DSF Asks for Industry to Support Scholarship Which Encourages More Women in Digital Signage Careers

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) established the Geri Wolff Scholarship Fund in 2014.  In 2019, the DSF will award a scholarship for a young woman who is committed to an academic major in an area related to a career in the digital signage industry.

Donations to the Fund are Needed

Donations may be made using the link below.  Donations are encouraged as a way for the digital signage industry to help the DSF continue to support this annual scholarship.  Donors will be recognized on the DSF site.


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About the Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is administered annually by the DSF Scholarship Committee which develops the award criteria, evaluates applications, allocates funding, and determine award amount(s).

The DSF’s Geri Wolff Scholarship is designed to raise the awareness of digital signage as a career choice among qualified young women who are committed to a professional career in computer sciences and related technology and digital design fields. This award is also intended to help broaden employment diversity by encouraging employers to hire qualified women in a variety of IT, design, and media management capacities.

More about the program may be found on the scholarship page.