Free Digital Signage Assets for Financial Literacy Month

Submitted by DSF Member, Rise Vision

(Toronto, ON April 1, 2021) –– April is designated as Financial Literacy Month in the United States. Rise Vision has released 10 FREE Financial Literacy Month posters for schools to help bring these concepts to life for students. The posters can be printed, shared on digital signage, websites, and on social media. Teachers can also display them in their classrooms or incorporate them into lesson plans. 

The posters are available for download as both JPEG and high-resolution PDFs, in landscape and portrait-oriented formats.

“Rise Vision has always supported financial literacy education. For 20 years we’ve provided financial data and financial literacy content to hundreds of schools and universities helping them develop financial literacy labs. We are really excited to provide these free resources that help schools improve their students’ financial knowledge.” Shea Darlison, Head of Revenue 

The posters cover a range of financial literacy topics appropriate for all K-12 grade levels. From basic concepts like savings and budgeting, through to more advanced topics like using credit wisely and compound interest. The posters are designed using bright and modern illustrations to keep kids’ attention. They can be a useful addition to other tools teachers are using and are well-suited to remote teaching situations.

The company has also released digital financial literacy templates to support teachers sharing this valuable information, quickly and easily on their digital displays. The digital templates help teachers save time since the content can be set in advance and shown at specifically set times.

Joyanne Howell
Marketing Manager
Rise Vision


Rise Vision is a digital signage software provider. Since 1992 we have been obsessed with helping our customers have great looking displays.

Today, our primary focus is education and the over 3,000 schools we currently serve. To deliver on our promise of making sure digital signage isn’t difficult we provide new templates every week – over 425 so far – to keep a school’s displays current and engaging. Our goal is to make it easy for our school and we make sure their displays stay running with greater than 99% uptime.