Embracing the Future of Digital Signage Technology with SageNet

Experience innovation firsthand with the latest advancements in digital experiences technology from SageNet. Their cutting-edge solutions are set to revolutionize customer service and streamline operations, enhancing every aspect of the customer experience. Here’s a recap of what they showcased at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2024 tradeshow, highlighting how these technologies can benefit your business.

RFID Order Tracking
SageNet’s innovative RFID order tracking system enhances transparency and reduces wait times by providing real-time status updates through various checkpoints. Integrated video analytics offer additional security and confirmation, ensuring a seamless pickup experience for customers.

Outdoor Drive-Thru Menu Board
Featuring robust dual 55″ monitors housed in durable outdoor enclosures, SageNet’s outdoor drive-thru menu boards showcase dynamic content and motion graphics. The newly integrated on-screen order confirmation feature syncs seamlessly with POS systems, improving order accuracy and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Indoor Menu Boards
SageNet’s digital menu boards can transform the in-store experience with real-time content updates and captivating visuals. Strategic promotion displays drive sales and influence purchasing decisions, keeping businesses ahead in the competitive dining landscape.

Integrated Order Confirmation
The advanced order confirmation solution from SageNet eliminates human error and expands basket sizes through suggestive selling. This reliable, brand-specific visual confirmation integrates seamlessly with the larger SageVIEW ecosystem, improving overall order profitability.

Connectivity Cube
SageNet’s innovative Connectivity Cube showcases advanced technology, blending security and managed connectivity. This showpiece offers a glimpse into the future of secure networking, highlighting the importance of robust, reliable connections in modern restaurant operations.

At NRA 2024, SageNet’s booth featured:

  • Live Demonstrations: Dynamic menu boards and RFID technology were showcased in action, displaying the direct benefits they can bring to businesses.
  • Expert Consultations: Specialists spoke with attendees about tailored solutions specific to their needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Attendees connected with industry leaders and peers shaping the future of the restaurant business.

SageNet is ready to show how their technology can make a real difference in the way businesses serve their customers. To learn more about the digital experience technologies featured at NRA and explore their full suite of solutions, visit SageNet’s website.