Creating Immersive Experiences that Transcend the Physical

Immersive experiences combine technology, storytelling, and space to communicate messages, educate, or entertain. AVIXA invited Inessah Selditz, Executive Creative Director at A_DA, Alexandre Simionescu, Principal & Creative Director at Float4, and David Title, Partner and Creative Director of Bravo Media to join Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder of OpenEye Global and DSF board member, to discuss how to best approach creating experiences and the role that AV plays in the process and design. They emphasized the following:

  • Understand the intended outcome or purpose of the experience upfront
  • Know your audience and the environment where the experience will exist
  • Develop the story based on the brand strategy
  • Build in time and prototypes to work through how the experience will be perceived

This event took place earlier and may be viewed by AVIXA members here.