New Member Highlight – Vengo Labs

What does your company do?

Vengo Media Network is a place-based DOOH platform that allows our audience to experience a brand in their most familiar environments (your colleges, your gym and even your apartment building, for example.). Vengo DOOH screens are up-close and personal, that drives the audience to take action. Vengo also partners with other screen networks, offering a no-code integration that leverages Vengo’s programmatic expertise to drive more revenue to screen owners.

What’s next for your company/the industry?

Vengo’s powerful SaaS solution simplifies a network’s software development needs and immediately benefits from tapping into and optimizing the revenue flow that is out there for DOOH programmatic. Technology will continue to drive innovations to make digital signage smarter and increasingly easy to incorporate into omnichannel media plans.

Why did you join the DSF?

The DSF represents the thought leadership and technological innovations surrounding digital screen networks, and at Vengo we are continually innovating our solutions based on what network owners need to increase revenue and simplify their technology.

How may fellow DSF members reach you? Please use your primary public contact.

Mary Perrella – VP Media & Marketing –
Brian Shimmerlik – CEO and Co-Founder –