Marshall Furniture’s New MKT-39 Custom Kiosk

Marshall Furniture’s new MKT Kiosk is a minimalistic furniture solution for spaces needing to dress up their digital signage system. As a standard, it consists of exhaust ventilation, cable passage, a locking monitor frame, monitor mounting bracket and a locking access panel. Personalize from there according to your individual monitor, storage or ADA needs.

This particular MKT Kiosk was specified in Wilsonart 8201K-28 Portico Teak laminate. It had all the standard features including a mount and frame for a 39″ monitor and a notch for exit cables on the front. ADA accessibility for side approach was incorporated into this design as well.

“Customers often want to dress up their technology but don’t want something that will take over the space,” says Michelle Wille, Managing Partner/Sales & Marketing. “Rather than specifying a large, bulky cabinet or having an exposed wall-mounted monitor, our MKT Kiosk provides an intermediate enclosure solution.” Michelle goes on to explain the security features of this product. The locking frame keeps fingers away from any on/off switches or input buttons and lessons the incidence of equipment tampering. In addition, the enclosed body provides secure storage for switchers or laptops running monitor software.

This product is available in 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any plastic laminate or can be customer color matched to existing or new millwork. It ships fully assembled and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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