Digital Wayfinding & DOOH Advertising RFP – Santa Monica

digital wayfinding santa monica

New smart city project in Santa Monica — The City of Santa Monica is inviting proposals from qualified persons or firms interested in a Digital Wayfinding and Out of Home Advertising Kiosks franchise agreement for an initial term of twenty years with one option for renewal of 10 years.  Essentially a smart city project along the lines of IKE and others

Santa Monica Digital Wayfinding RFP 2021

The purpose of these kiosks is to provide interactive information to residents and visitors as well as enhance public safety via emergency capabilities. Kiosks are expected to include a variety of public benefits and smart technologies such as, but not limited to:

  • Wayfinding information
  • Public information
  • Economic development information related to local businesses and attractions
  • Public safety alerts, panic functions, and public safety surveillance
  • Public Wi-fi
  • Connection to the City’s 3-1-1 Customer Service Portal
  • Real-time transportation options and arrival/departure data (e.g., bus, train, shared mobility devices, etc.)
  • Pedestrian/auto counts and behavior data
  • Multilingual display: English and Spanish (required), and Mandarin, and/or other languages (preferred) ; and
  • City minimum advertising available space and time for its own purposes

Successful franchisee will be managing a comprehensive advertising program and will include providers who have successfully deployed, operated, and maintained kiosk programs in a minimum of three other similar markets, have a demonstrated history of producing strong advertising revenues, and be committed to actively managing the program to meet the needs of the City of Santa Monica and its residents. This will be a zero-dollar contract with the provider to deploy, operate, and maintain kiosks at no cost to the City, with compensation realized through a percentage of advertising revenues.

In Brief

  • Release Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2021
  • Due Date: Friday, January 21, 2022 4:00pm
  • 15 locations initially (Phase 1)
  • 25 locations phase 2
  • Santa Monica is a coastal community that generally experiences mild climates, but kiosks must be fabricated to withstand heavy usage and environmental elements including extreme heat, cold, rain, humidity, sun exposure, and salt air that can result in the corrosion and deterioration of metal, paint, and finishes. Kiosk locations will be in busy commercial corridors and materials should be engineered for easy cleaning and replacement of parts due to damage or graffiti.
  • ADA Compliance: Kiosks must be accessible to persons with disabilities and adhere to the American Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”) and other relevant legal requirements.
  • Minimum touchscreen height (ADA enabled) = 15 inches
  • Side reach maximum (i.e. footing-to-screen distance) = 10 inches
  • Leading edge of protrusion must be less than 27 inches
  • Any other not mentioned above.
  • municipal fiber-optic network
  • City’s ESRI geospatial platform
  • Minimum kiosk up-time of 95% wherein the kiosks are fully functional not including scheduled maintenance and upgrades
  • Minimum application up-time of 95% not including application upgrades
  • 99% uptime for panic capabilities not including scheduled maintenance and upgrades

All data collected by the franchisee must be approved by and shared with the City, at no cost and with no restrictions. Franchisee shall include standards/policies for data collection and privacy protections for the City’s consideration.

  • Franchisee will perform operating systems and application security update and/or patches expediently.
  • Built-in local administrator accounts will be disabled and renamed.
  • Default and generic usernames and passwords should be changed or disabled.
  • Products, including operating systems, that no longer receive security updates will not be considered.
  • Must include malware protection software with up-to-date definitions.
  • Must be free of malware.
  • Must provide physical protection measures.
  • The use of full disk encryption is required.
  • Kiosks should not store any Personal Identifiable information.
  • Kiosk systems software, network, and backend device data must be inaccessible to end users.
  • Kiosk management solution should be able to monitor kiosks, update kiosk content and configurations, and view health and usage statistics remotely.
  • Kiosks will prevent unrestricted access to the underlying kiosk hardware by restricting external access to cabling or internal components, such as hard drives and USB and serial ports that would allow installation of malicious software or devices.
  • Internal components, such as hardware must be enclosed in a secure manner to prevent theft of hardware.

Project Followers 12/9/2021

  • Big Outdoor
    Blink Marketing Inc
    Construction Bidboard
    Golden State Marketing LLC
    Intersection Media, LLC.
    Kiosk Manufacturer Association
    ND Construction Co., Inc.
    Orange Barrel Media
    Orange Barrel Media / IKE Smart City
    Outfront Decaux
    Outfront Decaux
    ParkMobile, LLC
    ShelterClean Services, Inc.
    Source Management
    Toole Design Group, LLC
    VConn Digital Interactive
    Vector Media