Two Popular Videotel Digital Signage Media Players Make Clients Take Extreme Notice Says Reseller, AV Specialists

Equipped with the capacity to engage audiences with triggered content and interactive solutions, the VP90 4K and the VP71XD has created a buzz for AV Specialists. The owner of the company says the Videotel Digital media players are like a one-stop-shop for creating exciting audio/visual experiences. Designed to relay content from a USB, SD card, FTP or LAN, cloud, or live streaming URL, information/entertainment has become a highway where the possibilities are endless. Much like the perpetual list of satisfied customers this reseller has become accustomed too.

Lisa Schneider, VP of Marketing and Sales for Videotel Digital, said, “As a reseller of our products, AV Specialist has created a strong list of happy clients! Their knowledge of our product line is extensive, and it’s a viable resource for our company. At the same time, our freedom to go above and beyond to support their clients with setup and free customer support is an additional benefit for all.”

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BrightSign Unveils Voice-activated Digital Signage Capabilities, Announces First CMS Integration of Innovative New Solution

Reflect is First to Integrate BrightVoiceTM into its CMS Platform

LOS GATOS, CA – (November 19, 2019) – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today unveiled BrightVoice – the company’s voice-activated digital signage solution that enables a unique, hands-free interactive experience. BrightVoice allows audiences to interact verbally with digital signage using wake words followed by natural voice commands that trigger playback of on-screen content, music, lighting and other devices. And while this type of interaction mimics the workflow popularized by commercially available voice-enabled smart speakers and other devices, the BrightVoice solution is hosted locally on the BrightSign player and does not require an internet connection.
“Smart devices such as speakers, watches and phones have propelled voice interactivity into the mainstream, and therefore voice-activated digital signage is a natural extension of that workflow,” said BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings. “What’s unique about the BrightVoice solution is that it enables manufacturers to demonstrate their own smart devices at retail and other pop-up locations without requiring an internet connection. This will be welcome news for any brand or retailer that’s ever grappled with the challenge of demonstrating cloud-enabled devices to customers via intermittent (or nonexistent) network connections.”
Reflect is the first content management system (CMS) partner to integrate BrightSign’s new voice-activated capabilities into its ReflectView software platform. The company recently built a BrightVoice-enabled solution for a major wireless communications service provider, deploying voice-activated digital signage in a number of key retail locations in the United States, with plans to roll-out to more than 1,000 stores in the months ahead.
“Voice control introduces an entirely new dimension to digital signage and is a key differentiator that distinguishes our platform as one of the most powerful and versatile CMS solutions available,” said Bart Massey, Chief Technology Officer at Reflect. “Now that we’ve integrated BrightVoice into ReflectView, incorporating voice control into new and existing networks of BrightSign players is straight-forward, making for an affordable solution that can be implemented quickly and customized to the needs of individual experiences.”
Existing signage networks using BrightSign XD1034 or XT1144 media players can implement voice activation capabilities by purchasing the BrightVoice Command Model Service and a USB-connected microphone for each endpoint. Network administrators, working with BrightSign, then create a custom set of voice commands that trigger specific content responses when used in conjunction with the included standard wake word.
Customers desiring further customization have the option of purchasing additional levels of BrightVoice Command Model Service, which enable them to trigger unique content, control other devices, and create customized wake words to deliver an interactive experience fully tailored to the customer’s needs.
Reflect customers interested in adding voice activation capabilities to their ReflectView CMS package are encouraged to contact client services at For more information about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage hardware and software solutions, visit

About BrightSign
BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign XT players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit Follow BrightSign at and

About Reflect
Reflect is a leading provider of award-winning place-based digital media programs including enterprise-level digital signage, large-scale LEDs, video walls, interactive applications, wayfinding, and more. Reflect is trusted by some of the most reputable brands in the world including Levi’s, Macy’s, and Charles Schwab. Collectively, Reflect powers more than 400,000 digital screens in more than 35,000 locations. Learn more at

Digital Signage Takes Center Stage at Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Sporting Venues

Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign

Five years ago I authored a blog post about the emergence of digital signage in sporting venues. At the time, we were starting to see strong indicators that network-connected displays were going to play a larger and larger role in the spectator experience at these venues. I recall thinking how much of what I wrote was quite forward-thinking. To read that article now and to contrast those predictions against what has transpired both in our industry and in the sporting world, I see that I had underestimated how pervasive digital signage at sporting events would become.
As I view the current landscape of digital signage in sporting venues, three trends emerge that I believe will significantly shape the fan experience at sporting events now and in the future.

