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The Samsung SH37F 37″ Stretch Display with integrated System on Chip player can be updated and managed by Signagelive with a mobile or fixed Internet connection. It features a 16:4.5 widescreen with a slim, narrow bezel design (1920×540 resolution). It eliminates the requirement for an external player; which removes cost, makes installation simple and increases reliability.

Full screen and multi-zone content are supported including images, video, HTML5 content and the display can be monitored and scheduled to turn on/off from the Signagelive platform. All content runs offline for uninterrupted playback should Internet connectivity be lost.

Stretch displays draw attention by being unique and different to 16:9 standard displays, whether mounted in landscape or portrait. Due to its size it is perfect for installation when there is a limited space e.g. amongst products on or in shelves within retail, or above counter areas in QSRs.

To see our stretch display in action take a look at our video below: