Ray Brooksby

Author Name: M. Ray Brooksby

Company and Position:

Sales, Latin America and the Caribbean, BrightSign –www.brightsign.biz

Courses Taught: Video Wall Applications

About the Author:Ray Brooksby joined BrightSign in April 2011 and is a 35-year veteran of the broadcast and professional audio/video industry. Prior to joining BrightSign, Brooksby was a Product Line Manager at The Grass Valley Group and managed digital video streaming solutions. Before Grass Valley, Brooksby was Chief Operating Officer at Canopus, U.S.A., a prosumer audio/video product and software company (later acquired by Grass Valley). Brooksby’s career spans Academy Award winning film, broadcast, and pro A/V going back to the late 1970’s. Brooksby holds a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture and Television Production from Brigham Young University.