Certification Week – June 22-24

The Digital Signage Federation and the Digital Signage Experts Group Announce Digital Signage Certification Week in June 2021 (Updated June 9, 2021)

Three-Day Event Will Offer Two Certification Courses June 22-24, 2021.

This year marks the inaugural annual event to promote credentialing and professional development in digital signage and experiential technologies.  The three-day program which will offer the Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) and Digital Content and Media Expert (DCME) certification course aligns with a greater recognition within the professional AV industry of these long-standing programs.  AVIXA is joining the partners as a supporting sponsor of the week, and each course provides attendees 8 CTS Renewal Units.

The two DSEG certification courses, which are normally eight-hours in length, will be delivered over three days in 3-hour segments.  Guest subject matter expert presenters from the DSF and DSEG will be interspersed during the delivery of the programs to add additional context and examples.  The courses all require the passing of an online assessment to receive the certification, after the live sessions finish.

What if I Signed Up to Take the Courses at DSE?

Anyone who had signed up for a DSEG certification course at the planned 2020 DSE show may contact the organizers to receive a complimentary pass to one of the seminars in this program. (please contact info@digitalsignagefedertion.org to receive information about your credit)

Why Certification Week?

DSEG Director Alan Brawn notes that “certifications are critical for professional growth and recognition. As CTS is central to AVIXA and commercial audiovisual, DSEG certifications are central to the DSF and the digital signage industry. DSEG and CTS work hand in hand as digital signage expands its purview as a mainstream communication medium beyond its origins in retail. As AV and IT have converged, so it is with AV and digital signage. Recognizing this the DSF and AVIXA are dedicated to meeting the needs of this combined community.”  

DSF Executive Director, Brian Gorg, echoed Mr. Brawn’s sentiments, saying “The DSF has long recognized the DSEG certification as the official certification recognized by the association.  The outreach of this program to those impacted by missing out on the programming due to the pandemic is important to our work in growing the industry.”  He added, “Continuing education and credential upkeep is important to us and one reason why we support certifications and re-certification through congruent professional online education through the DSF Online Education program”.

About DSEG

The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) is an impartial, agnostic, and vendor neutral organization providing professional industry certifications and recognition for participants at all levels in the digital signage industry. DSEG is served by a Board of Advisors made up of leading members of the digital signage community including writers, consultants, trade associations, and end users. DSEG Certification programs are embraced and adopted by trade associations and major distributors and manufacturers.

A subsidiary of Brawn Consulting, DSEG collaborates with digital signage, IT, commercial audiovisual, and facilities professionals, the creative community, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to provide certification standards, onsite and online learning programs and advocacy for the digital signage community.

An organization founded to provide comprehensive industry education and certification for digital signage professionals, DSEG is the only globally recognized educational organization for digital signage, has been adopted by the majority of manufacturers, distributors, major integrators, and a large number of end users around the world. Currently over 15,000 people in 64 countries have become DSEG Certified. For more information, visit www.dseg.org