Campsite’s DOOH platform aims to display the right message to the right audience at the right moment

As more content becomes digitized, a challenge presents itself: How do producers cut through the noise to ensure their content is effectively presented to the right consumer at the right place and the right time?

Targeting is something Montreal-based Campsite Global Inc. is intensely focused on. Campsite offers Digital Out-Of-Home inventory through a self-serve programmatic platform. Launched in 2016, Campsite’s core mission is to connect buyers and suppliers in an environment specifically designed for DOOH.

The company has integrated mobile audience data into its DSP, which allows buyers to search for the screens that currently best reach the audience they are looking for, according to Edith Gagné, vice president of development for Campsite. Because of this, she says, their campaign will dynamically follow audiences across the best matching screens when Campsite detects changes throughout the campaign.

“Our integrated audience data partner, Native Touch, collects app ownership data that is acquired through direct SDK integrations, including various data signals such as app ID, search events and navigation events, as well as the possibility of applying geo-behavioral data, taking location history and layering on frequency to POI and finally layering on dwell time,” she said.

These data points are detected for devices seen within Campsite’s polygons (shape of the location where connected screens are installed) and consistently refreshed through API integration.

Message effectiveness is measured through mobile re-targeting with control groups, comparing mobile interactions from a group first exposed to the DOOH creative versus a non-exposed group.

In essence, Gagné explains, this system is an efficient, one-stop shop for digital-out-of-home.

“Campaigns can be live within minutes of being created in our self-serve platform, and delivery is transparently reported back in real-time down to the impressions and ads served per screen. Delivery is optimized in that campaigns automatically play in screens with the best CPM and best ability to reach desired audience. Platform is supplier-agnostic and audience searches and budgets are done on all available inventory combined,” she said.

Campsite’s work reflects the evolving capabilities of digital networks, including the speed of ad delivery and reporting and the ability to leverage mobile data for both targeting and measurement. These, Gagné says, are fairly recent realities in DOOH networks that make optimized platforms like Campsite’s possible.

Such an evolution begs the question of whether or not content is still king for DOOH strategies.

“Nothing outweighs the quality of the creative and the message. In fact, we could argue that it’s even more important now that we have the opportunity to be highly targeted for short-term duration when the right audience is there, it’s an opportunity to display the most relevant messaging for that crowd, or that time of day for example,” Gagné said.

One of Campsite’s most regular buyers, Calgary Sports & Entertainment, is a prime example of this, using the platform for frequent short-term, targeted campaigns to promote major sporting events for each of their teams.

“The opportunity is all about displaying the right message to the right audience at the right moment,” Gagné said.