Featured Course and Author- “Choosing a Partner” by Michael Arnett

Course Name: Choosing a Partner

Course Author:  Michael Arnett

Tracks: Planning, Digital Signage 101

Course Description: Digital signage projects and networks are developed and maintained using a variety of components. All of these components are created or provided by other companies specializing in each component. Having the right partners to help support the project is critical. In this course, participants will be taught the basics of choosing partners for their digital signage projects.[su_divider top=”no”]


Author Name:
Michael Arnett

Company and Position:  STRATACACHE – Managing Director, Canada  www.stratacache.com

Courses Taught:  Choosing a Partner

About the Author:Michael has specialized in digital signage for over 15 years, predominantly in business development roles.  An appointed member of the DSF Education Committee, Michael is passionate about heightened customer experiences that exceed expectations.[su_divider top=”no”]

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