Welcome New DSF Member, Pinnacle Communications

Pinnacle Communications Corporation is an end to end technology solutions provider to the Lodging and Hospitality Industry, with over 550,000 guestrooms and 6,000 hotels under service contract.

Pinnacle has been a trusted technology partner to the hospitality industry for over 27 years. As technology has evolved, Pinnacle has lead the way and diversified its product portfolio and bundled its technology solutions to launch Hotel 360.

As an end to end solution provider, Pinnacle offers hotels High Speed Internet Access, Digital Telecommunications Solutions, IPTV, Cloud Hosting Solutions, Digital Signage and Kiosks. Pinnacle will soon be launching its bundled Digital Signage packages that will include Interactivity, wayfinding and beaconing technologies. All bundled solutions are supported by Pinnacles 24×7 Network Operations Center. For more information about our Digital Signage Solutions, please visit www.pinnaclecommunications.com or call (240) 912-2557.