How much does digital signage cost?

DSF Member SignageLive has written this article on digital signage costs. The DSF often publishes articles by members about topics which may be of interest to our members the public but does not endorse any product or specific concept in these articles.

Digital signage costs will vary on what you are looking to achieve. If you’re looking for a simple one-screen setup displaying one menu at all times, the answer is very simple. It could be free!

There are many services out there that offer some level of free digital signage that is limited to simple functionality and often is delivered by a URL. Whatever you upload, the free application will display on your screen. Generally, these offerings work well if what you’re trying to do is very basic and won’t necessarily offer you things like support or offline capability allowing your content to still show if you lose connection to the Internet.

BUT we know that not all of you are looking for the basics. In fact, more and more of our time is spent speaking to people who are looking to EXPAND from 10’s of players to 100’s of players, or even from 100’s of players to thousands.

This is where pricing up your digital signage becomes more complex.

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