Passive Viewing Becomes Active Engagement
Something we’re starting to see more of at sporting venues is the shift from signage used as a passive medium that spectators consume visually, to an interactive medium that invites participation. This engagement can be utilitarian – for example, luxury boxes including touchscreens to place food and beverage orders. It can also be very novel, such as being presented with the option to view the game from various angles as if you were seated in another section of the stadium altogether. Another great example of engagement-based signage is the Dallas Cowboys’ use of interactive photo kiosks whereby spectators can take virtual selfies with their favorite players. This sort of creativity is up-leveling the viewer experience, ensuring that entertainment doesn’t stop when the spectator leaves his or her seat.

Leading the Way with Wayfinding
Attending sporting events in today’s modern arenas is about much more than the sporting events themselves. Arenas are built with concessions and fan experiences at every turn. To help spectators get the most out of their visits, many arenas are integrating wayfinding solutions that help people navigate with ease, and discover new and interesting experiences along the way. Digital signage has proven its worth as a medium that not only entertains and informs, but also lends a helpful hand to ensure fans maximize their time in the arena. So you can expect wayfinding solutions to become much more commonplace in the coming years.

The Rise of Esports
Professional esports isn’t yet able to rival other established sports in the United States in terms of revenue generation, although it’s growing at a rate that far outpaces other pro sports. Esports is attracting investment from high-profile celebrities and athletes. Even ownership groups like the Madison Square Garden Company are getting in on the action, bankrolling their own teams. As the esports industry continues to go mainstream, it’s beginning to structure an economy similar to other pro sports, able to attract sponsors, recruit players and sell tickets to events. Esports events are being housed in larger and more elaborate venues with each passing year, and I suspect we’ll start to see a growing number of purpose-built esports venues in the near future.

How exactly all these trends play out in the future remains to be seen. But I’m confident our industry will continue to be an integral part of experiencing live sports. Perhaps I’ll revisit this blog in another five years to see how well my newest predictions hold up.

Signagelive and Quividi Announce Audience & Campaign Intelligence Partnership in DOOH and Digital Signage

Signagelive, cloud based digital signage platform, and Quividi, the World #1 Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform for DOOH and Digital Signage, announce the deep integration of their platforms. This integration enables any DOOH and Digital Signage networks running Signagelive and Quividi to test, measure, optimise and deliver data-driven contextualised content to best engage and convert audiences.

The combined solution provides marketers with the most detailed level of Audience & Campaign Intelligence. They can get very fine analytics on the exact audience dynamics for each content play, and also run HTML5 campaigns that instantly react to the actual audience currently watching the screen.

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HighStreet Collective partner with NEC to install their ALP solution powered by Signagelive

HighStreet Collective is a retail experience agency, who has partnered with NEC to install their ALP solution with Signagelive on BrightSign players.

Here is a great article and video by the Living Retail Lab, a Citizen Market in Atlanta, that has turned over their physical marketplace to HightStreet Collective.

The objective of the collaboration is to measure the effectiveness of digital signage against traditional retail marketing with the first use case being menu boards. This article and the results show the difference in input from traditional peg-board menus, to static text, then text with images and finally text with subtle videos.

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Enplug Debuts New Holidays and Countdown Apps

Newest Additions to Enplug’s App Market Make it Easy to Celebrate Holidays and Count Down to Special Events

October 8, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Enplug, a leading cloud-based digital signage software provider, today announced new apps that make it easier than ever for businesses and organizations to use their digital signage networks to mark holidays and other special events. The new Countdown App enables organizations to count down to or count up from date-related milestones, while the Holidays App automates the process of celebrating holidays in the workplace. Both apps are available today for free on Enplug’s App Market.

“Whether used for internal employee communications or for customer-facing marketing purposes, digital signage is a powerful visual tool,” said Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. “Our new Apps help users elevate their digital signage networks even further by giving them an easy, intuitive way to build excitement around holidays and other significant events.”

Countdown App
Countdown timers are an effective way to build employee and customer engagement – whether counting down to a future event, or counting up from a past event. Prominently displaying these timers is a great way to build interest, generate excitement or create a sense of urgency for deadlines, events and other milestones.

Using timers on prominently located screens helps increase participation and inspire engagement around important events. Whether motivating individuals in the final days of a fundraising drive, keeping important employee deadlines top-of-mind, building anticipation for product releases or counting down to the first day of a new school semester, a countdown clock is a powerful visual reminder of the immediacy of your message.

