Port Authority Connectpoint° Real-Time Information Displays Success Generate New Contract

Pittsburgh’s Port Authority of Allegheny has shown an improved rider experience since the initial deployment of Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks and Digital Bus Stop® displays in 2016

GOLETA, California, July 22, 2019 – – Expanding on the success of its initial implementation of real-time, passenger information displays, Port Authority of Allegheny, the second largest transit agency in Pennsylvania, awarded Connectpoint Inc. an additional contract to continue their partnership in the rail and bus stop improvement program. The newly ordered Connectpoint® E Ink, Digital Bus Stop® displays and Interactive Kiosks will ensure the continued comfort and ease-of-use for Port Authority’s riders.
Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® offers ground breaking technology via solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts. These “smart city” digital signs are equipped with ePaper displays that provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® signs are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via their content management system, CPAM™.
The smart, connected delivery of Digital Bus Stop® content via CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management), an agnostic, content management system not only broadcasts real-time bus arrival and alerts but in a true Smart City environment the Digital Bus Stop can be converted into an emergency message system when the need arises.
Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks give transit customers control over their trip. They can access real-time arrival information and plan their trip within the transit system while also being able to incorporate first and last mile choices — personal car use, bicycle or walking. In addition, the trip planning module allows the customer to interact with the mapping database so they can search for specific places without having to do a trip plan.

“Having real-time transit information available to everyone has been a major priority for us, as it improves the lives of our customers who are now able to spend more time doing what they want to do rather than spend time at a bus stop waiting to get there,” said Port Authority CEO Katharine Kelleman.
“Port Authority of Allegheny County has always been a forward-looking agency and was an early adopter of Connectpoint products,” stated Rick Wood, CEO and President of CHK America and Connectpoint®. “This latest procurement significantly increases their investment in sustainable, low-power, real-time, digital signage, and underscores their commitment to excellent customer service.”
About Connectpoint®, Inc.
Connectpoint® suite of products offer advanced solar and battery-powered, ePaper, real-time digital signage for “smart transit” and “smart city” applications efficiently accelerating transit needs and enabling a true mobility system. Connectpoint® products do not require electrical infrastructure and addresses the issues of cost efficiency and reliability for real-time departure information. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop®, SmartStop® and Interactive Kiosk high-resolution imagery broadcasts real-time arrival/departures, service change updates, rider alerts, ad campaigns in addition to interactive trip planning. Weatherized and wireless, Connectpoint® Digital Signage, is easily deployed on existing bus stop poles and bus shelters within 30 minutes. Our content management system CPAM™ (Connectpoint Asset Management) integrates all legacy systems into one content portal. Connectpoint has powered hundreds of transit agencies across 12 states. For more information, visit

Connectpoint® Media Contact:
Donna Amato
805-682-8900 ext. 101

DSF Announces a Dozen Micro-credential Courses

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The DSF offers full certification and micro-credential programs. The DSF has partnered with the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) to provide certification. The DSF has also developed shorter, targeted education and credentialing services through micro-courses.

DSF Micro-credential courses are all included with a DSF credentialing license. Credentialing licenses are available to DSF members. Each company receives one license to be used by an employee. Additional licenses may be purchased. All professionals who pass the micro-credential courses will be given a digital badge to use in their online profile.

Types of Credential Courses

Longer Micro-Credential Course– Suggested to take this prior to the shorter courses

  1. DSF Foundations

Short Micro-Credential Courses – each about 30 minutes long with audio. Below is a list of these courses. Full descriptions may be found at
Micro-Credential Course Descriptions

  1. Choosing a Display
  2. Choosing a Partner
  3. Content Management
  4. Designing Content
  5. Experience Design – coming soon
  6. Fundamentals of Planning
  7. Media Players
  8. Mounting Basics
  9. Selecting Cloud vs. Premise-Based Software
  10. Selecting the Right CMS
  11. Software Features

Email if you have questions or need assistance in registering.

