Ladorian Announces Strategic Partnership with inReality to Offer Intelligent, Personalized, Data-Driven Content at POS for the US Market

inReality and Ladorian provided a press release which was part of an article in the 16:9 blog.  Click here to read the full article (

That feeling you sometimes get online – with served ads that seem to know your recent, personalized shopping interests – is now finding its way into physical stores through tie-ups like a new one between a pair of digital signage-focused tech firms.

Madrid-based Ladorian, which has a software solution specializing in personalized data-driven messaging in physical retail, has announced a strategic partnership with Atlanta’s inReality, a venue analytics software platform.

Ladorian uses connected data points and data intelligence to create a smart communication channel with users at the points of sale, delivering personalized messages that offer the best products to meet their needs. The messaging generated integrates (and reacts to) external factors like weather, demographics and events with internal ones such as inventory, sales, mobile ERPs, profiles and shopper patterns to serve up the ideal message for the viewer, location and in-store ‘moment’.

The five-year-old start-up is primarily deployed in Spain, where it is in being used in 5,000+ stores, but is active in six countries and now working through a Miami-based subsidiary to go after the U.S. market.

The big number touted is how setting what amount to offline cookies, layering in data from POS and ERP systems, enables in-store messaging that can be personalized to people or shopper types and lift sales, says Ladorian, “an average +30% of featured products.”

inReality’s technology layers in retail-centric venue analytics software that builds up data on consumer patterns and behaviors in stores. “With over a decade of global experience, it utilizes camera vision to harness traffic, dwell, impressions and engagement at specific points of interest, as well as age, gender and mood. Its AI algorithms then correlate the data into one simple platform for reporting, exporting, predicting or enabling dynamic content, an ideal fit for Ladorian’s responsive, optimized messaging capabilities.”

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