LSI Industries Unveils Reorganization Plan to Deliver Customer-Engaging Retail and Commercial Environment Solutions to Strategic Markets

LSI Industries Unveils Reorganization Plan to Deliver Customer-Engaging Retail and Commercial Environment Solutions to Strategic Markets

DSF Member, LSI  Industries  Inc.  (NASDAQ:  LYTS),  a  leader  in  visual  image  and  engagement  solutions,  including  lighting,  graphics,  and  technology  for  national  brands  and  retailers,  today  announced  that  it  will  reorganize  operations  to  better  serve customers’   needs  across  market  verticals  with  integrated,  innovative  business solutions. Read the full release here 

BrightSign Players Power New Mercedes-Benz Pop-up Stores in Major U.S. Cities


This summer Mercedes Benz opened a pair of pop-up stores in high-end shopping malls in Miami and Chicago. These new stores – opened for a limited run of just two months – are designed to showcase some of Mercedes Benz’s newest models in a relaxed setting. Space constraints that limit the number of automobiles on display are offset by liberal use of technology to create an immersive, informative customer experience. BrightSign’s media players were used throughout the space, with design and technical consultation provided by Gorilla Production Group and Red Dot Digital Media.

“Limited square footage required that we think creatively about how to utilize the space as efficiently as possible – and that’s where digital signage offers a huge creative advantage,” said Paul George, President of Gorilla Production Group. “The video walls we installed function not just for the sake of information delivery, but as artistic focal points to draw-in customers and serve as striking backdrops to the cars on display.”

Space constraints that limit the number of automobiles on display are offset by liberal use of technology to create an immersive, informative customer experience. Sixty displays are carefully distributed in each of the Mercedes Benz stores, 16 of which create a traditional 4×4 video wall that displays videos, vehicle specifications and other anecdotal information about Mercedes Benz. The two other video walls are mounted on separate walls that join at a 90-degree angle where dozens of displays are tiled together in a mix of vertical and horizontal orientation, mounted at various depths to create a unique three-dimensional look. These video walls synchronize to create a single piece of art, displaying a mix of artistic photography and animated art, interlaced with Mercedes Benz branding. The remaining displays are wall-mounted horizontally in a casual seating area framed by leather couches.

BrightSign’s HD223 media players feed content to all 60 displays in each store, including 41 43-inch screens, 15 32-inch screens and four 65-inch screens. BrightSign’s BrightWall™ feature within BrightAuthor was essential to create and publish content that synchronizes perfectly across all three video walls.

“Creating three video walls in a relatively small space required that we space the individual displays just right, and that the content displayed perfectly on each screen to create the impact we desired,” said Darryl Kuder, President of Red Dot Digital Media. “BrightSign’s hardware and software works seamlessly and are essential to perfecting high-visibility projects like our latest collaboration with Mercedes Benz.”



Activate The Space Installation at Champs Sports, Times Square NY, powered by Signagelive


Activate The Space (ATS) has recently completed the design and integration of the new Champs Sports location at 10 Times Square in New York City. ATS provided several LED walls including a massive two storey wall on the side of the escalators and the media playback engine for the large outdoor LED wall on the front of the building.

Champs Sports, a division of Foot Locker Inc, celebrated the opening of its New York flagship location in Times Square. Following the move from the brand’s former Times Square footprint, the new multi-level property at 10 Times Square is nearly four-times the size of the previous location boasting 8,160 square-feet of premium retail space….Read more 

Warren Bremner Signagelive Shares His Views on Retail Technology


This video shows an interview filmed at the Midwich Retail ‘Shop’ Hospitality event at the OXO2 by Midwich TV. Warren Bremner, Business & Channel Development Manager shares his views on retail technology.

