SignageOS Unveils Raspberry Pi Integration for Digital Signage

signageOS Unveils Raspberry Pi Integration for Digital Signage

The first integration of Raspberry Pi into a system that supports a network of various smart displays
and media players.

signageOS Inc., San Francisco, CA, October 10, 2018: signageOS, the first global
unification platform for digital signage, introduces the Raspberry Pi custom
integration for digital signage. The Raspberry Pi can be used as a standalone player
or as an embedded Compute Module in the NEC Large Format Displays.

The advantages of using Raspberry Pi are widely known as an affordable,
non-proprietary, secure, and capable computational solution. The custom Linux core
developed by signageOS contains an application level fully optimized for digital
signage. “The signageOS team has spent several months working hard to deliver a
seamless experience with the Raspberry Pi for our CMS partners. A lot of heavy
lifting was done in order to push Rpi to its limits, including crafting custom Linux
distribution along with custom Chromium, node.js and native player development.” ,
comments Stan Richter, CEO of signageOS Inc. on the newly introduced integration.

Leveraging the power of Raspberry Pi for digital signage, examples of features
included with the signageOS API are:

● Gapless video playback and live streaming
● API for device control (reboot, timer scheduling, etc.)
● All screen orientation support
● Remote live screenshots
● Cloud integration with regular patches and upgrades
● Secure processing of sensitive software, patches, and upgrades signed by

The custom Raspberry Pi integration is suitable for 90% of all digital signage
installations. Now, CMS companies have the option to create inexpensive and entry
to medium-level digital signage installations using the low-cost Raspberry Pi
technology through signageOS, while maintaining the high-performance level and
meeting the customer’s needs. This fully functional integration includes every
management and monitoring feature listed in the signageOS features list.

For more information, please contact Luke Gibbs at , or visit
the signageOS website at .


Mimo Vue With BrightSign Built-In Open Frame Available Now in Touch Interactive and Non-Touch Models

Mimo Vue With BrightSign Built-In Open Frame Available Now in Touch Interactive and Non-Touch Models

 Mimo Monitors and BrightSign Team Up to Deliver Innovative New 10.1-Inch Small-Format Displays with Integrated Digital Signage Capabilities

LOS GATOS, CA and PRINCETON, NJ – (October 10, 2018) – BrightSign, LLC® and Mimo Monitors today jointly announced availability of the new line of BrightSign-enabled displays, beginning with the 10.1” open frame capacitive touch display. The new Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built-In line, which was first previewed exclusively to InfoComm 2018 attendees in June, is now available for purchase on the Mimo Monitors website.

“Together with BrightSign we created a fully encompassing, comprehensive solution that capitalizes on what our respective companies do best,” said Mike Campagna, CMO of Mimo Monitors. “Leveraging the high-quality innovation behind the Mimo Vue and the power and ease-of-use of the BrightSign platform, this new all-in-one digital signage solution provides both the screen and the player as one, making it simple to deploy and scale.”

The small-format monitors measure 10.1 inches diagonally, ideal for commercial and corporate applications such as kiosk information systems, gaming & amusement, POP/POS as well as conference room scheduling. The zero-bezel design and wide viewing angle suit Mimo Vue perfectly for even the most challenging viewing environments. Boasting a resolution of 1280×800, the monitors’ bright, high-contrast IPS screen performs well in any setting.

“Mimo Vue is a great proof of concept of what’s possible with our BrightSign Built-In platform,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “We’re grateful for our collaboration with Mimo Monitors, and we believe the new Mimo Vue will successfully meet the growing demand for integrated, small-format displays in commercial and corporate settings.”

The new line of Mimo Vue monitors is digital signage-ready out-of-the-box, giving customers a high-quality solution that’s easy to set up and install. The monitors are durable, reliable and ready for commercial use, and include a one-year warranty for added peace of mind. The Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built-In open frame is available for purchase on the Mimo Monitors website for $579.99, with the enclosed display model shortly to follow.

