Enhance your workplace with amazing artworks using ArtPlayer’s integration with Signagelive

Signagelive has announced a new strategic partner ArtPlayer enabling our customers to select from thousands of modern and classical artworks for playback on their Signagelive powered players and SoC Displays. Fully integrated with Signagelive, ArtPlayer users can create and publish art directly into Signagelive, without the need to update manually. All subsequent changes to content in ArtPlayer are automatically updated on Signagelive players showing the ArtPlayer content.
ArtPlayer is available in the Signagelive Marketplace and can be easily added to your Signagelive platform, just click here to find out more.


ArtPlayer is a TV streaming and digital signage art service that gives you the tools to create and display thousands of high-resolution masterpieces
Research has shown that people work approximately 15% faster in an office with art. It can also reduce restlessness and perceived wait time in a waiting room by creating a stimulating atmosphere.


About Artplayer

ArtPlayer is part of Cumedin ApS, a culture and media company focused on the distribution of TV and digital signage art to airports, hotels, restaurants, libraries, hospitals etc. Our vision is to become the leading global provider of TV streaming and digital signage art that can be adjusted according to purpose, style and mood for displaying in public spaces and the future digital home.
For more information, visit artplayer.com or follow ArtPlayer on facebook.com/artplayercom

About Signagelive

Signagelive’s digital signage platform is used globally by over 2000 organisations to manage their networks.
Supplying digital signage software and services to multiple markets including retail, education, and hospitality, to over 46 countries across EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.
Its innovative technology media playback software is written in HTML5, is cloud-based and is compatible with an unrivalled number of display screens, mobile devices and video wall display systems.

We are excited to partnering with global digital signage leader Signagelive to expand the reach of our ArtPlayer service to Signagelive customers worldwide. ArtPlayer can easily be implemented into Signagelive’s digital signage platform simply by adding a link to the playlist. ArtPlayer’s thousands of beautiful and crisp artworks can create great value for Signagelive customers by being used for decoration, enhancing work environment, increasing creativity and productivity, reducing stress and perceived wait time etc. In fact, research has in recent years had increasing recognition of the power of art for boosting the well-being, happiness and engagement of people.

Morten Kryger, Managing Director, ArtPlayer

Through our Signagelive Marketplace, we aim to bring the widest choice of content and apps to our customers and partners. The inclusion of ArtPlayer to the Marketplace enables an extensive library of modern and contemporary artworks to be scheduled and published to any Signagelive supported player or display. Displaying art in the workplace and public spaces has been shown to boost productivity, lower stress and increase wellbeing; all of which are compelling reasons to add ArtPlayer to your digital signage content strategy.

Jason Cremins, Founder & CEO, Signagelive