Digital Signage Solutions from BrightSign and 22MILES Help Improve Campus Connectivity at Georgia Tech University

Los Gatos, CA, June 16, 2020 – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced its collaboration with 22MILES to improve campus connectivity at Georgia Tech University. Georgia Tech is a university of roughly 33,000 students, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The university tasked its newly created digital signage department with managing and implementing a campus-wide digital signage system. Following a thorough vendor vetting process, 22MILES emerged as the solution provider to handle the project.

22MILES’ approach to the project was to cement a collaborative partnership with the university’s technology departments, bringing the resources of 30+ developers into the equation, as well as innovators in the digital signage space such as BrightSign, the industry’s leading manufacturer of purpose-built media players.

“The integrated solution 22MILES offered with our partner BrightSign was the answer the university had been searching for,” said Tomer Mann, Executive Vice President at 22MILES. “The adaptive nature of the BrightSign players paired with the 22MILES engine behind them made the installation and adoption from their digital signage department a very efficient process. Many of their team members have verbally expressed to us how easy the solution was to work with, and how happy they were to discover the flexibility and intuitive nature of the 22MILES system. This became even more clear to everyone involved in the project as they delved into the process of implementing over 325 displays.”

 The 22MILES/BrightSign solution provides ease and accessibility, with a focus on empowering users with a simple content management system to manage hundreds of signs across its dynamic campus.

22MILES equipped the university with a platform built for the future that pairs responsive technology with market-leading media players via its partnership with BrightSign. Feedback from Georgia Tech’s digital signage implementation team has been that the system is straightforward to use. Most of the campus signs are lobby signs used for general purposes, spread out within buildings all over campus. More than 70 of those signs are dedicated to displaying room schedules and events.

Individual displays are accessible and sectioned based on the department. Team members can quickly add and edit curated information, including RSS feeds for events, emergency feeds for alerts, data lists for class schedules and festivities. Each campus department utilizes its respective section, with the team reporting virtually no learning curve even for more specific acts like scheduling media for news and updating dining services within the campus. The integrated channel feature makes it simple to quickly use any of the branded templates, while also having the ability to push different content to specific players.

The 22MILES/BrightSign solution is utilized all over campus. There are more than 325 digital devices active on Georgia Tech’s campus today, with more on the way. The 22MILES/BrightSign solution affords the university the agility to leverage a comprehensive and scalable digital signage platform that fulfills its current requirements and anticipates the road ahead.

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