The event was supported by key retail technologies from many leading brands, as well as a keynote industry speaker, discussing the top retail trends for 2018-19….Read more 

Signagelive to Showcase Room Booking and Interactive Solutions with Partners Quantum Sphere and WBT at Integrate 2018 in Sydney

Signagelive are very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Integrate 2018 with our partners Quantum Sphere and WBT on 22-24 August at the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Signagelive is partnering with Quantum Sphere on Stand D14

Signagelive will be demonstrating a range of solutions on LG webOS and IAdea Devices. This will include the ability to control and change content using the remote control supplied with LG webOS DIsplays and our Room Booking app running on the IAdea XDS-1078 10” Display, with LED lighting that changes from green to red, when a room is in use….Read more 

Samsung HQ certifies Signagelive Digital Signage solution for Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 Smart Signage Displays

Signagelive are very pleased to announce that our latest Samsung update has been officially certified by Samsung for Smart Signage Platform Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 series displays.

Certification of the Signagelive application on Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 by Samsung represents a joint effort by both companies where the Signagelive application has been thoroughly tested by Samsung HQ engineers. As part of the ongoing activities and part of the certification programme, Signagelive will continue to be tested on all new major firmware releases as well as the creation of Signagelive specific firmware – more details will follow once that is available….Read more 

Wasabi Switches to Digital Menu Boards Powered by Signagelive to Save Time and Costs for Operations

Japanese sushi and bento restaurant chain, Wasabi, has digitalised its menu boards across seven of its London locations. Pioneer Group were enlisted to install the displays across five of Wasabi’s concession stores in partnership with Marks & Spencer and two Wasabi stand alone stores. Wasabi required digital displays that would replace the lightbox printed menus utilising a bespoke solution for each individual space to complement its pod counters….Read more



Radiant Technology Hosts Regional Summit to Help Businesses CAPTIVATE Workers

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 24, 2018) — Everywhere we look these days, we encounter digital signage.
From menu boards to retail stores, to airports and now in offices, businesses are using digital signage
to get their messages across. But what, or rather who, drives the information behind the scenes?
Digital Content Management entails a complex mix of design, data linking, video, hardware, software
and more. Radiant Technology, an Audio-Visual consulting and integration company, has been helping
businesses visualize their data for more than 17 years. Radiant is hosting a digital content management
summit called CAPTIVATE August 21-22 at its Cincinnati Experience Center (11923 Tramway Dr.,
Sharonville, OH 45241). The Summit is free, but registration is required and space is limited,
reserve your seat today.

“Companies are increasingly using digital communication to transform the way they do business,” said
Doug Freutel, VP of Innovation at Radiant Technology.“CAPTIVATE is all about helping people discover
the benefits of digital content for the workplace, learn about tools and resources and talk with industry

Local IT, AV and Marketing leaders can avoid the cost of expensive tradeshows by staying local to learn.
Day one of the Summit includes sessions on video content distribution and management, digital
signage options and public display technology. Day two is specifically geared toward users and potential
users of a digital display platform called Omnivex Moxie. Sessions will focus on best practices,
interfacing with IoT and managing the signage ecosystem. Lunch is included both days and the first day
ends with a unique networking event at TopGolf in West Chester.

This is the second year Radiant has hosted a digital signage-focused educational event. Last year, it
was held at the company’s headquarters in Columbus. As popularity of digital content continues to
grow, Radiant is committed to providing resources and consultation to help businesses reap the most
return on their digital investments.

About Radiant Technology
Radiant Technology is a respected Audio-Visual consulting and integration firm committed to delivering
organizational impact by leading high-level communication and collaboration initiatives. Radiant uses a
comprehensive Customer Journey – a process proven time and again to deliver results. The Radiant
Customer Journey incorporates a process review, recommendations, project management, design,
installation, commissioning, end-user adoption training, service and remote monitoring.

Radiant’s award-winning Digital Signage and Content Management team accomplishes the same
mission by helping businesses reinforce messages through digital communication. Radiant’s team
becomes an extension of each customer’s team by offering direction and support when needed the
most. Established in 2001, the company has a history of partnering with clients such as Cardinal Health,
Inc., L Brands, Cincinnati Children’s, Honda of America Mfg. Inc. and some of the Midwest’s most
progressive companies, schools and hospital systems. To visit a Radiant Interactive Experience Center
near you in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland or Louisville, call 800.348.4008 or visit

Is Your Digital Signage GDPR Compliant?


