Beth Warren- Why Retail Media Networks are the Future for Stores

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Insider Intelligence recently positioned retail media as “the third and biggest wave of digital advertising”. For context, the first wave was search, led by Google in the 2000s, and this was followed by social media, led by Meta in the 2010s. New data estimates the value of digital retail media advertising could increase to more than $168 billion by 2027. It’s no wonder that retailers are perking up at the term and looking to retail media networks (RMNs) as the primary form of advertising in the 2020s. 

Traditional media is about mass impressions and awareness. According to Forbes, retail media is about reaching individual shoppers at or near the point of purchase, or point of choice between two products, brands, or actions. 

Media networks are digital advertising that utilizes a publisher’s own properties and data; therefore, any brand with data can make a media network. The data that powers (and is gleaned from) these networks has unparalleled value and potential for personalization, monetization, and efficiency. Here’s what retailers need to know about these impactful networks to set them up for success….. READ MORE

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Beth Warren , SVP of Marketing | Retail SME, Creative Realities Inc.

As Senior Vice President of Marketing at Creative Realities Inc., Beth is well-versed across all areas of the marketing mix, with a concentration on helping brands change consumer behavior through context, content, and environment, as well as how technology innovation can shape brands for the future.