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The Digital Signage Federation has adopted the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) industry certifications for inclusion in the DSF’s efforts to establish industry standards, promote professionalism, and provide continuity of education for the digital signage industry. In addition, the DSEG is providing DSF members discounts on these programs.

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The Value of Digital Signage Certification – A MUST READ
Re-certification and Continuing Education

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Certification is available via several delivery methods.

Online DSEG Certification

New DSF Members receive two free online (DSCE) licenses with their organizational membership.

  • – To register for your two free DSCE classes, please click here.

DSF Members can add the Member Plus option to their membership and purchase an online certification license for $150.

  • (only available at time of joining or renewing membership)

Live Education and Certification

DSF Member Discounts

Course Abbrv. Public Rate DSF Member Rate Savings
Digital Signage Certified Expert DSCE $195 $145 $50
Digital Signage Network Expert DSNE $195 $145 $50
Digital Content and Media Expert DCME $195 $145 $50
Digital Signage Display Expert DSDE $195 $145 $50

Note: Each of these courses qualify for Continuing Education Credits for the DSCE.

The DSCE must be renewed every 3 years and professionals need 15 credit hours of study to maintain the certification. The classes offered at the DSE, plus others developed in the future, will qualify for these credits starting in 2011.

Members: Click here to access all DSEG discount codes.

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The Value of Digital Signage Certification

The Digital Signage Federation, the Digital Signage Expo and numerous manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers, and end users have partnered with the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) to bring a comprehensive set of certification programs to the digital signage industry. These courses are designed to bring an individual the education they need, from a fundamental level, to in depth technical training in critical areas of digital signage. These certification programs are administered by an independent industry organization and advisory board, to bring a clear educational message and industry recognition for professional achievement.

Industry certifications, like the DSEG suite of programs, offer many tangible benefits to those that choose to attain the certifications, including the following:

  • Industry certifications provide professional credentials and a method of recognizing accomplishments, knowledge level and skills within the industry as well as by the outside world.
  • Certifications establish a path for continuing education and insure that the certification holder is at the forefront of knowledge in their chosen field.
  • Certifications provide a path inside a company for employee development.
  • Embracing certifications improves employee morale, while expanding the skills and value of each person, it also aids in retention of the skilled employees vital to an organization’s prosperity.
  • The result of certifications is improved job performance through increased knowledge and pride in working to an industry recognized standard of knowledge.
  • Certification organizations provide a venue for members to network with other industry professionals fostering a sharing of ideas, techniques, and information that allows for not only personal improvement, but improvement of the industry as a whole.
  • The certification organization is a source of strategic partnerships between companies enabling them to form key alliances, bringing new capabilities and sales opportunities.
  • Ultimately, a certification program can increase company differentiation from competitors.

All of these benefits combine to show a person and a company that is well trained, skilled, and recognized by the digital signage industry with professional credentials. The professional credentials may be used as a marketing tool in a way show you and your company as distinct and different, and illustrates your dedication to the industry and your customers.

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Re-certification and Continuing Education

The DSCE must be renewed every 3 years and professionals need 15 credit hours of study to maintain the certification. The classes offered at the DSE,  plus others developed in the future, will qualify for these credits starting in 2011.
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