EonDigital Partners with BrightSign to Develop “ExoMetrics Wrist” Contactless Temperature Scre

Los Gatos, CA – August 13, 2020 – BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that EonDigital, Inc. has incorporated the BrightSign HD1024 media player in its new temperature screening solution, ExoMetrics Wrist. This innovative new solution quickly achieves highly accurate temperature measurements by taking hundreds of temperature readings in just a matter of seconds. This hands-free solution all but eliminates false positive readings and enables businesses to safely screen patrons with minimal disruption.

“EonDigital’s unique approach to touch-free temperature screening is precisely the sort of forward thinking we need to squarely address the challenges associated with safe business operation during this pandemic,” said BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings. “It’s gratifying to see the many ways companies like EonDigital are adapting BrightSign’s technology to bring their innovative solutions to market.”

Temperature checks have become an essential part of businesses re-opening in the wake of COVID-19. Common temperature-screening methods either rely on hand-held devices that pose a viral transmission risk, or hands-free solutions that work effectively only when used properly by the patron or customer. ExoMetrics Wrist overcomes these challenges with its unique design and engineering.

While most temperature screening devices use the forehead as the point of measurement, EonDigital’s new device focuses on the wrist, an area of the body that is less likely to produce an artificially high reading due to physical exertion or environmental conditions. Not only does the wrist yield a more accurate reading, ExoMetrics Wrist actually takes approximately 300 readings in just a few seconds, yielding a temperature measurement accurate within .5 degrees Celsius. ExoMetrics Wrist also takes advantage of a powerful algorithm that processes recent readings to identify environmental trends, further reducing the likelihood of false positive readings.

“We conducted extensive research to isolate the most common shortcomings of conventional temperature screening devices, and we designed ExoMetrics Wrist to specifically address those challenges,” said EonDigital co-founder Chris Dotson. “Not only does measuring one’s wrist enable us to render a more accurate temperature reading, but there are also ergonomic advantages to our design that make the device suitable for a broader population.”

ExoMetrics Wrist sits at a comfortable height that is suitable for use by children and adults alike. Similarly, the device is within easy reach of people who may be seated in a wheelchair or other assisted mobility device. This broad accessibility suits ExoMetrics Wrist particularly well not just to businesses and retail environments, but also to airports, theaters, and other entertainment venues that attract a diverse crowd of all ages.

EonDigital has a proven track record of leveraging the power of BrightSign in a variety of environments, including high-profile projects in educational, scientific, retail and corporate settings across the country. ExoMetrics Wrist is the latest collaboration between BrightSign and EonDigital, whose partnership has spanned nearly a decade. The next such integration will involve InReality, helping the company expand its advanced software platform that powers Safe Space solutions to help businesses safely resume operations following the COVID-19 shutdown.

Visit EonDigital’s website for more information about ExoMetrics Wrist. For more information about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage products, visit http://www.brightsign.biz.

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