Users can choose from dozens of professionally designed templates, with layout options in both portrait and landscape screen orientation. Template colors, fonts and images can all be customized to ensure brand consistency across the entire signage network, and queuing up a tailored list of milestones is as simple as uploading a spreadsheet of dates with custom triggers to ensure that updates are made automatically.

Holidays App 
You’ll never miss another holiday with Enplug’s new Holidays App. An extensive library of artfully designed templates for more than 30 commonly celebrated holidays makes it easy to “set and forget” a full calendar of holidays, creating custom triggers to ensure holiday content displays on time, every time. Pre-defined color palettes, imagery and messages ensure the appropriate mood is created for each holiday, with the ability to further customize various elements to suit corporate branding and HR guidelines.

Featuring holidays in the workplace or in a customer-facing business is an important opportunity to build a shared sense of celebration to increase employee satisfaction and even incite customers to shop more generously. But scheduling holiday content can be challenging, especially when a particular holiday falls on a weekend or on a company holiday. Enplug’s new Holidays App empowers HR managers and marketers to take full advantage of these seasonal events, with the peace of mind that all holidays will be celebrated as intended for maximum impact. Celebrating holidays in retail settings can be especially effective. Each December as shoppers are inundated with stimuli vying for their attention, static signage is easily lost in the holiday shuffle, and digital signage is one of the few ways to grab and keep customers’ attention. Enplug’s new Holidays App enables retailers to take full advantage of the digital medium, using eye-catching dynamic signage to put shoppers in the holiday mood, creating a sense of urgency to drive additional sales.

For more information about Enplug and its full portfolio of digital signage software solutions, visit Follow Enplug on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the company’s latest news.

About Enplug

Enplug’s cloud-based digital signage software empowers businesses to manage content across multiple displays from a single dashboard. With powerful enterprise features and an easy-to-use design, Enplug is the innovative solution to scale visual communications. Leading global companies in banking, education, retail, energy and more depend on Enplug for seamless marketing and internal communications experiences. For a demo of Enplug, visit

signageOS Announces Research Center for Digital Signage

For Immediate Release – October 7, 2019

CONTACT: Luke Gibbs,  Marketing Director

signageOS announces the inception of the signageOS research division to analyze and report on digital signage hardware and software.

signageOS Inc., San Francisco, CA, October 7, 2019: signageOS announces the creation of the signageOS Research Center to analyze and report on digital signage display and player performance, device management, security, and much more. The first report to be introduced by the signageOS Research Center is on Samsung Tizen 4.0.

“There has been a lively discussion around device performance for many years in the digital signage industry. For the most part, there has never been publicly available supporting evidence to validate the opinions expressed by opponents and supporters of media players or System-on-Chip displays. signageOS has decided to take the lead to test and benchmark.” – Stan Richter, CEO 

Further studies and reports will be produced on all relevant performance metrics for the most popular hardware in the digital signage industry. Access the detailed report as well as subsequent reports and studies by subscribing at Our partners & subscribers will have the opportunity to utilize resources such as:

  • Performance results
  • Test cases
  • Test scenario descriptions
  • Video recording evidence (including slow motion, high-resolution video captures)
  • Testing videos
  • HTML5 content
  • Source codes for HTML5 players/Applets used for testing
  • Further signageOS commentary on results and implications

The signageOS Research Center aims to push the limits of innovation by analyzing and reporting on accurate information, independently gathered and tested for all digital signage hardware and software.

Top Reseller of Videotel Digital Products Says Their Satisfied Customer List is Booming

For everything from weddings and informal gatherings to large venue corporate functions, one audio visual company in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, continues to keep Videotel Digital top-of-mind. Providing A/V equipment sales and rentals nationwide, Soundhouse Rentals, Inc. has partnered with the Southern California company to supply clients with superior equipment. A fan of the VP71 XD Industrial Digital Signage Player from Videotel Digital, the full-service corporate A/V, pro audio, and DJ equipment rental service uses the product themselves. Offering clients in New York’s five boroughs a full range of on-site event production and technical services, Soundhouse engages crowds with the VP71XD on the regular.

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Premium Salon and Medical Spa Lords & Ladies Salon Upgrades Digital Signage System to Enhance Waiting Areas Customer Experience

Discover how Pennsylvania’s most popular salon implemented digital signage across 7 locations to streamline communications while increasing social media awareness and followers using digital signage for salons.