Specializing in small touchscreen monitors ranging from seven to 21 inches, Mimo Monitors is widely regarded as a leader in small-format commercial touchscreens. The new Mimo Vue line of monitors is designed to be inherently flexible to suit virtually any need. The monitors are intuitive and easy to use, especially for customers already accustomed to the BrightSign platform.

To learn more about Mimo Monitors’ full portfolio of touchscreen monitors, visit

For more information about BrightSign’s full portfolio of digital signage hardware and companion software, visit

About BrightSign

BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign XT players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit Follow BrightSign at and

About Mimo Monitors:

Mimo Monitors, established in 2008, is a global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets. Designed with a solutions-first approach, Mimo Monitors believes in creating small-footprint and high-value displays that drive innovation and provide a seamless experience for digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, point of sale, hospitality, retail and more.

Centered in providing touchscreens with human touch, Mimo Monitors puts customer service first, offering personalized, detail-oriented service to ensure client satisfaction. Focused on flexible and customizable solutions, Mimo Monitors touchscreens are intuitive to use, easy to deploy, and sleek in design, all while enhancing productivity and user experience. The Mimo Monitors world-class team has deployed Mimo Monitors solutions in locations throughout the world for Fortune 500 companies, both in the U.S. and around the world. and



BrightSign and Bluefin International Announce BrightSign Built-In Room Booking Solution Bundled with Signagelive

BrightSign and Bluefin International Announce BrightSign Built-In Room Booking Solution Bundled with Signagelive

LOS GATOS, CA and ATLANTA, GA – (October 3, 2018) – BrightSign, LLC® and Bluefin International are pleased to announce the first BrightSign Built-In room booking solution bundled with Signagelive.  Available around the world at an all-inclusive price of US$899 (MSRP), this bundle includes a 10.1” BrightSign Built-In power over Ethernet (PoE+) commercial-grade touch screen with perimeter status lights and a one-year license to Signagelive’s powerful software for room scheduling and digital communication. Companies that are looking for a robust digital room scheduling solution that increases the efficient use of meeting rooms and improves in-house communication will find this product is unsurpassed in functionality, ease of use, reliability and price.

Compatible with Office 365 and G Suite, the bundled display can also show other digital content. The green and red perimeter lighting provides visibility to room status at a glance while power over Ethernet makes for easy one-cord installation. Full metal powder coated housing, edge-to-edge glass and an 8GB micro SD card complete the value package delivered in this bundled solution.

Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign, said: “A turnkey room scheduling solution is a perfect application for a small, smart BrightSign Built-In touch screen and we are thrilled to enter this global space together with Bluefin and Signagelive.”

“Bluefin’s combining of three best-in-class solutions into one is brilliant,” said Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “The reliability of BrightSign’s platform inside Bluefin’s commercial-grade displays combined with the versatility and ease of use of our software has produced an unparalleled solution. We are excited to serve the room scheduling market together with Bluefin and BrightSign.”

Randy Guy, CEO of Bluefin, added: “We’ve packed a lot of value into this all-in-one solution and we’re excited to offer it to customers around the world.”

For more information and to purchase Bluefin International’s new BrightSign Built-In room booking solution bundled with Signagelive, visit

About Bluefin

Bluefin is a leading manufacturer of LCD AD Players, rugged LCD displays and custom PCBA products used in retail and industrial environments. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and provide the best customer service in the industry. Over 700 respected brands continue to trust us for their digital signage and display needs. Tired of minimum order quantities and lack of customization? Concerned about doing business with foreign manufacturers? Can’t find exactly what you want and not sure where to turn? Let us help! We offer various services from simple customization of our standard product lines to full scale OEM/ODM. Bluefin’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, with its factory in Shenzhen, China and distribution facilities in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Atlanta. For more information visit or contact Clark Johnson at

About BrightSign

BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign XT players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit Follow BrightSign at and

