Featured Course “Using Video to Enhance Digital Signage”

Course Name: Using Video to Enhance Digital Signage

Course Author: Vern Freedlander, Strategic Partnerships at Bannister Lake

Tracks: Content and Software

Course Description: Digital signage provides the opportunity to display various forms of digital content. Video content is a highly effective way to capture attention and engage an audience. In this micro credential education program we will explore how video can be used strategically, the content production process and best practices for the digital signage medium.

Vern Freedlander

Imagine a Venn diagram with three circles; editorial, design and technology. Vern is positioned exactly where they intersect. A highly creative and entrepreneurial media executive with dynamic business skills forged in network television newsrooms and control rooms and continuously fine-tuned in digital. Passionate about digital communications, new ways of storytelling, and the super-talented people who drive innovation forward. Always exploring how media organizations, brands and corporate communicators can leverage technology, design, and unique content to supercharge business. Vern has been a senior team member or led a large number of innovative broadcast and communications projects including national election broadcasts, international summits, television channel and program launches, and large scale corporate re-brands. His work has also included high profile corporate communications/collaboration undertakings and place-based digital media ventures. Vern has a particular interest in new product creation, business development, partnerships and revenue generation.