Guide to Certification and Training by Alan Brawn

Former DSF Chair Alan Brawn (CTS, ISF-C, DSCE, DSDE, DCME, DSSP) is Principal of Brawn Consulting and a strong proponent of professional education and certification. He recently has posted a must-read article in Commercial Integrator magazine entitled “The AV Integrator’s Guide to Certification and Training”.

The article, published March 2021, highlights many of the certification and education programs within the Pro AV and digital signage space that professionals should consider as they progress in their careers. In addition to his compelling reasoning for companies and individuals to invest in certification, there is a very useful table of industry-wide certification and education programs.

The DSF offers a number of options for professional development in the areas related to digital signage. These include the DSF online education and micro-credentialing program and complimentary and reduced costs for DSEG certification. Some of these benefits are free with a company membership. The DSF is supporting Certification Week 2021 in June 2021 and hope all our members and stakeholders will see the value in their investment in professionally recognized and designed education and certification.