Is Your Digital Signage GDPR Compliant?

By Jeff Hastings


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently took effect in Europe. And while GDPR pertains specifically to the EU, it has global implications. Many US-based businesses – BrightSign included – voluntarily complied with GDPR to reaffirm commitment to customer privacy and simplify cross-border compliance.

With privacy again at the forefront of the broader business narrative, it raises the question of whether personalization of the digital signage experience is in conflict with GDPR. There is a clear expectation from customers that the companies they deal with treat any personal information they hold with care and respect. This means keeping it secure and not sharing it with third parties without permission. It also means not presuming permission to use data for purposes beyond the reason for which it was originally collected.

Many of the most exciting developments in signage – beacon technology, interaction via the customer’s mobile phone, recognition of the gender and age of the viewer – involve some level of customer data collection. Done sensitively and wisely, this shouldn’t present a challenge to GDPR compliance or undermine customer trust. In fact, giving the customer full control over the information they receive from you will enhance your relationship with them and improve response to your messages.

The underlying principles of GDPR are threefold:

  1. Be clear on what data it is you are collecting and storing, and how you are protecting it
  2. Be ready to respond to those who ask to see the information you are holding about them
  3. Have a legitimate reason for retaining that information

Interaction with customers’ mobile phones, for example, is normally via an app. Clearly, it is essential the app offer customers a clear opportunity to opt in or out of communications. This also makes sense from a relationship perspective. The more control customers have of their relationship with you, the more attention they will pay when you attempt to engage them.

Image recognition technology associated with digital signage is also an emotive issue. Here it is essential to draw a distinction between analyzing the image and storing it. For example, some foot-traffic detectors use video to count the number of customers entering a store. Unless there is a clear and compelling reason to retain that information once the count has been made, the video needs to be carefully and systematically flushed once the count is complete so that no record of it is available.

Frequently, retailers rely on third-party suppliers to install and maintain foot-traffic counters, signage systems and other technologies. It is essential to make GDPR compliance a central part of the selection process. Seek clear statements on how they treat the information they collect. Ensure you understand their processes for protecting information they hold, deleting information completely once it is no longer required, and whether information is shared with other organizations.

GDPR is an opportunity rather than a threat for the signage industry. Clearly, retailers that already collect information from signage need to be sure they comply, in Europe at the very least. Those embarking on new installations should look positively at ensuring their installation complies worldwide. Not only will this build customer trust, but it will also put them in a great position when similar regulations get rolled out elsewhere in the world. GDPR is being enforced in Europe – but the thinking behind it is shared worldwide.


SignageOS Introduces Universal Video Wall Synchronization for SoC Devices and Digital Signage Players


June 25, 2018

CONTACT: Luke Gibbs
Content Creator

 Video wall synchronization on the signageOS platform allows content
management systems to further engage their desired target audience
on any smart digital signage display or player.


 SignageOS Corp., San Francisco, USA, June 19, 2018: SignageOS has developed the first digital signage video wall synchronization feature that is compatible with any major operating system or digital signage hardware on the market, without the requirement of other external equipment.

“Video wall synchronization has been one of the most challenging goals on our development roadmap so we are very excited to introduce this feature. After heavy testing across all of our devices we are confident that it is ready for public release. This feature will increase the ability of CMS companies to deliver affordable video wall deployments on various and widely used displays with no need for additional hardware.” – signageOS CEO, Stan Richter, on the development of the video wall API feature.

Leveraging the power of SoC displays the signageOS video wall characteristics include:

  • Functionality without requiring external players, daisy chain cables, authoring software, etc.
  • Allows for synchronization of content including but not limited to multiple videos, images, HTML5 content, device network data, etc.
  • Complete web-based functionality

CMS companies can freely begin to build unique video wall software implementations and installations using the signageOS video wall API. Video wall synchronization on the signageOS platform will provide companies with the freedom to differentiate between hardware in order to meet the needs of their company and customers while maintaining the same features across all devices.

For more information, please contact Luke Gibbs at, or visit the signageOS website at