Rise Vision: See How 3 Educators Improve School Communication With Digital Signage

(October 25, 2021) –– Join the Webinar “See How 3 Educators Improve School Communication With Digital Signage” on November 17th to learn different ways to use digital signage in schools.

Principals, IT staff, communications professionals, and district administrators are encouraged to join the webinar on November 17th for this informational panel discussion. Attendees will learn more about what can be accomplished with digital signage, tips for creating and managing digital signage, and what improvements have been seen from the top-down since implementing digital signage.

Digital signage is a convenient way to spread the word about school announcements, promote school events, and share resources with students and parents. In this webinar, you’ll learn from three educators about how they improved school communication.

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During the webinar, you’ll hear from a middle school A/V Director, a district Network Video System Analyst, and an elementary school Media Specialist. It’s a totally free event, and if you’re curious about digital signage, it’ll be worth checking out.

If you feel like your school is struggling to communicate with staff and students to the degree that you would like, or if you feel like there’s a disconnect between different departments and staff in your district, this webinar is for you. 

Use this link to register for the November event >> Join Webinar.

Daniel Climans

Growth Marketing Manager

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