InReality Hires Retail and DOOH Innovation Leader Laura Davis-Taylor as Chief Strategy Officer

ATLANTA, GA, January 22, 2020

InReality, LLC, a leading solution for analyzing and optimizing place-based experiences, is pleased to announce the addition of Laura Davis-Taylor, long-time DOOH and retail leader, to their executive team as Chief Strategy Officer.

In her 25-year career spanning across advertising, store design, media, retail experience design and digital, Davis-Taylor has worked as a tireless industry practitioner, educator, activator and thought leader. As an Executive Board Member of the Digital Signage Federation and contributor to esteemed organizations such as RetailWire, RetailTouchPoints, MediaPost and more, her addition to InReality’s executive team brings with it a compelling differentiator within the venue analytics industry vertical.

Davis-Taylor said “Anyone that knows me is aware of how committed I am to measurement–knowing what’s really happening in a store or venue, what kind of people are there, what they are doing and what we should do about it to fortify ROI. The biggest challenge has been piecing the various platforms and data streams together to get the ‘complete  picture’ and acting on it dynamically. The data quality has also been historically spotty, leaving it up to consultants to clean and analyze the data to generate insights that stakeholder teams could utilize confidently. InReality provides the best solution I’ve seen for solving these challenges, and I’m delighted to start a new career chapter passionately focused on helping stores and spaces work more profitably.”

Ron Levac, InReality CEO, commented, “We have watched Laura’s impact on the industry and her fierce dedication to not only leading the conversations strategically but proving out her approaches with hard revenue. We know the importance of providing industry partners with seasoned expertise as we navigate the exciting opportunities for spacial analytics and responsive experiences. With Laura on board, we’re confident our platform will continue to evolve into an essential tool for giving them an extra edge.”

“The in-venue data gap has been a black hole for too long,” Davis-Taylor continued. “I love the place-based industry, and I love the amazing people, products and potential within it. Until we can follow every other established media venue with dependable analytics that fuel both context and commerce at scale, we will continue to wrestle for our piece of the media and marketing pie. It’s going to be a pleasure to bring InReality’s solution to brands and retailers through the industry ecosystem, helping us all rise up together.”


About InReality
Based in Atlanta, GA, InReality enables venue owners, brands and retailers to understand and tune the experiences and multi-sensory stimulus they deliver to customers so that they can optimize revenue and profits. Through its SaaS platform, coupled with a customizable suite of computer vision and sensor technologies, they provide real-time, irrefutable metrics for place-based KPIs.

InReality works with a variety of partners serving brands, venue owners and retailers, providing them a new recurring revenue stream that differentiates their businesses and helps them retain their customers through the consistent delivery of customer analytics and dynamic response offerings. They offer a powerful suite of products, built for speed and scale.