DSF Announces a Dozen Micro-credential Courses

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The DSF offers full certification and micro-credential programs. The DSF has partnered with the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) to provide certification. The DSF has also developed shorter, targeted education and credentialing services through micro-courses.

DSF Micro-credential courses are all included with a DSF credentialing license. Credentialing licenses are available to DSF members. Each company receives one license to be used by an employee. Additional licenses may be purchased. All professionals who pass the micro-credential courses will be given a digital badge to use in their online profile.

Types of Credential Courses

Longer Micro-Credential Course– Suggested to take this prior to the shorter courses

  1. DSF Foundations

Short Micro-Credential Courses – each about 30 minutes long with audio. Below is a list of these courses. Full descriptions may be found at
Micro-Credential Course Descriptions

  1. Choosing a Display
  2. Choosing a Partner
  3. Content Management
  4. Designing Content
  5. Experience Design – coming soon
  6. Fundamentals of Planning
  7. Media Players
  8. Mounting Basics
  9. Selecting Cloud vs. Premise-Based Software
  10. Selecting the Right CMS
  11. Software Features

Email info@digitalsignagefederation.org if you have questions or need assistance in registering.