If you are preparing to undertake a digital signage project, the Digital Signage Federation wants to provide you with a unique way to expose you and your project to qualified vendors, through a virtual group session, to ensure you receive proposals that meet your project needs. We call this the DSF In-Forum.

The DSF In-Forum is a hosted online presentation of about 10 minutes where you will describe your project. You may present your objective, budget, scope and needs to a group of DSF member suppliers. After your presentation, the DSF host will field questions for a few minutes. You may also let the attending suppliers know how they can get the official RFP. The DSF can also distribute it for you, according to your direction.

This brief form below will allow us to identify member vendors that can provide the products and services that you require and gauge their interest in learning about your opportunity. This form will also allow us to assist you in preparing an effective presentation to the vendors that will greatly accelerate their learning curve and improve the quality of their responses to you. You may also submit an RFP and indicate if you would like it sent before or after the meeting, only to attendees of the presentation, or to all qualified member vendors.

*Note: Only the project description and budget information will be given to interested vendors, prior to the presentation, unless you otherwise indicate. We suggest you wait to distribute your RFP until after the presentation, in case new questions come up that you want to clarify in the RFP document.*


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