How to ensure your Workplace Digital Signage Project is a success and the pitfalls to avoid


This article was created by our CEO, Jason Cremins and published on the Sixteen:Nine blog.

Why should I deploy digital signage within my workplace?

Every company or organisation regardless of their size or number of employees have a need to communicate openly and effectively with their teams. The challenge is that for many companies a sizable percentage of their workforce do not have a copy email or access to an Intranet and for those that do, the volume of messages they receive on their phone, tablet or laptop dilutes the message you want to communicate or is ignored completely. Add the challenge of distributed workforces over multiple locations, time zones and languages and the need to find an alternative and effective method of employee communication is clear.

The solution is to deploy a robust, scalable easy to manage digital signage network that can engage, educate, entertain and inform employees within common areas within; offices, lobbies, break rooms, factory floors, sales departments, canteens and meeting spaces.

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