Benefits of Digital Signage Furniture

Kiosks, Monitor Stands, Video Carts. Although these broad terms conjure different images for different people, they all link back to one general purpose: to display information, through images, video or direct interaction, to a specific audience. Regardless of the product chosen, these methods of communication have become integral to everyday life. Now more than ever, commercial businesses, schools and courtrooms are integrating some form of information display into their space to provide general information about a subject, a map for navigation or an interactive interface meant to answer questions quickly and efficiently. As various types of digital signage make their way into the mainstream, what follows is the need for a stylish and seamless way to blend technology into an existing space. Although the display typically speaks for itself, it is important to make sure that it accurately represents an entity’s image. It would be beneficial, therefore, to consider a custom furniture solution that can unify digital signage with the characteristics of a space, whether it be a high-end conference room, a traditionally adorned ivy-league university or an upscale office with modern flair. By specifying an enclosure for a digital signage monitor, not only are users able to match the aesthetic properties of their space, but they can also incorporate custom security, ventilation and cable access options in their design.

Monitor Frames

Perhaps the simplest monitor solution, a frame provides a wall-mounted set-up with a way to mask cables and projects a put-together image. Rather than modifying a wall for flush monitor integration or having a monitor mount visible from the side, a signage frame offers a cost-effective alternative. The size of the frame can be customized depending on the monitor, mount and method of wall attachment.

Additionally, exhaust ventilation can be specified to keep signage cool beneath the frame via vent slots or a temperature-controlled fan. To access buttons and cables on the monitor, a hinged or removable access door can be implemented on the design.

Monitor Stands

Likely the most versatile furniture option is a monitor stand. As a mobile piece, it allows the monitor to travel to different parts of a building or act in many different roles like video conferencing, information display or as an interactive directory. The design can be as simplistic or high-end as need be and the stand can be finished to match or compliment a room. Cables can be snaked through various grommet holes down the body of the stand and can be hidden from view for a more streamlined effect. Fixed shelving or locking compartments can also be added to store additional items on-the-go.

Monitor Carts

A variation of a monitor stand, specifying a cart provides users with a larger storage space for racked equipment or a tower PC. These carts can be fixed or mobile, depending on the application, and can affix the monitor atop in a variety of ways. With the possibility of more internal components, keeping equipment cool is an important aspect to consider with a monitor cart. In addition to ventilation, different cable passage options can be utilized depending on the power ports in each space.


As perhaps the most recognized digital signage furniture solution, kiosks are fundamental in information display. They offer a completely, enclosed solution that is relatively easy to match to a space since the larger surface area allows for a variety of shapes, styles and aesthetic elements. Integration of the display monitor is also more versatile as the orientation and viewing angle can be mounted according to each customer application. The kiosk can be mounted in a flat surface for easy interaction among an individual or group of people or it can be double-sided with dual monitors for spaces that need to display multiple types of information. The options are far reaching and can be completely custom.

With the popularity of digital signage continuing to grow, the need for custom furniture to house new technologies is becoming just as important. Specifying custom furniture helps to prevent the latest signage technology from looking like an afterthought or add-on and helps display monitors more effortlessly blend into any type of space. If you have any questions about Marshall Furniture’s custom furniture solutions or would like to discuss your specific enclosure needs, please call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable designers.

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