 In 1984, Lords & Ladies (L&L) opened its premier location at 64 King Street, Pottstown. In 1999, using their proven recipe for success, L&L expanded to their second location in Douglassville, and again in 2003 with a third in Gilbertsville. As of today, L&L is southwest Pennsylvania’s leading salon, with 7 locations, serving over 60,000 clients annually.
A key factor of success for L&L is creating second-to-none salon experiences. After looking at the average salon experience of customers, L&L determined that digital signage was required for optimizing their in-store communications and marketing strategy.

 The Challenge
 When first implementing digital signage for their waiting areas, L&L quickly learned that the initial provider they chose was hard-to-use and limited capabilities. The content management and design interface were clunky and took the average user several hours to figure out.
L&L needed to replace the system with a new digital signage software platform that was feature-rich, scalable and easy-to-deploy. The content design needed to visually engaging that was eye-catching and pleasing to customers waiting.

 The Solution
Because the first company that L&L chose was not what they claimed to be, L&L did extensive testing of each vendor. When judging the options, L&L made sure analyze how easy it was to create and update content, what it took to preschedule specific messages to play and how easy it would be to update the content of the screen for all 7 different locations.
After reviewing three options, L&L chose NoviSign to replace their existing digital signage software vendor. From being able to update all seven screens with one click to being able to make on-the-fly changes to content, L&L had full control over the content of their screen, from their corporate office.

 The Results
Using NoviSign and the cloud-based design Studio, L&L can now create and send their marketing communications to one of their salon’s screens at any time. Their marketing department can remotely together their content, easily create playlists and within second update their screens information:

  • Salon sales and notifications
  • Display new product informational videos
  • Upsell services and gift cards
  • Stream real-time company Instagram & Twitter feeds
  • Menu listing of services, prices and product
  • Customer testimonials with before and after images

“With NoviSign, we have improved our ability to reach and communicate with customers while reducing the overall perceived wait times for customers. We can easily create customized messages and layouts then send them out to each one of our 7 locations. NoviSign is user-friendly and we can perfectly tailor the look and feel of the content to match our company branding, website and ad campaigns. We were able to use the existing TVs and Android TV boxes that we had. We downloaded the NoviSign app and within minutes, we had the content that we designed playing the screen!”

  • Brittney, Marketing and Communications Manager

About Lords & Ladies Salon
In 1984, Lords & Ladies opened its premier location at 64 King Street, Pottstown. Pioneering salon systems were carefully developed, then immediately implemented and we hit the ground running! The company thrived and ultimately needed to grow. In 1999, using our proven recipe for success, we expanded our availability with our second location in Douglassville and again in 2003 with our third in Gilbertsville. Our clientele grew to over 60,000 and in June 2007 our Fleetwood salon joined its sister salons and is now providing the same outstanding service to the greater Reading area.

Job Posting: BrightSign, Inside Sales Manager

Point of Contact: Frank Pisano
Company Name: BrightSign
Phone Number: (678) 642-7269
Corporate Website:
Type of Position: Full-time
Job Title: Inside Sales Manager

Job Description:

BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is seeking an experienced Inside Sales Manager who has excelled in building & mentoring high performance inside sales teams. This role requires working full time out of our Los Gatos headquarters location. This is a great opportunity to join a fast-growing industry leading company in an exciting industry.

This qualified individual will need to possess natural leadership skills and proven sales abilities.
The Inside Sales Manager will report to the VP of Sales and will have responsibility for building and managing our Inside Sales team ensuring the qualification and generation of new opportunities that supports our company’s growth. Working with the Vice President of Sales, the goal will be to improve upon current sales process, create and further develop customer relationships, and help lead the inside team while working with the field sales teams to achieve mutual sales targets.

Our Inside Sales team will have overall responsibility for the following areas:
1. Handling all inbound opportunities and leads.
2. Qualifying, categorizing and processing all inbound leads.
4. Handling the complete life cycle for selling and closing all SMB accounts.
5. Handling the complete lifecycle for handing off and following up on qualified leads to our distributors, resellers and strategic partners.
6. Driving outbound initial prospecting and lead qualification.
7. Support of field sales team by qualifying leads, leading preliminary sales calls via telephone and web conferences, and then coordinating and supporting the field team to help successfully close new business.
In addition, the Inside Sales team manager will lead efforts to build out our sales processes and systems including:
1. Helping to implementing a full CRM and lead management system.
2. Hiring and building an Inside Sales team that will support our fast-paced culture and explosive growth.
3. Helping to develop, implement and continuously improve “best practices” sales processes, systems and messaging.

In addition to the above, this person will interface with and regularly support and collaborate with:
• Major Accounts
• Distributor and Reseller Accounts
• Strategic business development with Digital Signage Ecosystem partners
• Collaboration with marketing, accounting and finance