Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony Used YIPLED Transparent LED Display


The transparent LED display is a sort of innovative glass-like LED display, it’s evolved from curtain screen with thinner PCB strip and smaller pixel pitch. Unlike the traditional LED video wall, it will not block the light, allowing the audience to see what is shown on the screen while still being able to see through it. It’s a new ultra-transparent LED display technology offering 70% -95% of the permeation rate, the SMD LED lamp welding has two types: side-emitting and front-emitting. YIPLED transparent LED display features its advanced side-emitting SMD welding technology, smart control, light weight and modularized structural design, creates a unique aesthetic and immersive experience at the live event & entertainment stage.

YIPLED has redefined the transparent LED display by integrating side-emitting SMD technology, the SMD LED lamp is welded on wide side of PCB strip, here are three major features:

  1. The thickness of PCB strip is about 1.2 mm, the distance between two strips is about 7.8mm, so the permeation rate could be (7.8 -1.2)/7.8 x 100% = 85%, the pixel pitch vary from 3.9 x 7.8 mm, 7.8 x 7.8mm to 10.4 x 10.4mm, which makes a clear see-through visual effect, the ideal viewing distance in front of the transparent LED display is 10m+.
  2. The side-emitting LED lamp is crash-proof from the front face during the installation and disassembly, which ensure the safely and quality of the lamps.
  3. By using the curved LED lamp, the viewing angle may reach 160 degrees maximum, the LED light emitting toward the audience from 0-160 degree is average and uniform.

The side-emitting technology breaks the capabilities of front-emitting LED display which is conventional used for decades.

Besides, the YIPLED transparent LED display adopts modularized structural design, 8 pin vibration-proof port, light-weighted aluminum frame, smart control by integrated self-developed control system.

YIPLED Crystal Ice Screen

The Crystal Ice Screen is a product designed for live event and sporting stage application. On Feb. 26 at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony, 24 pcs Crystal Ice Screen have been used to showcase on the performance of Beijing 8-minutes. On Mar. 18 at the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympics Closing Ceremony, 8 pcs Crystal Ice Screen have been used again.

The Crystal Ice Screen performing in these two above mentioned events are customized to meet the demands of Olympics Committee Director’s group who hopes to convey Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics spirit to the world, also the harsh environment in Pyeongchang.

As the next Winter Olympics hosting country, China highly value this Beijing 8-minutes ceremony, it’s beyond a national class event. Therefore, the whole director team endeavour to manifest a typical Chinese spirit to the world including: hospitality, high-tech, historic tradition, addiction to sport, etc. Crystal Ice Screen is perfectly matched with Director’s creativity, presenting the revolutionary high technology and symbolizing Winter.

As per request, the Crystal Ice Screen module size is refined from 1000x700mm to 3000x1500mm, the structural design must be renewed. The fixing of screen is made by some relatively sparse metal parts to make connections, to meet the visual effect with high transparency, it’s must to remove the beam in the middle. The screen body is to be mounted on vehicle robot, so it will cause vibration when the robot moves, the fixture shall be tough.

The closing ceremony was held on Feb. at Pyeongchang, the climate was rigorous, all the material including PCB strip, LED lamps, electronics components must be strictly tested in National Lab before the date, the environmental simulation test include low temperature test (-25°c), wind tunnel test (wind speed 15m/s), vibration-proof test, the product has passed all the test. In the aspects of aesthetic, technique, reliability, the product perfect match the demands at such world class sporting stage, the audience worldwide witnessed this amazing show and most of them was shocked by the product.

For customer in AV industry, such as event producer/entertainment show organizer/commercial integrator/equipment rental dealer, the transparent LED display brings giant success of ROI. The customer has awareness of commercial benefit as well as the audience’s experience when choosing a LED displays, they face a challenge when using a new technology. The Ice Screen is tailor-made for AV industry customer, the innovative side-emitting technology makes the “holographic-like” visual effect, it is a new staging experience, both the producer and audience embrace this dramatic transparent display. The commercial customer leverage rental business by using Ice Screen displays, since the life cycle cost is quite effective.

For the AV technical engineer, they may concern about the installation, the reliability, friendly use experience. The Crystal Ice Screen module is light-weighted only of 10kg, it’s easy and fast to install/disassemble for technician, free from worry about crash or knock the lamps. The control system is UX oriented, the technician may control the screen by PC or by APP on smartphone. The installation and implementation of is easy, a professional technician can do it well.

Nothing captures attention more effectively than beautiful visuals. Design a truly stunning event environment by using dynamic stage design brought to life via captivating motion graphics, stunning lighting, precision projection, and immersive styling, now YIPLED transparent LED display will be the new technology best fit.


Shenzhen YDEA Technology CO., Ltd was established in 2010. YDEA is committed to providing customers with the comprehensive LED solutions. YIPLED is the sub brand of YDEA involving in transparent LED display for live event/entertainment and retail industry customer.