Digital Signage Player to Fit with your Needs

4K digital signage player with free on-premise CMS.

Customize for cloud connectivity, UI and more.

ST-700 Introduction

ST-700 is a high-quality 4K digital signage player, which has been widely deployed, especially in Japan. The product comes with a free on-premise CMS named SX Sign Control, which provides a simple UI, and easy-to-understand procedure to create split-screen contents, schedule the contents, and load the program to each ST-700 on your network. It features following by default:

  • 4K30p output from the HDMI output
  • 3 x USB ports
  • 2 x Ethernet ports, one of them support 802.3at PoE PD
  • 32GB eMMC integrated (20GB for signage contents)
  • Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi integrated for both AP (Access Point) and STA (Station) support
  • 802.1X Radius authentication for Wi-Fi STA connection
  • H.264, H.265/HEVC codec
  • HTML5 support
  • Touch panel support over USB
  • Time synchronous operation over the network among up to 9 ST-700 units (for tiled display or synchronous playback)
  • -10 Celsius degree operating temperature support

Secure Digital Signage Installation

By utilizing built-in secure Wi-Fi connectivity, you can securely integrate the digital signage into your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or build Wi-Fi infrastructure dedicated to digital signage.

Tiled Display Installation

Up to nine ST-700s synchronize the content playback to enable the tiled digital signage. Thanks to the generous connectivity models, including Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet daisy-chaining, or tree topology over Ethernet, the ST-700 gives you a couple of options for installation. It does not require an external clock source for synchronization. The timing of each player is synchronized over the network.

Interactive Digital Signage

The ST-700 can enable interactive digital signage through the USB connection with a touch display/panel. As it supports HTML5 content, websites can be displayed on digital signage, and visitors can browse necessary information through the touch display.

Simple On-premise CMS

SX Sign Control software is ST-700’s on-premise CMS running on Windows OS. It provides simple UI for

  • Contents creation and group management
  • ST-700 device and group management
  • Scheduling
  • Contents distribution over your network
  • Mapping between user input and a content
  • Preview

More details about the SX Sign Control software are available here. To learn more about ST-700 directly from silex’s representative, please contact us through Demo/Sample request form available on the ST-700 product page.

Custom Digital Signage Solution

Silex’s core value proposition is to enable high-quality, reliable, and unique solution with customers through a collaborative effort.  Silex offers a variety of customization services to fulfill any shortcomings our clients find in our product offering.

  • Private Label: Silex offers re-branding of our products. Enclosure design, logo changes, software UI changes, and so on are up to your brand requirements.
  • Feature enhancement: Silex can add features to integrate the digital signage player into your solution. For example, we have customized our firmware to add cloud network connectivity for a cloud CMS for a digital signage vertical integrator. We also customize the ST-700 to support simple content loading and scheduling from smartphones through the ST-700’s web interface.
  • Silex can offer even deeper customization services such as platform porting or complete custom design from scratch. 

Please contact us to learn more about silex’s customization service.