industry Tracker Q4-2016 Summary available to DSF Members

IHS and the Digital Signage Federation have partnered together to offer DSF Members exclusive access to IHS’s Digital Signage Industry Tracker Executive Summary report each quarter.

For nearly 50 years, IHS has assisted customers harness the power of information to improve their business results. IHS seeks to provide its customers with the technical information, tools, and operational and advisory services necessary to help them make critical business decisions, maximize their core business processes, and improve productivity.

The Executive Summary report available to DSF members highlights research and findings pertaining to:

  • Hardware (media players, set-top boxes, & PCs)
  • Screens
  • Software
  • Services (installations, project management, & technical support)
  • Media sales

The summary reports on the growing sectors within the industry and across verticals such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and public spaces.

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Digital Menu Boards: The solution for meeting upcoming FDA requirements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Menu Labeling Requirement Act will go in effect on May 5th, 2017. This is bound to put some huge pressures on food establishments as this legislation requires any food service operation with 20 or more locations to have calorie counts and other nutritional information included in their menus.

Operators of quick serve restaurants, delis, c-stores, and fast casual restaurants will all need to find ways to get calorie counts on menus and keep them updated and accurate. The easy and obvious answer is to go digital!

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Peter J Solomon – Media Monthly

  • Look Up: In the Digital Age, Billboards Are Far From Dead
  • PQ Media: US Digital Out of  Home (DOOH)
  • Media Revenues
  • 2015 US Consumer Media Usage
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ComQi on Digital Signage screen location and size -Size Matters

Another in the series of white paper produced by ComQi, Size Matters addresses one of the most critically important aspects of digital signage deployment, how various screen locations and sizes matter. Simply stated, the size of each screen should be based on the purpose of the screen and the overall business objective you want to receive. These objectives can vary from increasing store traffic, driving conversion rates, improving branding loyalty, assisting or educating customers, to reducing perceived wait time.

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Employee Facing Digital Signage for a Better Workplace


Let’s cut to the chase short and sweet. Digital signage has evolved. Period and end of sentence. It began as a means of advertising and then it took on the patina of providing a “wow factor” for the viewer and collecting impressions that could not be ignored. Yes, it is still all that but to an ever increasing extent, it has moved beyond those paradigms to so much more. Of course this begs the question of defining what “more” actually is. In this case “more” refers to more communication, more devices, more locations, more content, more calls to action, more responses, more ability to measure, more return on objectives, and finally, all of this information delivered to more targeted people who are then able to be more productive.

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Outdoor Beats Online in a Mobile World, says PJSC

The out of home media industry, no longer defined by painted billboards or vinyl, is taking dramatic steps toward delivering a more powerful and cost-effective media platform.

Several out of home media operators have recently developed and announced the launch of new products that, coupled with data and analytics platforms, will provide information that extends far beyond a simple measurement of how many people are seeing their billboards and screens.

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