DSF Logo Use Policy

The DSF unified graphic identity strengthens the organization’s name and image via a distinctive mark applied consistently throughout all of our events, resources, and activities.

Our logo use policy general classes of acceptable and prohibited use. It does not attempt to define every imaginable use of the logo, but it provides a clear path to seek approval for variations and used.

The DSF logo is registered trademarks of the Digital Signage Federation. This logo is a valuable legal and intellectual asset. Its unauthorized use is prohibited.

Acceptable External Use

Members (companies and individuals) and sponsors of the organization are welcome to use use the logos to acknowledge their membership in the organization and/or their participation in a sponsored event.

Prohibited Use

It is our policy that the DSF organization logo be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any implication of endorsement by the organization or its activities;
  • Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
  • An individual’s use of the logo for purposes other than acknowledging membership or participation in our activities;
  • Combination of the organization with another logo

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