 About Signagelive

Founded in 1997, Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across 46 countries, with our cloud-based platform being available in 14 languages. We are consistently ranked as a global top five vendor and have been selected by customers from small networks to multi-thousand site deployments across numerous countries. Our service provides hosting, storage for content and stellar technical support. Our platform provides a fully featured user interface or alternatively, our API-first strategy enables our partners to build their own private-label custom portals and experiences. Signagelive is known for our work in various industries including Food Service/QSR, Retail, Stadiums, Internal Communications, Education and Medical. We have consistently been selected by world-class customers including;  General Motors, Vodafone, Gamestop and many others, winning wide praise for our technical customer support. Signagelive’s headquarters are located in the UK outside of Cambridge, with offices in the USA (Chicago), Singapore and Australia (Sydney).



Signagelive Recently Exhibited at Integrate 2018 Here are Some Highlights

Signagelive Recently Exhibited at Integrate 2018 Here are Some Highlights

Signagelive recently exhibited at Integrate in Sydney – many thanks to our Distribution Partners Quantum Sphere and World’s Best Technology.

It was wonderful to see many our long standing partners and clients, as well as some new connections, come and say “g’day”.

Signagelive showcased our award winning platform and demonstrated some exciting new features. We had some great feedback, especially for our remote control feature on the Samsung Tizen and LG webOS displays. A brief demo can be seen here: Read More

Small Screens Are A Big Deal

Jeff Hastings
CEO, BrightSign

Small Screens Are A Big Deal

In the digital signage space, we tend to focus on making things bigger – larger displays, imposing video walls, projects with thousands of displays integrated throughout a facility. Small screens are often overshadowed by this rush to “go big.” But anyone who keeps a close eye on our industry knows that small displays are in the midst of big growth.

Let’s be clear – small form-factor displays are nothing new. But earlier efforts to integrate smaller screens in places like corporate settings and doctor offices were primarily built around a tablet ecosystem. Windows, iOS and Android tablets were sleek and already had touch interactivity built-in – on the surface they were a perfect solution. But these tablets weren’t built with digital signage in mind, so adapting them for this purpose required a great deal of custom work. And when all was said and done, these devices were built on consumer operating systems and had reliability issues and other limitations when adapted for a dedicated commercial signage application where you didn’t need the functionality of a consumer operating system.

So, what’s changing? Small form-factor, purpose-built displays are now being produced by a growing number of commercial display manufacturers. These displays offer some important advantages over their tablet predecessors. First and most importantly, these displays have integrated media player functionality. With all the smarts built-in, there’s no need to mount media players externally – this creates flexibility in where the displays can be placed and makes it possible to integrate or surface-mount displays with minimal space requirements. Wireless connectivity makes it easy to manage content on the fly, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables flexible placement without the need to run power to every mount location and reduces dependence on wireless connectivity that can be troublesome in retail environments.

Lastly, in many cases these smaller displays are made-to-order. Displays can be designed with a finished bezel for surface-mount applications, or “open frame” for kiosk or wall-mounted integration. And with HD available now and 4K on the way, the displays’ onboard media-handling capabilities make handling rich media a breeze and furthermore, the small displays have impressive video quality due to the high density of pixels on screen.

All this translates to significant opportunities for AV professionals scoping out projects in many quickly growing vertical markets including retail, corporate communications, conference room scheduling, etc. Whether it’s swapping out older tablets in existing locations or installing fresh in a new build, these new small screens are signage-ready right out of the box and bring big functionality to small spaces.


BrightSign Teams with C&G Partners for New Exhibition at 9/11 Memorial & Museum

BrightSign Teams with C&G Partners for New Exhibition at 9/11 Memorial & Museum


Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11 is a new special exhibition at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum that chronicles the sporting world’s response after the 9/11 attacks. The exhibit highlights the vital role professional sports played in national mourning as fans rallied around a unifying message of hope and perseverance in the weeks and months following the 2001 attacks.