iGotcha Media and BrightSign Install Digital Signage in Loto-Quebec Kiosks

Loto-Quebec – a Canadian government organization that oversees all lottery activities throughout Quebec – sought the help of iGotcha Media to create a dynamic menu-based digital signage solution for Loto-Quebec point-of-sale kiosks in several Walmart locations. The digital displays showcase lottery products, with content updated on a weekly basis to highlight current promotions.
The kiosk design varies depending on the location, with some placed behind cash registers and others located in Walmart’s main aisle. iGotcha’s team designed an innovative, engaging and informative signage solution with adaptability to suit various kiosk placement options.
iGotcha’s team assisted Loto-Quebec in specifying hardware for the project, including BrightSign XD234 media players feeding content to Samsung QLED TVs.
“The combined functionality of iGotcha Media’s advanced content management system and BrightSign’s media players were the ideal choice for the Loto-Quebec project,” said Kyle Pilot, CTO and co-founder of iGotcha Media. “The players enabled both systems to seamlessly connect together, providing Loto-Quebec with an efficient and reliable solution.”
Various messages are displayed on the screen, corresponding to the weekly lottery results. iGotcha’s specialized in-house studio designed content for the kiosks, accounting for all the potential Loto-Quebec outcomes.
The content is displayed in menu-board fashion, featuring lottery products with their respective prices, which are rotated weekly. Featured products are highlighted on the left-hand side, and classic items such as the Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Poker Plus+, are placed on the static top banner.
iGotcha’s proprietary content management system is utilized to deploy content to the kiosks, while BrightSign’s media players ensure superior video quality and kiosk reliability.
The kiosks were initially implemented in shopping centers across Quebec, as well as in the Loto-Quebec Montreal head office, providing Loto-Quebec with the complete solution that will ultimately be implemented in more than 50 locations.

Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, installs new LED and Lightbox powered by Signagelive


Ambassador Theatre Group wanted their architects’ vision to be implemented through LED and a Lightbox on site to display the theatre name as well as listings for their shows.

Esprit Digital were selected to provide both LED and a Lightbox for Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. 

Key project requirements 

Ambassador Theatre Group needed a quick and easy way to display show times and upcoming events, that can be centrally managed, but also allow for local users to update content. The system needed to be scalable, to allow for further sites to be added.

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Interactive Industrial Digital Signage Media Player from Videotel Digital Gets Outstanding Review from Pivot Creative Solutions

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) July 15, 2019

Videotel’s digital signage player, the VP71XD creates a terrific buzz at trade shows, says the president of Pivot Creative Solutions.

Tasked with creating an impression at trade shows, corporate events, and their specialized environments, Pivot Creative Solutions says they’ve implemented the benefits of the VP71XD with success. Adept at the design and fabrication of memorable installations, the company’s president recently weighed in on the effectiveness of Videotel Digital’s popular industrial digital signage media player.

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With High Street stores struggling new digital signage technology holds the key to its survival

Retailers need to be ahead of the game as they are currently facing many challenges from online and discount retailers. Signagelive can show how digital signage has a major role to play to increase commercial results.
This article published by Installation/AV Technology discusses technology is at the heart of these improvements with digital signage being the most visible.
Jason Cremins our CEO at Signagelive contributed to the article:  

“We are seeing an increasing number of retailers addressing the need to better train and retain their employees using digital signage in staff canteens and breakout areas in the store,” says Jason Cremins, founder and CEO at Signagelive. “The advance in digital signage hardware including System On Chip displays has greatly reduced the costs and complexity to deploy and manage internal communications within a store network. Interactivity can be added using the remote control supplied with SoC displays to select specific content to assist with staff on-boarding and product training, all of which can be tracked and reported on for compliance.

There is also a considerable amount of interest and activity from retailers looking to use business intelligence to optimise the content they are showing on their digital signage displays. Audience Measurement through Anonymous Video Analytics and Mobile Proximity can be used to profile customers and tailor content to ensure maximum impact.

However, Cremins believes that most retailers have a long way to go before they can fully exploit and benefit from digital signage. “At present retailers are deploying digital signage without the intelligence and insights required to measure success,” he explains. “I believe the deployment of BI-driven digital signage in retail will become mandatory to prove the success and continued investment in digital signage in retail and not restrict deployments to flagship locations in major cities for high-value retailers.”

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Federal Heath Installing Next Generation Technology for the World’s Biggest Video Screen

As the world’s largest video screen gets a next-generation transformation in Las Vegas, Fremont Street Experience is counting on Federal Heath for the complex installation and logistics. Work has commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Read full press release from Federal Heath

Imagine a screen that’s nearly five football fields long and 100 feet wide – an overhead canopy covering a four-block stretch of downtown for an immersive sight-and-sound experience. Now imagine replacing every visual component within a matter of months with a newly-developed product, while minimizing the impact on pedestrians, concert-goers, a canopy-long zip line, and other commerce 90 feet below.

