Keeping ahead of the competition is one of the best ways to ensure your business’s success. With over 6 million businesses in the UK, though, there’s no guarantee that you’ll stay competitive for long.

It is necessary to keep promoting and improving your brand to catch the eyes of your demographic. It’s also important to consider the benefits of cloud based digital signage.

Digital signage is one of the ways to advertise a business. It gives massive local promotion to companies that are successful at pulling these off. By opting for a cloud based system, you give your business a bigger chance of success.

Below are the ten benefits of digital signage. Learn why they’re the better option and how your business can thrive because of them.


What’s great about the cloud based alternative is that it’s much easier to implement than conventional signage options. This is mainly because additional hardware, such as servers, are no longer required.

On premise signage options often need you to have a server installed, usually on-site. This is where you operate and design the elements of your signage. Setting up a server means that it will take time for you to launch your signage, than to choose a cloud based digital signage system. 

Opting for such means you can launch and operate your signage even sooner. What’s great is that you can also update your software faster and easier through a cloud based system.


The most attractive benefit of a cloud based digital signage system is that it can help your establishment save a lot of money. This applies to both long-term and short-term finances.

As mentioned above, a cloud based system saves you the trouble of making one yourself. It also saves you a lot of space which you can use for other aspects of your business. 

You don’t even need to maintain much by going for a cloud based system. System providers often have no trouble providing maintenance for you. This is a great option, especially considering that you won’t need to hire your own IT team to handle it for you.

You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to keep using the cloud based system, though. However, the total costs won’t be as large as running a system on your own

If you still want to run your own system, you can rent hardware instead. Some providers give you the option of operating one of their servers from your location. This option is much more cost-effective since you won’t need to pay a large sum upfront to purchase hardware.


A big flaw that on-site digital signage systems have is that you also need to be on-site to operate them. This limits your productivity to only when you’re close enough to manage the servers. With a cloud based system, you’ll be able to access your digital signage from anywhere.

This means you can change anything you need to change any time you see it. You don’t even need a powerful device to be able to access your system at any time. All you need to have is a smart device and a stable connection to the Internet.

If you need even more help, there are tons of digital signage apps for you to use. These all help you do your tasks and make the necessary changes to your signage. These are also what allows you to control your network remotely.

This feature allows you to create signage that’s more suitable for your business and clients. For example, it’s useful when you need to update your digital signage menu board. It’s great for when you need to make last minute changes to your restaurant’s selection.


Centralised management is another great benefit to reap from cloud based digital signage. This is important for companies who want to make a global launch. A centralised system makes it easier for you to keep the consistency of your signage.

This is important if you want your business personality to shine through to international audiences. It’s a great way to ensure that you get your message through without error in translation and such. You can also keep a closer eye on your operations. Having a centralised system allows you to monitor it thoroughly.

This way, you can see whatever update is going through, the content that’s getting uploaded, and whatever’s currently displayed on your digital signage. It also boosts people’s health as you can now track if they remain connected and working as intended.


As mentioned above, on-site premises often require a lot of attention when installing a software update. While this can still work in your favour, you still need to keep track of each important update. This can be a chore, especially if you’re managing your own business.

With a cloud based system, you’ll no longer need to worry about this. The system will actively search for compatible updates to install onto its software.

Your cloud service provider will take care of these updates for you. They’re also the ones who you can trust with your system with each update. Their expertise is vital to ensuring your system won’t experience much downtime between each update. 

This will also ensure you get to enjoy the benefits of each update as soon as they roll in. It’s a great way to give your business the best of the best without worrying about implementation.


What’s great about cloud based services is that you’ll always have someone to reach out to when needed. There’s always an expert available to chat at the ready to respond to whatever emergency you have.

They can help you keep everything in your business in order. They’re also the ones responsible for maintaining your servers for you.

What’s great is that the people at the ready will (always) be trained experts on the platform. Someone can help you solve anything that may come your way. Great services will even detect and fix slight problems before they grow into significant issues.


In 2020, the surge of cybercrime was immense and unpredictable. Because most businesses weren’t prepared, they made up 28% of the total data breaches. Going with a cloud based signage system helps you by increasing your security.

Digital signage is still capable of being breached. However, a good cloud based digital signage CMS will be doing regular penetration tests and working on current standards provided for security (which we do).

This is often because of your chosen providers. They can provide you with a security system that’s far greater than what you can produce.

They can help by encrypting anything that you upload for them to use. The line of communication between you and them is also encrypted. This is valuable to prevent any leaks that your competition can exploit.

They also help protect your data by storing them safely in the cloud. This way, you can even reach out to them to recover any data that you may have lost. It’s also helpful in keeping tabs on the content that you’ve made in the past.

The centralised management system also plays a significant role here. Since all processes happen in one place, there’s less risk of leaks. This can help in protecting your data even further.


The scalability that these services providers will help your business thrive and grow. A reliable network allows you to project your content on multiple screens. It is important to give yourself the promotion that you need.

Compared to on-site signage, the work required to make this is small. The providers you hire will handle the brunt of the work for you.

The work involves managing bandwidth and storage space, such as installing the screens and setting up the initial connection. The rest gets handled remotely by cloud management.

With their help, managing a large scale broadcasting campaign will be a cinch.


What’s great about digital signage is that you can use it for whatever purpose you want. You can use them to display your products or services, as any brand would. You can also use them to display adverts for better engagement.

You can also use it to provide information to your customers. Meaningful data can help your business be more trustworthy to your customers. Doing so is a great way to establish yourself as a professional who cares for their customers.


You’ll want to focus on presenting the right content at the right time. Not only can you schedule when your content pops up, but you can make adjustments based on their activities. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of timed advertising.

You can give your customers updates in real-time. You can even highlight activity around your business from across the Internet. These are even more effective if you have outdoor digital signage in place.


Help your business succeed with the benefits of cloud based digital signage. Improve your signage and your business in many ways with the help of cloud based digital signage today!

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