The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) sets the standard for professional excellence in the digital signage industry not only by establishing a set of professional standards to which its member organizations adhere, but also by giving those who adhere to those standards an easily recognizable and distinctive designation.
To do this, the DSF has established the DSF Seal of Professional Excellence (SPE).  Member organizations and end-user companies who support the DSF Professional Standards will be given permission to use the DSF SPE, a graphic symbol, which will become synonymous with excellence in professional conduct and integrity in the digital signage industry.


All members in good standing of the DSF will qualify to use of the DSF Seal of Professional Excellence when they do each of the following:
  1. Complete and submit the DSF application for use confirming that their organization attests to abide by both the DSF Standards & Professional Code of Conduct, and the DSF Professional Seal Use Policies,
  2. Abide by the Digital Signage Federation Standards and Professional Code of Conduct, and
  3. Abide by DSF Professional Seal use policies.
NOTE: For the purpose of elevating the value of the SPE and gaining greater public visibility for the seal’s use, end-User companies only, (as defined by the DSF membership criteria), whether DSF members or not, who wish to publically support DSF’s professional industry standards, may also apply to display the DSF Professional Seal.  All other applicants must be DSF members. DSF Member organizations that apply and are approved to use the DSF SPE will receive the “member” version of the seal. Non-member end-user companies will receive the “supporter” image.


Completing the application process allows companies who pledge to support the DSF Professional Standards to use the SPE designation. The Application (Download PDF here) requires the following information to be completed:
  • Contact information identifying the designated Company Representative and attesting to the proper use of the seal.
  • Intended use of the Professional Seal- (max 50-words description).
  • Acknowledgement of and promise to abide by the DSF Professional Code of Conduct.
  • Acknowledgement of and intention to incorporate the DSF Professional Standards in business practices.
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of the Professional Seal use policy
The DSF staff will review the application and request additional information if necessary.


Upon completion and approval of the application the Company Representative will be sent the logo and a copy of the use policy.