Capital Networks Interactive Solution Connects with Apple®

Capital Networks Limited, a leading provider of dynamic digital signage content creation and management software, has announced that, one of the company’s interactive digital signage solutions is compatible with Apple iOS 11 devices.

By integrating dynamic NFC with the Audience platform, users are now able to take away more information from messages displayed on digital signage with a simple tap of their NFC enabled phone, automatically opening a web page associated with the message currently displayed on screen. With each new message displayed, corresponding content becomes available for download.

“Previously limited to Android devices, our ability to include interaction with iPhone users offers our clients a huge potential for enhanced communications with their clients and customers”, said Jim Vair, President of Capital Networks. “We feel 2018 is going to see a big increase in the demand for real interactive engagement with digital signage solutions.”

Utilizing small, inexpensive NFC tags that don’t require power, internet connections, or a connection to the digital signage playback device, offers tremendous flexibility with regards to deployment.

This flexibility also extends to the variety of ways can be used, enabling interested viewers to download product details, discount coupons, apps and more, with impressions being tracked in real-time based on content and location.

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