OUTFRONT Now Has About 1,000 Livecard Digital Posters on NYC Commuter Rail Cars

July 1, 2022 by guest author Paul Fleuranges

I took the Metro-North Railroad out of New York City recently, and as I rode along the Harlem Line, I noticed my train car was outfitted with OUTFRONT Media “Livecard” digital screens. The screens were installed inside the door vestibule area of a set of M-7 cars — basically in the same position where paper ads and railroad messaging are typically placed.

The full HD 32” screens are mounted back-to-back on the polycarbonate partitions, and are clearly visible between cars. There are four Livecards per car, powered by Broadsign, and have the capability to show static digital, full motion HTML and video content.

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Paul Fleuranges is an executive member of the board of the Digital Signage Federation, and for many years was the VP Corporate Communications for the NYC transit system, which included steering the implementation of screens at more than 80 NYC subway stations. Based in New York, Fleuranges is currently looking for his next career opportunity.