Massachusetts Boys & Girls Club Engages Families with Digital Signage

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke, one of the oldest affiliates of the greater Boys & Girls Clubs of America, implemented a digital signage network powered by Mvix. The goal is to engage parents and club members to increase participation in club events and activities.

The Holyoke Club serves more than 350 youths daily and operates 3 satellite branches, including a teen mentorship program. The Club runs childcare services and several academic and recreational after-school prov grams for kindergarten through high school students.

The Challenge

The staff at Holyoke Boys & Girls Club pinned announcements on cork boards but saw very little engagement from parents and kids.

The Club also lacked a way to physically showcase multimedia content that the kids were creating. The content included video projects, photography, and digital art.

The goal of the digital signage project was to further expand the technological capacities of the club, while simultaneously creating a better engagement channel with parents and the children they served.

The Solution

The club identified areas with a lot of foot traffic and high dwell times and installed networked digital signs powered by the Mvix digital signage software.

The software offered:

  • multimedia integrations – the club displayed branded videos and student projects
  • event integrations – automated event listings were easily displayed in real-time
  • remote management – the IT Director can instantly update content from the main office

The Results

The Holyoke Boys & Girls Club staff has reported:

  • parents have quick access to club schedules and get a view of what their children are accomplishing
  • parents also show increased engagement in volunteer activities and chaperoned events
  • club members show greater interest in activities and projects that are showcased on the displays

“The ease of use and features of the Mvix digital signage software were very compelling” said Victor Rojas, the IT Director. “It made it easy to update and add content on our own.”

The club also shared curated content via the Mvix platform. With the 2018 Winter Olympics feed, the club displayed medal counts as well as news and fun tidbits from the games.

“We’re thrilled that the Boys & Girls Club has been able to take full advantage of our digital signage content integrations,” said A. Jay, Senior Director of Business Relations at Mvix. “Their organization is already very tech savvy, and adding digital signage to their repertoire gives them another powerful tool to engage their club members and parents.”

To read the detailed case study, download your free copy here.

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