The carefully orchestrated operation by Federal Heath will be formidable, replacing the multiple elements on 1/8 of the canopy at a time in sequenced phases. Content on the canopy, including the signature Viva Vision light shows, are continuing…..

Read full press release from Federal Heath

DSF Chicago Meet and Greet- August 14, 2019

Join the DSF in Chicago on August 14, 2019 and the NEC offices in Downers Grove, IL, for an evening event of networking and learning. The event begins at 6:00 PM CDT. Learn more and Register


The NEXT/NOW™agency will present “Rooted in Greatness”, a discussion about their work with  projection mapping in trees, along with their work on the Chicago Moen showroom.

Presenters from NEXT/NOW™ will be:

Alan Hughes – Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Randy Gress – Director of Business Development

Museum of Outside Arts Representative Says Videotel Digital VP70XD is Reliable and Easy to Use Even in the Great Outdoors

SAN DIEGO (PRWEB) July 01, 2019

Receiving a nod from the Museum of Outside Arts (MOA), it appears Videotel Digital’s VP70XD Industrial Media Player is now in rather high-brow spaces. Assisting the Englewood, Colorado museum in their mission to “make art a part of everyday life,” the digital media player is now supporting art installations both indoors and outdoors. How so? The resourceful VP70XD lends its acumen to art that interprets specific spaces as their own museums without walls. Thus, venues from commercial office parks to botanical gardens, city parks, and traditional sculpture gardens sing the praises of a product that can seamlessly get its point across just as if it wasn’t even there.

Thanks to the forward-thinking museum, the VP70XD is used in immersive art experiences throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Tim Vacca, the Director of Programs for MOA, said, “The Museum of Outdoor Arts has used the VP70XD Industrial Digital Signage Media Player consistently in both indoor and outdoor exhibition applications. The hardware and software are very reliable, easy to use, and have served our needs well. We highly recommend Videotel!”

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BrightSign-powered Video Walls Transform Building Lobbies in New York City

Video walls are an increasingly popular treatment of lobby areas in commercial and residential buildings in urban centers. New York-based RedStraw is one of the creative media content agencies at the forefront of this trend, supporting designers, contractors and building owners by offering them new ways to use the latest video technology to liven up these heavily trafficked areas.

“Building lobbies are typically the first interior impression of anyone who works, lives or shops in large, mixed-use buildings, so it’s important to make a favorable, lasting impression,” said Lisa Smith, CEO at RedStraw. “Particularly in Manhattan, space comes at a premium and one of our primary objectives is to find the best technology capable of pushing the rich media content we create into these environments. It’s amazing to see how video adds so much color, brightness and visual interest – it really helps to open up and enhance the space, and also creates a visually pleasing experience for people to enjoy.”

RedStraw partnered with Elevecture, a New York City-based company that laminates Gorilla Glass to a variety of materials such as metals, woods and even fabric to create products such as panels for elevator interiors and lobbies. Elevecture’s panels were recently installed in a pair of buildings in New York City’s chic SoHo neighborhood – 740 Broadway and 10 Astor Place. In both cases, displays are placed throughout the common areas to freshen up the spaces and make them appear larger than life.

The 740 Broadway property features 42 55-inch Planar displays arranged in columns extending vertically to the ceiling. The display columns are separated by Gorilla Glass-laminated rectangular panels, creating a striking zebra-like effect. Each column of displays mirrors the arrangement of ceiling-mounted light panels, creating geometric balance that accentuates the lobby’s modern design. RedStraw produced a striking 6K video montage that immerses visitors in exotic, relaxing scenes that all but erase the concrete jungle of New York City looming beyond the lobby doors. RedStraw selected BrightSign’s HD media players to distribute and manage video content for the project, particularly for the players’ ability to deliver frame-accurate synchronization across all 42 displays. And while most displays feature the soothing scenes, a subset of displays is used to present the building directory and other informative content.

The 10 Astor Place property is similar in design, but on a smaller scale and plays off the lobby’s horizontal lines versus the height found in the lobby at 740 Broadway. Eight 46-inch Planar displays create a ribbon-like wrap around two walls of the lobby, while video content produced by RedStraw creates a welcoming environment for guests and tenants.

In both instances, RedStraw expanded the traditional video wall concept to create impressive arrays of displays strategically placed to take advantage of the rooms’ unique layouts. Eye-catching video content complements the hardware layout to create a visual display that’s as artistic as it is informative.