A full halt of all U.S. sports followed the attacks, with stadiums in the New York metro area used to support the relief effort. The exhibition displays large-scale crowd images and custom documentaries depicting fans’ emotions as the careful resumption of sporting events played an important role in the country’s healing process.

C&G Partners spearheaded the exhibition design and AV integration of Comeback Season. The company was tasked with exhibition layout, graphic design, sound and media production for the exhibition, which uses various AV treatments to communicate a narrative designed to echo actual sports experiences to exhibition visitors.

Comeback Season is divided chronologically into nine sections, with additional stations dedicated to stories of victims and their families.  Each of the nine sections includes dramatically large images, objects from the museum’s collection or on loan for the exhibition, poignant quotes and media.

Digital media is a central element of Comeback Season, and BrightSign’s XT1143 players are used to power video distribution throughout the exhibition. The media players distribute nine custom-made, short documentaries to large monitors located in various stations within the exhibition. These documentaries artfully combine oral histories with powerful media excerpts and custom audio scores to depict the emotions of sports fans during these turbulent times.

“BrightSign’s players allow for a flawlessly smooth and crisp viewing experience, enabling exhibition visitors to relive and experience the return of games that helped heal the country,” said Jonathan Alger, managing partner who oversaw the project for C&G Partners.

BrightSign-enabled projection mapping intensifies the Halftime digital installation, one of the exhibition’s key elements. The large-scale projection map of fan-made ephemera shows the evolution of fan sentiment in the days, weeks and months following 9/11. Pairing BrightSign’s media players with projectors adds a powerful vitality to the tapestry of homemade fan posters projected onto three-dimensional panels.

Comeback Season is BrightSign’s latest involvement in the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. The company’s media players also power video distribution for a large portion of the facility’s permanent exhibitions. Comeback Season opened in mid-Summer 2018 and runs until Spring 2019.






Royal Caribbean International Gives High Approval to Videotel Digital

Royal Caribbean International Gives High Approval to Videotel Digital

Creating waves of the best kind on the open seas, Videotel Digital receives a great review from Royal Caribbean International cruise lines. Having come on board with their PUSH Interactive Digital Signage Solution with the VP71XD Media Player, the company lends a hand in an unforgettable entertainment experience for those sailing. Proving to be essential in the hospitality industry for the personalized way guests can be intrigued during visits to venues, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, trains, bars, restaurants, and the like, the company takes center stage….Read more 

Popspots Launches to Help Retailers and Brands Access Untapped Opportunities at Checkout


Popspots-enabled smart checkout displays now available in over 200 grocery stores across the United States with plans for rapid expansion

AUSTIN, Texas — August 22, 2018 — Popspots, a company that’s modernizing the retail checkout using smart displays and AI-powered technology, today announced its general availability in the United States. Initially focused on grocery, Popspots’ displays combine a product management platform with the industry’s fastest-growing digital out-of-home ad network, helping brands and retailers drive awareness, engagement and conversion directly at the point of purchase. At launch, Popspots technology is already installed in over 200 stores across the country, with plans to double its network size over the next three months.

Today, 98% of grocery purchases are made in physical stores. Of the shoppers who enter those stores, 96% buy something and pass through the checkout. Despite being one of the most important in-store moments, the checkout experience has remained largely unchanged for decades.

“The investment in and innovation around the retail checkout experience has never matched the size of the opportunity it offers both brands and retailers,” said Marlow Nickell, CEO and co-founder of Popspots. “Popspots technology helps stores and brands capture critical mind and wallet share of shoppers at the moment it matters most, and gives them the visibility and data needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive space. ”

Popspots smart displays affix directly to existing checkout fixtures, and come equipped with the Popspots software platform, which offers:

Product Management for Store Teams

Grocers and brands in the U.S. lose $500 million in the checkout aisle every year — nearly 10%of sales — because of misplaced and out-of-stock products. The problem is widely recognized, but has gone unsolved because traditional merchandising relies on overworked store employees and can’t measure historical performance. Popspots makes merchandising smarter with computer vision algorithms that automatically detect product issues and report corrective actions. Equipped with this technology, store employees can easily ensure products are properly placed and in-stock, growing sales for both grocers and brands.

