Videotel Digital In The News: Gameworks chooses Videotel solutions For Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage Media Player From Videotel Digital Proves Invaluable For GameWorks Venue


LAS VEGAS, NV (PRWEB) MARCH 06, 2017- Helping to create family fun in Las Vegas, Videotel Digital makes a splash at GameWorks. Used at the family entertainment venue to bring attention to their games, advertising messages, and informational content, the industrial digital media player does its job – enhances customer experiences. Known for its convenience and specifically designed features that allow for trigger timed content, the compact unit helps to manage a safe and welcoming environment focused on fun.
Gregg DiPipi, Operations Manager, at GameWorks Las Vegas said of the Videotel Digital digital product, “We have two VP71 media players, they are rugged small boxes that play any media we throw at it. Well worth their price and well worth the amazing tech support from Videotel!”
“We’re happy to be there for our clients for setup or troubleshooting. Once up and running, we can count on the VP71 to power itself up even in the event of a power loss. This unique feature is invaluable for venues like GameWorks who need to keep their customers entertained and engaged no matter what the circumstance.” said Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s VP of Marketing & Sales.
Priced at just under $300, the industrial-grade auto looping and interactive digital signage media player auto powers on, auto plays, and seamlessly auto loops. It repeats content 24/7 from a USB and/or SD card, is Rs232 capable, and may be controlled by a computer with one-way communication. The digital signage solution can be used with LED push buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors, and weight display sensors offered by Videotel Digital.

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About Videotel Digital:
Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Digital Signage Media Players, Industrial DVD Players, and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions. The industry leader services numerous industries from retail to healthcare, federal and educational concerns, hospitality, events, and museums among others. Videotel Digital Industrial Audio/Video products provide convenience with features such as Auto Start, Auto Play and Auto Loop. The products also seamlessly Auto Repeat for continuous play without manual interaction.
About GameWorks:
GameWorks offers family entertainment with a dynamic roster of classic and modern arcade attraction and unique American cuisine. Locations include Las Vegas, NV, Newport, KY, Ontario, CA, Schaumburg, IL, Seattle, WA, Chesapeake, VA, and Denver, CO.