DSF Gives Legacy Award to Past Chairman Richard Ventura

Each term, the DSF’s Chairman will have the opportunity to create a legacy for the DSF that establishes a milestone of service to our members and our industry.  This legacy is commemorated in the giving of the Chairman’s Jacket, a tradition started in 2014.  In 2019 the DSF Board of Director presented the DSF Legacy award to our immediate past-Chairman, Richard Ventura of NEC Displays for his leadership in establishing the DOOH Primer guidelines document with other industry associations.  This guiding document will support the digital signage industry as we develop the next generation of professionals who will be prepared to work in our ever-changing environment.

DSF Chairman Spencer Graham, while presenting the legacy award and Chairman’s jacket said “Thank you, Rich, for your leadership and stewardship of the DSF and our industry in this tremendous two-year period of growth and for establishing a stellar example for all of us.  Your legacy with the DSF extends far beyond just this one area.  We are proud to have had you at the helm of our organization and thank you for what you have done for each of us in your time of service.”

Mr. Ventura said “I am truly honored that i was entrusted with helping lead this amazing organization.  During my tenure as a member of the board I have gotten to see firsthand how much we as an industry have grown and how the DSF has led the way in representing each and every member and interest group.  Through its focus on the key principles of education, stewardship, and best practices the DSF is a driving force within the industry.’

He continued with a call to the industry by stating “My challenge to everyone is to engage, to volunteer and to support your DSF and your industry.  Together we can do amazing things.  I look forward to continuing to support the future of the organization and the industry and celebrating the achievements of current and future industry leaders.”

Brian Gorg

Brian Gorg is the Executive Director of the DSF