“Like all grocers, we struggle with out-of-stock products, and the issue is especially challenging in the checkout aisle. With Popspots, we have the ability to quickly identify and resolve inventory problems,” said Keath Allen, Merchandising & Private Brands Retail Director at Hy-Vee. “In a single month, we cut out-of-stock issues in half and ensured new planograms were merchandised correctly, helping us recapture critical lost sales.”

The Future of Digital Out-of-Home for Brands

With competition for consumer attention on the rise, brands are under more pressure than ever to reach today’s shoppers. But traditional out-of-home media can’t deliver the flexibility and feedback that modern marketers demand. By running digital video ads on Popspots’ smart checkout displays, brands can more effectively engage and convert the millions of U.S. consumers who shop in grocery stores every day, directly at the point of purchase. As the fastest-growing digital out-of-home network in grocery, Popspots delivers more than 720 million verified impressions annually while ensuring 100% viewability, with ads only playing when consumers are standing in line. Brands can easily test content and update campaigns via the self-service Popspots platform, driving increased value for their advertising investments.

Popspots’ official launch closely follows its selection as the $25K Gold award winner from MassChallenge Texas, the inaugural Texas-based cohort and part of the global network of zero-equity startup accelerators. Founded by grocery industry veterans, Popspots technology is utilized by some of today’s largest and most well-known grocery retailers and brands, including Hy-Vee, SuperValu, Smart & Final, Mars-Wrigley, Pepsi and Red Bull. For more information, visit

About Popspots

Popspots is modernizing the retail checkout with AI-powered technology that helps brands and retailers drive awareness, engagement, and conversion — directly at the point of purchase. Popspots’ smart checkout devices combine video advertising with a product management platform to better capture the mind and wallet share of U.S. consumers who spend 98% of their grocery dollars in physical stores. With actionable reports and access to both current and historical performance, brands and retailers can make data-driven decisions that deliver immediate, impactful value. Popspots technology is already used by many of today’s leading brands and grocers including Red Bull, Pepsi, and Hy-Vee, and can be found in more than 200 stores across the United States. Founded in 2016, Popspots is headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information, visit

For more information, contact:

Molly George (512)686-6405

BrightSign Joins PSNI Global Alliance

BrightSign Joins PSNI Global Alliance

LOS GATOS, CA – (August 21, 2018) – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced it has been approved as a Global Preferred Vendor Partner with PSNI Global Alliance. BrightSign is the latest company to join PSNI’s roster of the AV industry’s premier integrators (Affiliates) and technology providers (Vendors).

“BrightSign’s reputation as the global leader in digital signage media players perfectly suits the company to join our Global Alliance,” said Tom Roberts, PSNI’s Director of Vendor Programs. “PSNI prides itself on maintaining a community of preeminent organizations across the AV industry, and we’re happy to welcome BrightSign to the PSNI Global Alliance.” Read more 

LSI Industries Unveils Reorganization Plan to Deliver Customer-Engaging Retail and Commercial Environment Solutions to Strategic Markets

LSI Industries Unveils Reorganization Plan to Deliver Customer-Engaging Retail and Commercial Environment Solutions to Strategic Markets

DSF Member, LSI  Industries  Inc.  (NASDAQ:  LYTS),  a  leader  in  visual  image  and  engagement  solutions,  including  lighting,  graphics,  and  technology  for  national  brands  and  retailers,  today  announced  that  it  will  reorganize  operations  to  better  serve customers’   needs  across  market  verticals  with  integrated,  innovative  business solutions. Read the full release here