MTA/NYC Transit – Upgraded Train Arrivals Information Debuts in NYC Subways

MTA NYC Transit logo

As part of the MTA’s continuous efforts to improve the journey for its millions of daily customers, a new service provides real-time subway train arrival information on MTA On the Go (OTG) interactive kiosks located in stations across the city.As part of a public-private partnership with the MTA / NYC Transit, Intersection–the company that developed and manages the award-winning On the Go platform–is deploying its custom-built TAP (Time and Place) service for a new and improved Train Arrival Board on their On the Go kiosks.

The service launched across the entire Intersection OTG network in 42 stations across the city, including major hubs like Grand Central, Union Square, and Fulton Street.TAP works by aggregating data from 10 unique sources of MTA train and bus arrival information, prioritizing the feed based on percentage accuracy of the data, and choosing the best and most relevant information to present to customers on the kiosks’ touchscreen displays.

The service integrates with the MTA’s beacon-powered countdown clock pilot to provide customers with real-time train updates for the lettered lines–a first within the NYC Transit system. The new arrivals board also displays train headway (“arrives every 5 minutes”) when real-time arrivals data is not available, percentage of arrival accuracy, and is built to integrate new sources of data as they become available.


New Arrival Display in NYC Subway